Nuiqsut Pingo Beach Landfill

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Site Information

Updated: 06/11/2014
Name: Nuiqsut Pingo Beach Landfill
Site Type: Landfill Status: Abandoned


Region: North Slope Location: Nuiqsut
Latitude: 70.088333 Longitude: -151.030155
Description: This site is located approximately 8 miles outside of Nuiqsut. This site was visited by the Solid Waste Program, the Contaminated Sites Program and the Army Corps of Engineers in response to public complaints that possible military debris was eroding out of this landfill. There was minimal documentation on this site and it was unknown if it was military in origin or if it had already eroded away or if it was in the beginning stages of eroding. The site visit was inconclusive as there wasn’t any waste observed that could be directly tied to the site and identified as military waste. This site will be monitored and the community members agreed to notify all of the above participants if additional material is found in the future after a storm or break-up event. This site is located 5-10 feet from the Colville River.
Acres: 1.0 Years of Operation 1950s-1970s?


Possible Contaminants:
Military Waste
Exposure Pathways:
Human Direct Contact, Inhalation, Wildlife Direct Contact

Distances to (ft)

Erosion: 1 Water Body: 1 Water Name: Colville River
Subsistence 1 Critical Habitat: 1,992,000
Residences: 46,130 Stressed Habitat: 48,450


Currents, Ice
(no items specified)
Ice Gouging, Undercutting
Erosion Rate: 3 Rate QA: Reported
Current Mitigation: No


Silt %: 20 Clay %: Cobble %:
Organics %: Sand %: 80 Gravel %:
Boulder %: Loam %:

File Details

Manager: Trisha Bower File Location: Fairbanks File Number: n/a

Drinking Water Sources

There are no water sources for this site.

Tanks (if Applicable)

There are no tanks for this site.


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