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Site Report: ADOT&PF Aniak Airport GW Study

Site Name: ADOT&PF Aniak Airport GW Study
Address: Airport, Areawide, Aniak, AK 99557
File Number: 2404.38.015
Hazard ID: 1571
Status: Active
Staff: Grant Lidren, 9072698685
Latitude: 61.575409
Longitude: -159.535325
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


The purpose of the area-wide groundwater study is to determine if groundwater quality has been or is being impaired by identified or unidentified contaminated sites. Groundwater samples collected in Aniak at known contaminated sites have been shown to contain petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated pesticides, metal and nitrates. The existence of this degradation of water quality in Aniak is the primary cause of concern that contaminants may migrate toward the more heavily populated areas of Aniak, a community that is dependent on groundwater for drinking water. The groundwater contamination associated with the known contaminated sites has appeared in the past to be localized around the release areas and not migrating from the sites. Depth to groundwater generally varies from 13 to 28 feet bgs. Apparent flow direction area-wide is generally from NE to SW. In the area of the DOT Maintenance Shop groundwater has been found to flow towards the south (Hart Crowser 1992). File contains conflicting information about flow direction.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
9/24/1991 Update or Other Action Gilfilian Engineering, Inc. submitted an UST Removal Site Assessment Report for removal of one 7,000 gallon aviation gasoline UST and one 8,000 gallon aviation gasoline UST at Aniak Transportation Service, Lot 12, Block 10 Airport Ramp, Aniak, Alaska. The UST closures were completed on 28 August 91. Both tanks were clean closed. There is no indication that these USTs have contributed to any soil or GW contamination at the Aniak Airport. Donald Seagren
1/27/1997 Preliminary Assessment Approved EPA, under CERLCLA, conducted a preliminary assessment of the Aniak White Alice Communications site. The CERCLIS ID number for that site is AK0001383827. ADEC expanded on that preliminary assessment in conducting the Aniak Area-Wide PA. The Aniak Area-Wide PA was conducted to identify potential public health or environmental hazards related to the site, and if hazards are present, to evaluate the need for additional investigative actions. Drinking water is obtained from wells or surface water sources. A 96 ADEC inspection did not find any visual indications of a release of contaminants to surface water from the areas evaluated. Access to the contaminated areas is unrestricted. No sensitive environments are located near any of the contamination sources evaluated. There are completed exposure pathways for ingestion & inhalation due to surface contamination. ADEC recommendations for addressing each of the contamination source areas are tailored specifically to the individual site. Donald Seagren
3/20/1997 Update or Other Action Aniak Groundwater Study Communication Plan; Public Meeting Notification; Groundwater Information Questionnaire and Aniak Areawide Groundwater Study Fact Sheet developed. Information sent to all households in Aniak in advance of proposed site reconnaissance & public meeting to be held 23 & 24 April 97 Donald Seagren
6/9/1997 Update or Other Action Aniak Area-Wide Groundwater Study Final Work Plan, Aniak, Alaska dated June 1997 by Ecology & Environment, Inc. submitted Donald Seagren
8/11/1997 Update or Other Action Ecology & Environment, Inc. submits the analytical results of sampling 28 drinking water wells in Aniak. Several copies of the results were included so that the owners & tenants of the properties in Aniak could be provided the information. Donald Seagren
10/27/1997 Update or Other Action Process Report Aniak Area-Wide Groundwater Study October 1997 submitted by E&E Inc. The main objective of the study was to determine whether GW quality has been or is being impacted by identified or unidentified contaminated sources. 8 contaminated sites were identified in Aniak. COCs were determined to be VOCs, metals, nitrate/nitrite and chlorinated pesticides. 28 DW wells were sampled for these COCs. All samples analyzed for organic compounds, pesticides, and nitrate/nitrite which were found to be below state & federal regulatory levels. Iron and lead were the only metals above regulatory levels. However, background iron concentrations were calculated from data collected for 28 wells and no drinking water samples exceeded the calculated background levels. The elevated iron concentrations fell within the calculated background levels and represent ambient GW conditions in Aniak. 1 DW well sample had an elevated lead concentration precisely equal to the regulatory action level. The GW contamination appears to be localized and associated with individual releases. Analytical results from this investigation indicate that drinking water wells throughout Aniak are not impacted by past petroleum, pesticide and nitrate/nitrite releases from the 8 known contaminated sites. Donald Seagren
1/5/1998 Update or Other Action January 98 Aniak Environmental News sent to the residents of Aniak to inform them of the progress in sampling, site assessments and cleanups of the Middle School & White Alice sites in Aniak. The chickens being raised at the Middle School were found to be free of PCB contamination and safe to eat. Donald Seagren
8/14/1998 Update or Other Action The August 98 update news letter was sent to Aniak residents. Updates include PCB sampling and drum removal from around the Middle School and additional assessment work that will be conducted a various ADOT&PF sites around the airport. Donald Seagren
6/23/2000 Update or Other Action ADEC received the Drinking and Monitoring Well Survey and Sampling, Aniak Runway Apron submitted by S & W, dated June 23, 2000. Fourteen resident drinking water wells and the two school drinking water wells were sampled. None of the wells contained detectable concentrations of contaminants with the exception the drinking water well located on Block 9, Lots 14 and 15. This well contained toluene at 0.00108 mg/L, which is three magnitudes below the ADEC table C groundwater cleanup level of 1.0 mg/L. Grant Lidren
7/10/2000 Update or Other Action The June 2000, drinking water well sampling results were sent to the individual residents of Aniak that allowed ADEC contractors to sample their drinking water wells. Donald Seagren
11/26/2003 Update or Other Action CS staff completed review of the report titled: Site Characterization ADOT&PF Airport Facilities Aniak, Alaska dated August 2003. David Pikul
3/16/2004 Update or Other Action ADOT&PF in coordination with FAA requested comments & information on a proposed Master Plan update for the Aniak Airport. The purpose of the update is to guide orderly development of the Aniak Airport over the next 20 years. Donald Seagren
5/7/2004 Update or Other Action Completed review and approval of proposal for well decommissioning and drinking water well survey. David Pikul
5/12/2004 Update or Other Action NTP 1870002132 has been issued to Shannon & Wilson for decommissioning wells and water well survey at the subject site David Pikul
6/17/2004 Update or Other Action Staff completed review of the report titled; March 2004 Groundwater Monitoring at ADOT&PF Sites, Aniak, Alaska dated April, 14, 2004. Groundwater samples were collected from four of the five sites on March 15 - 17. The wells at the former Mark Air site were not accessible due to ice & snow. The other sites sampled were ADOT&PF sites: Building 301; Maintenance Shop: Runway Apron; and the Aniak Middle School (formerly the WAC site). GW flow direction was not calculated due to numerous wells being frost-jacked or settled since 1999. They all need to be resurveyed to provide accurate data for direction of flow determination. With a few exceptions DRO and BTEX constituents were below cleanup levels, following the general trend of decreasing contaminant levels. The wells at Bldg 301 and the WAC site were recommended for decommissioning. David Pikul
6/29/2004 Update or Other Action DEC has completed review of the report titled: Additional Site Characterization ADOT&PF Aniak Airport Facilities, Aniak, Alaska dated June 2004 and approves the report for final. David Pikul
7/19/2004 Update or Other Action DEC completed review of the document titled: ADOT&PF Aniak Airport, Well Decommissioning and Drinking Water Well Survey, Aniak Alaska dated June 29, 2004. The project consisted of decommissioning 12 monitoring wells at ADOT&PF owned sites at the Aniak Airport. The wells were located at the following 5 sites: ADOT&PF Building 301; ADOT&PF Maintenance Stations; former pipeline area; Aniak Runway Apron, and the Aniak Middle School (former White Alice Communications Site). A drinking water well survey was conducted to evaluate the presence of drinking water wells on ADOT&PF owned land SW of the south end of the airport runway. The GW in this area has been impacted from historic releases from a former AST farm & pipeline. The horizontal extent of impacted GW is currently unknown but appears to be localized beneath the northern portion of the AST area. 6 DW wells were located. With the exception of the well supplying the Troopers buildings, the wells were primarily used to supply water to restrooms. David Pikul
