Nome Tank Site "E" DERP Site 6

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Site Information

Updated: 11/13/2014
Name: Nome Tank Site "E" DERP Site 6
Site Type: Tank Farm Status: Active/Open


Region: Nome Location: Nome
Latitude: 64.540814 Longitude: -165.381937
MTRS: Sec 13, T11S, R34W, Kateel
Description: This is a known contaminated site that is being monitored by the Contaminated Sites Program (File ID 400.38.001). This site consists of 80,000 gallons of liquid waste and 8,710 cubic yards contaminated soil. Hydrocarbon concentration level exceeds state standard (0.2ppm) and carbon disulfide was detected in the groundwater. The Contaminated Site Program reports that there are two tanks at site, and multiple monitoring wells. We also located an active landfarming or temporary storage operation next to the tanks. This site is located approximately 16,400ft from the Bering Sea.
Acres: 15.0 Years of Operation 1990s?-present


Possible Contaminants:
Exposure Pathways:
Human Direct Contact, Inhalation

Distances to (ft)

Erosion: 16,400 Water Body: 16,400 Water Name: Bering Sea
Subsistence 16,400 Critical Habitat: 415,000
Residences: 15,000 Stressed Habitat: 999


Ice, Waves
Storm Surge, Tides
(no items specified)
Erosion Rate: 1 Rate QA: Calculated
Current Mitigation: Yes


Silt %: Clay %: 30 Cobble %:
Organics %: Sand %: 20 Gravel %: 50
Boulder %: Loam %:

File Details

Manager: Trisha Bower File Location: Fairbanks File Number:

Drinking Water Sources

There are no water sources for this site.

Tanks (if Applicable)

There are no tanks for this site.


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