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Site Report: Bear Creek RRS Borrow Pit Area SS007

Site Name: Bear Creek RRS Borrow Pit Area SS007
Address: 8 Miles NE of Tanana, Tanana, AK 99777
File Number: 780.38.002.02
Hazard ID: 106
Status: Cleanup Complete
Staff: ,
Latitude: 65.249282
Longitude: -151.936588
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


The Bear Creek Radio Relay Station operated from 1959 to 1979. While active, the former Air Force installation used the Borrow Pit Area as a debris dump and a drum storage area. DRO, RRO, and DDT were detected above soil cleanup levels during the Remedial Investigation in 1998. A site visit conducted in 2008 revealed numerous partially buried crushed pony drums (aprox 10 - 15 gallon). The drums were rusted and their original contents are unknown. Air Force Installation Restoration Program Site SS07. This site was given an IRP designation after it was scheduled for further investigation in 2005. Remedial action for this site is scheduled for 2009.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
7/29/2005 GIS Position Updated Site location in the database is accurate. Colin Craven
7/29/2005 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Meetings with the Air Force and its contractors resolved all comments and questions on the draft work plan. Field work should begin in early August 2005. Colin Craven
7/29/2005 Site Added to Database GIS provided by RP Kim DeRuyter
4/24/2006 Cleanup Assumed by ADEC Draft 2005 Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Report received. Comments were submitted by Colin Craven and overall it was acceptable, other than the following issues: There is a question on background Arsenic concentrations to defend the analysis that the levels are not site-related; land ownership for each site needs to be identified; Conceptual Site Models will need to be submitted for all characterized sites; and some revisions of the Method 3 calculations should be made. Lisa Maserjian
12/11/2006 Meeting or Teleconference Held PM attended a meeting with the Air Force and their contractor (Paug-Vik) for the Bear Creek RRS 2005 RI/FS on Monday, December 11. The contractor requested the meeting to go over their response to comments on the Draft Report (submitted by Craven). The main issues on the Draft Report included identifying land ownership for each site, discussion of the arsenic background concentrations, submittal of CSMs for all sites, and comments on their Method 3 calculations. All comments were discussed and agreed upon. The Air Force did not agree with original comments that the Borrow Pit Site (SS007) was a landfill used by the AF. They believe that the debris and contamination in the area was not put there by AF personnel, but accept responsibility for the contamination cleanup, but not for removal of the debris. The Final report will address removal of the contamination, but not removal of the debris at SS007. The AF will make the community of Tanana aware of this. Following the meeting, CS staff communicated with the contractor to reiterate a previous communication stating that the physical parameters (moisture and Foc) in the Method 3 calculations should be calculated using a simple average, not a 95% UCL. A revised Response to Comments was going to be submitted to ADEC personnel following the meeting. Lisa Maserjian
3/1/2007 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking. Lisa Maserjian
7/17/2007 Update or Other Action Receive Proposed Plan for Final Actions for Five Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) Sites. Lisa Maserjian
12/26/2007 Update or Other Action 2005 RI/FS Final Report for the POL Yukon River and Borrow Pit site received. The Report indicates that DDT (17,000 mg/Kg), DDD (3,960 mg/Kg), and DRO (10,700 mg/Kg), were detected in an isolated area of the Borrow Pit site. Arsenic was detected above Method II cleanup levels throughout the site, a few samples ranged between 100, and 450 mg/Kg. A recent survey indicates that the Borrow Pit is located on land belonging to the Tanana Native Corporation. The USAF will meet with the Corporation to discuss remediation options, and the implementation of ICs. A preliminary CSM for the Borrow Pit Area and the Yukon River POL site is included. Kim DeRuyter
1/28/2008 Meeting or Teleconference Held PM and Colin Craven attended a meeting with Meseret Ghebresllassie - Airforce, and Holly Graham and James Munter with Paug-Vik Development Corp. to discuss the Borrow Pit site. The Airforce would like to obtain a clean closure for this site, so the plan is to remove all previously characterized DDT, DDD, and DRO contaminated soil. ADEC has asked the Airforce to remove the buried debris at the site. Use of a magnetic survey to determine the extent of buried debris was discussed, but it was decided that due to the tight timeframe and budget constraints it would be better to spend the available budget on remediation efforts. Meseret will talk to the Tanana City Manager about possibly transporting debris to the Tanana Landfill, and Colin will check with BIA to see if they will remediate the POL contaminated soil. The pesticide contaminated soil will be shipped to a hazardous waste disposal facility in Oregon. Kim DeRuyter
5/12/2008 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with the Air Force PM and Paug-Vik consultants in Tanana to attend a site visit at the Bear Creek RRS. The Borrow Pit area was overgrown with fairly dense vegetation. Small (approx. 10 - 15 gal. capacity) crushed drums were scattered around a large area, some of the drums were partially buried. The north side of the berm, and trail where the drill rig had accessed the site was covered in snow. The Air Force is working on a remediation plan for this site which will be presented to stakeholders later this fall. Kim DeRuyter