10/28/2004 Update or Other Action CS staff met with Bob Norton (ADOT) and Nils Monson (AK State Troopers) regarding plans to build a new Trooper facility on the City Shop site. Staff presented contaminant issues related to the City Shop site to assist in the facility construction planning. To avoid encountering contamination, Mr. Monson's preference will be to build the facility to the south of the City Shop building. David Pikul
4/1/2005 Update or Other Action In response to ADOT&PF request, DEC completed review of the report for the construction of the new Aniak Snow Removal Equipment Building. Review of the DEC file and reports does not show any impacts in the proposed footprint of the new SREB facility. There does not appear to be any known contaminant impacts. David Pikul
8/19/2005 Update or Other Action RFP issued to Shannon & Wilson for Drum & Battery Management, Groundwater Monitoring and Drinking Water Well Sampling. David Pikul
8/31/2005 Update or Other Action Cost proposal approved for drum management and well sampling. David Pikul
9/15/2005 Update or Other Action Funding approved. David Pikul
9/27/2005 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Completed work plan review and approved for implementation. David Pikul
6/15/2006 Update or Other Action ADEC received the Drum and battery Management and Water Sampling ADOT&PF Aniak Airport Sites submitted by S & W, dated June 2006. A total of six drinking water samples, two from each building, were collected from the DOT Maintenance Building, The Inland Air Hanger/Terminal Building, and the State Troopers Building. The drinking water samples did not contain detectable concentrations of VOCs or SVOCs. Grant Lidren
12/4/2006 Update or Other Action File number updated 2404.38.004. Aggie Blandford
12/18/2006 Update or Other Action Final Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Aniak Airport Master Plan received. This EA was finalized in March 06 with a Finding of No Significant Impact(FONSI) from the planned activities to improve the Aniak Airport. This was NEPA triggered assessment and does not petain to the contaminated sites. Donald Seagren
8/13/2007 Update or Other Action Assigned new file number. Was 2404.38.004, now 2404.38.015 Wendy Uzzell
4/14/2008 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Donald Seagren
4/6/2010 Report or Workplan Review - Other On this date, ADEC received the Groundwater Study Work Plan ADOT&PF Aniak Airport, submitted by Shannon and Wilson, and dated April 2010. The field effort will involve site reconnaissance for potential future remediation efforts, conducting a monitoring well inventory, and collecting 17 drinking water well samples and 13 monitoring well samples. The 13 monitoring well water samples will be collected from the sites: ADOT&PF Aniak Maintenance Building, Aniak Airport Apron, Aniak City Shop, and MarkAir Aniak. Grant Lidren
12/10/2010 Update or Other Action On this date, ADEC received the Groundwater Study Report ADOT&PF Aniak Airport, submitted by S & W, dated November 2010. The report includes: a site reconnaissance on MWs, potential landfarm areas, fill source, and village equipment; and GW sampling of select MWs and DWWs. Water samples collected from fourteen drinking water wells, including the school wells, and analyzed by EPA Method 524.2 were ND. Eleven MW groundwater samples were collected from the following: RA-MW1 & RA-MW9 at the Runway Apron; MW-9, MW-10, and MW-11 at the Former MarkAir Facility; and AST-MW1, AST-MW4, AST-MW5, & PL-MW9 at the ADOT&PF Maintenance Shop. The MW samples were ND with the exception of: MW RA-MW9 collected at the Runway Apron which contained 0.0125 mg/L TCE; & AST-MW5 & PL-MW12 collected at the ADOT&PF Maintenance Shop former pipeline area, which contained DRO up to 5.32 mg/L and 2.91 mg/L respectively. The following MWs which were not sampled as planned for this effort include: the City Shop Building CS-MW2 - no water; MarkAir MW-12 - not located; ADOT&PF Maintenance Shop AST-MW-3 - not located, AST-MW-6 - blockage in well casing with sheen noted. It was recommended to decommission the MWs at the City Shop Building. Grant Lidren
9/29/2011 Site Visit On this date, ADEC traveled to Aniak to accompany S&W during their field effort for the CIP State-owned project ADOT Aniak Area-wide, take photographs, and to network with the DOT. Grant Lidren
3/13/2012 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 72549 Various sources. Grant Lidren
4/20/2012 Site Characterization Report Approved On this date, ADEC received the Final Excavation and Land Spreading Report ADOT&PF Aniak Area-Wide submitted by S&W dated April 2012. Grant Lidren
5/8/2013 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC held a teleconference on this date with YKHC, LKSD, and DHSS to discuss Area- wide groundwater contamination and vapor intrusion issues at the White Alice Middle School. The LKSD closed the middle school on March 22, 2013 due to a potential risk to TCE via the vapor intrusion pathway; further evaluation is needed. Select Aniak drinking water wells have been sampled in 1997, 2000, 2004, 2006, and 2010. Based off these historic sampling events, there are no impacts to drinking water wells from contamination. ADEC will continue to sample select drinking water wells in the future. Grant Lidren
7/1/2013 Site Characterization Report Approved On this date, ADEC received the Additional Environmental Services at ADOT&PF Aniak Area-Wide Sites submitted by S&W, dated June 28, 2013 Grant Lidren
4/23/2014 Site Characterization Workplan Approved On this date, ADEC received and approved the Final GW Study Work Plan ADOT&PF Aniak Airport dated April 2014 submitted by Shannon & Wilson. Grant Lidren
6/17/2014 Site Characterization Report Approved On this date, ADEC received the Groundwater Study Report ADOT&PF Aniak Airport June 2014 submitted by S&W. Work included sampling select monitoring and potable wells and performing a site reconnaissance of the land spread areas: LS1, LS2, LS3, and LS4. No erosion or other disturbances were noted at the land spread areas. LS1 and LS2, which were further leveled in 2013, contained slight vegetation. Land spread areas LS3 and LS4 contained significant vegetation, which was hard to discern from surrounding areas. Water samples were collected from 13 potable wells, including the school wells, and analyzed by EPA Method 524.2 with five analyzed for DRO. All of the potable wells sampled were below ADEC groundwater cleanup standards and only four of the wells contained detectable levels of contaminants. These four potable wells include: the abandoned DW1 located at the airport apron, which contained cis-1,2-dichloroethene at 0.0002 mg/L; and the potable wells sampled at Block 9 Lot 12, Block 9 lots 14 &15, and Ikmiq lot 28, which contained Freon-12 up to 0.000210 mg/L. Water samples were collected from 10 monitoring wells: RA-MW6, RA-MW8, & RA-MW9 at the Runway Apron; MW-9, MW-10, and MW-11 at the Former MarkAir Facility; and AST-MW1, AST-MW7, PL-MW10, & PL-MW11 at the ADOT&PF Maintenance Shop. The monitoring well samples were below cleanup levels with the following exceptions: RA-MW9 collected at the Runway Apron contained 0.0114 mg/L TCE; MW-9 collected at the former Mark Air Facility contained methylene chloride at 0.112 mg/L; & PL-MW10 collected at the ADOT&PF Maintenance Shop former pipeline area contained DRO at 1.90 mg/L. The following monitoring wells were not sampled as planned for this effort: MW-4 and MW-12 at the Former Mark Air Facility due to lack of water and inability to locate respectively; and PL-MW9 at the ADOT&PF Maintenance Shop due to 4 inches of free product in the well. Grant Lidren
10/30/2014 Update or Other Action In 2018 and 2019, the DOT plans to shift the runway 260 feet south. During this time, land spread/land farmed soil could be encapsulated into the runway. Grant Lidren
4/12/2017 Update or Other Action ADEC received the Aniak Airport Runway Shift Project Land Farm Removal Work Plan dated April 12, 2017 (note: the "landfarm removal" refers to the PPR managed Spill: 10279926001 ADOTPF Aniak sand bldg HO overfill). The Aniak Airport runway relocation project will occur during the 2018 and 2019 field season. As part of this project, the runway will encapsulate landspread areas L3 and L4. Landspread areas LS1 and LS2 will remain in place. Grant Lidren

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