Fort Yukon Rabbit Subdivision Landfill

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Updated: 01/12/2016
Name: Fort Yukon Rabbit Subdivision Landfill
Category: Municipal Classification: Class III Landfill
Status: Under Construction Closure Date: N/A Retired Date: N/A


Region: Yukon-Koyukuk Location: Fort Yukon Population: 550
MTRS Section 15, Township 20N, Range 12E, FM.
Description: The site consists of a gravel pad, a solid waste disposal cell, a heated building that includes a baler and storage for heavy equipment, an enhanced burn unit, a storage area for used appliances, a stockpile of cover materials, and drainage controls and the disposal of an annual average of less than 5 tons per day of domestic and commercial refuse at the community’s 10-acre site. The City of Ft. Yukon plans to separate out scrap metal, aluminum and potentially hazardous wastes as much as practicable at the landfill prior to disposal into the landfill.

File Details

Manager: Trisha Bower File Location: Fairbanks File Number: 740.15.007