Big Mountain RRS Inert Waste

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Updated: 12/22/2014
Name: Big Mountain RRS Inert Waste
Category: Non-Municipal Classification: Inert Monofill
Status: Retired Closure Date: Retired Date: 12/07/2009


Region: Lake and Peninsula Location: Kokhanok Population: 0
MTRS T9S,R36W,Section 25, Seward Meridian
Description: Big Mountain Radio Relay Station (RRS) lies 220 miles southwest of Anchorage on the south shore of Iliamna Lake. The installation is accessible only by air or by barge service on Iliamna Lake. Big Mountain RRS consists of a Barge Landing on Iliamna Lake, a lower camp located at an elevation of 50 feet approximately 2 miles to the southeast, and an upper camp located on top of a 2,160-foot mountain 2.5 miles to the northeast.

File Details

Manager: Neil Lehner File Location: Anchorage File Number: N/A