Alatna Landfill

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Updated: 09/01/2016
Name: Alatna Landfill
Category: Municipal Classification: Class III Landfill
Status: Active Closure Date: N/A Retired Date: N/A


Region: Yukon-Koyukuk Location: Alatna Population: 37
MTRS T20N, R24W, Sec 21 Fairbanks Meridian
Description: This landfill is not yet under construction. This is the location of the really small landfill that the community is currently using that is located off of Oscar Way, near the sewage lagoon. Updated: The community has started to construct the landfill that ANTHC designed during the feasibility process. The landfill is not completely constructed, but it is usable as a community landfill. Additional setback needs to be cleared and the fencing needs to installed. The fencing is only 4ft fencing, so it realistically only serve as a boundary delineation for the landfill.

File Details

Manager: Trisha Bower File Location: Fairbanks File Number: 801.15.002