9/2/2008 Proposed Plan Recieved the Draft Proposed Plan for the SS007 site. The Air Force is proposing ingestion and inhalation cleanup levels rather than migration to groundwater as stated in the May 12 meeting. Comments to the draft were sent on 9/29/08. DEC made the following general comments to the draft: 1) DEC requested the Proposed plan (PP) be updated to reflect the revised cleanup levels. 2)DEC required delineation or removal of the buried drums and any hazardous substances that may be associated with the buried drums. 3) DEC further stated that, institutional controls(ICs) will be necessary if any hazardous substances remain at the site. If it is determined that ICs are necessary, they will need to be discussed and agreed upon by the landowner. Kim DeRuyter
8/19/2009 Site Visit Conducted a site visit with the Village Tribal Council Environmental Specialist and the Air Force, then met with the Mayor and members of the Regional Lands commitee to discuss the proposed cleanup of the Borrow Pit site. Kim DeRuyter
3/23/2010 Proposed Plan The Proposed Plan for the Borrow Pit was received. The plan indicates that the Air Force will excavate the diesel and pesticide contamination and remove any buried drums encountered during the excavation. Institutional controls with periodic inspections and reporting will be required to inform the public of potential subsurface soil contamination due to buried drums at the site. This site is not on Air Force property, but was used as a source of gravel, and drum staging during the operation of the Radio Relay Station. Kim DeRuyter
5/5/2010 Meeting or Teleconference Held Staff met with the Air Force to resolve comments on the Proposed Plan regarding the buried drums and lack of characterization data from subsurface soil in the drum burial area. The Air Force agreed to postpone the Proposed Plan, conduct an interim removal to address the pesticide and petroleum contamination, followed by a remedial investigation of the drum disposal area. Kim DeRuyter
5/25/2010 Site Visit DEC participated in a site visit with USAF representatives and their contractors. The Borrow Pit extent has not yet been determined, but is vegetated with thick alders as well as small shrubs and grasses in the open area. The groundcover includes dead leaves similar in color to the rusting barrels, making them difficult to find. USAF updated the community at the public meeting held later that day on the progress and future steps to be taken at the Borrow Pit. There will be further ite visits to determine the extent of the Borrow Pit in order to draft a proposed plan and implement remediation. Meghan Dooley
6/21/2011 CERCLA Remedial Design/Remedial Action Plan Approved DEC received the proposed remedial investigation / removal action on April 7, 2011 and sent comments on April 21 and June 12. Comments were responded to on May 31 and June 16. DEC determined the comment responses to be adequate and sent an approval letter for the work plan on June 21, 2011. The Air Force will conduct a removal action at the borrow pit to remove petroleum and pesticide contaminated soil, as well as perform an investigation of buried drums in an adjacent berm that has not been characterized. Meghan Dooley
3/19/2012 CERCLA Remedial Action Completion Report The Final Bear Creek Remedial Investigation/Removal Action Report was received. Meghan Dooley
5/15/2012 CERCLA Proposed Plan ADEC received the draft Proposed plan for the Borrow Pit site SS007 on May 2 and sent comments on May 23. A removal action was completed in 2011 to remove petroleum and pesticide contaminated soil. The proposed alternative for the site is no further action. ADEC had minor comments on the document. Meghan Dooley
5/21/2012 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 71086 SS007. Meghan Dooley
8/7/2012 Site Visit ADEC conducted a site visit to see the work completed at the Borrow Pit site and to attend a public meeting on the Proposed Plan for the Borrow Pit Site SS007. Pesticide and petroleum contaminated soils were removed from the site during 2011 and the site was backfilled with clean material. The proposed plan is recommending no further action for the site. The Air Force presented the proposed plan and took comments during the meeting. Meghan Dooley
12/18/2012 Report or Workplan Review - Other ADEC sent minor comments on the draft Record of Decision for the Borrow Pit Site SS007. Meghan Dooley
1/28/2013 Update or Other Action ADEC reviewed the response to comments for the Borrow Pit Record of Decision. The responses adequately address the comments and ADEC approves of the ROD. A final copy will be submitted with incorporation of the approved revisions to ADEC for signature. Meghan Dooley
3/7/2013 CERCLA ROD Approved ADEC approved the Record of Decision for this site. Remedial actions completed in 2011 removed petroleum and pesticide contamination above cleanup levels, as well as crushed drums from the site. No contaminants remain on site above cleanup levels. The ROD requires no further action and the site may be closed. Meghan Dooley
3/8/2013 Cleanup Complete Determination Issued No contamination remains onsite above cleanup levels and the site may be closed without institutional controls. Meghan Dooley
3/8/2013 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 71086 SS007. Meghan Dooley
12/6/2013 Cleanup Level(s) Approved ADEC sent a Determination of Final Compliance and Approval Closure for Bear Creek Site SS007 letter to Robert Johnston. Meredith Savage
12/26/2013 Report or Workplan Review - Other Recieved Final Revision 2 of 2011 Bear Creek RRS Interim Remedial Investigation/Removal Action Report for Various Sites. Meredith Savage

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
DRO Between Method 2 Migration to Groundwater and Human Health/Ingestion/Inhalation Soil
RRO < Method 2 Most Stringent Soil
DDT < Method 2 Most Stringent Soil

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.

Missing Location Data

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