Afognak ANC Marmot Bay Camp & Wood Waste

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Updated: 08/21/2015
Name: Afognak ANC Marmot Bay Camp & Wood Waste
Category: Non-Municipal Classification: Class III Camp Landfill
Status: Retired Closure Date: 01/31/1993 Retired Date: 12/02/2014


Region: Kodiak Island Location: Afognak Population:
MTRS Log debris Sec. 15 & 16 , T 23 S, R 20 W SM - Camp Waste SE 1/4 , Sec 2, T 23 S R 20 W SM.
Description: Lat and Long is for the camp waste. The wood waste monofill is closer to the Bay, near the Afognak ANC Danger Bay Ben Thomas Camp Landfill (Retired).

File Details

Manager: Kaylie Holland File Location: Anchorage File Number: