Togiak Heights Road Landfill

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Updated: 02/25/2014
Name: Togiak Heights Road Landfill
Category: Municipal Classification: Class III Landfill
Status: Active Closure Date: N/A Retired Date: N/A


Region: Dillingham Location: Togiak Population: 871
MTRS Section 9, R67W, T13S, Seward Meridian
Description: This landfill began operations around 2000-2001 when the Togiak Airstrip Landfill was closed. It is located at the base of a mining operation, approximately 1.5 miles west of Togiak Heights and 3.2 miles west of downtown Togiak. The landfill is located within 200 feet of water with fishing and berry-picking areas nearby.

File Details

Manager: Stephen Price File Location: Anchorage File Number: SW3A0364-12