Palmer MSB Central Landfill

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Updated: 08/21/2015
Name: Palmer MSB Central Landfill
Category: Municipal Classification: Class I Landfill
Status: Active Closure Date: N/A Retired Date: N/A


Region: Matanuska-Susitna Location: Palmer Population: 93,801
MTRS Sections 1,2,11,12, Township 17N, Range 1E, Seward Meridian
Description: 1201 N. 49th State Street, just off the Palmer-Wasilla Highway. The landfill is located at Milepost 3 of the Palmer-Wasilla Highway at the southern end of North 49th State Street. The active landfill is currently limited to an approximately 160-acre section of the 620-acre site, legally described as S ½ Section 1, E ½ SE ¼ Section 2, NE ¼ NE ¼, E ½ NW ¼ NE ¼ Section 11, N ½ NW ¼, N ½ SW ¼ NW ¼, N ½ SE ¼ NW ¼, NW ¼ NE ¼ of Section 12, Township 17 North, Range 1 East, Seward Meridian.

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