Silver Bay Logging Etolin Island Rock Pit GP

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Updated: 08/19/2015
Name: Silver Bay Logging Etolin Island Rock Pit GP
Category: Non-Municipal Classification: Woodwaste Monofill
Status: Retired Closure Date: Retired Date:


Region: Southeast Location: Wrangell Population:
MTRS T.64S. R.83E., Sec 12, CRM
Description: There are 3 rock pit woodwaste disposal sites covered under this one general permit. The 3 rock pits are spread out along the 6549 USFS road on the King George Timber Sale on Etolin Island. The first pit is on the eastern side of the island near the LTF on Zimovia Strait, the second is approximately equidistance between Pit #1 and Pit #3 that is located on the western said of the island near King George Bay.

File Details

Manager: Sandra Woods File Location: Juneau File Number: