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Site Report: Air North (Ben Lomond)

Site Name: Air North (Ben Lomond)
Address: 2209 Donald Avenue, Metro Field, Fairbanks, AK 99701
File Number: 100.38.119
Hazard ID: 160
Status: Active
Staff: Shawn Tisdell,
Latitude: 64.809187
Longitude: -147.770879
Horizontal Datum:NAD27

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Unknown amount of avgas leaked from a UST in 1984. Nearby well had fuel contamination levels at near saturation. Perforated pipe with a sump recovered 40 gallons as of 5/25/84 and was discontinued after neglible recovery. Also, several hundred drums, some leaking, and stained soil in drum storage yard off Donald Road. Many are empty, but some contain waste oil/gas. Metro Industrial Subdivision, Block 6, Lot 1. LUST Facility ID # 3410.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
5/3/1984 Update or Other Action Inspection of fuel spill from UST which occurred on or about 2/25/84. Less than 25 gallons aviation gas reported discharged. Match thrown on fuel in excavation to burn it and excavation filled in while still burning. No Longer Assigned
6/7/1984 Update or Other Action S. Justice sampled water at facility. High concentration of benzene, ethylbenzene and xylenes detected. No Longer Assigned
10/27/1987 Update or Other Action S. Justice sampled water supply which showed high levels of benzene (1.5 mg/l). No Longer Assigned
1/7/1988 Update or Other Action J. Mach visited shop at facility in response to a citizen complaint regarding burning of used oil and other substances. Observed "small, but chronic oil spills" near the boiler. No Longer Assigned
8/22/1989 Update or Other Action R. Cormack inspected drum storage yard in response to citizen complaint. Several hundred drums on site, many with waste oil. Observed stained soil around drums and pallets. One drum leaking what appeared to be gasoline. No Longer Assigned
11/6/1989 Update or Other Action J. Ingalls, R. Cormack and L. Simmons conducted State Compliance Inspection. Found boiler gases vented to ambient air and site not complying to regulations regarding acceptance of off-site oil (no notification of EPA, no sample analyses on file to document that oil meets specifications). No Longer Assigned
12/5/1989 Notice of Violation W. McGee issued a NOV based on findings of 11/6/89 site inspection. NOV also included failure to report releases of hazardous substances at drum storage yard. No Longer Assigned
5/8/1990 Update or Other Action Reckey changed to reflect LUST workplan. Old Reckey 1984310105601. No Longer Assigned
6/24/1992 Update or Other Action ADEC/Peterson sent PRP-CS Database Notification Letter to PRP requesting update and additional environmental information concerning the contaminated site. As of this "complete date" no response has been rec'd. No Longer Assigned
6/6/1994 Update or Other Action Wingerter sent letter informing RP of their financial liability under new ADEC cost recovery policy. State is authorized, under Section 9003(h) of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act to take action on this LUST facility. No Longer Assigned
4/11/2002 Site Added to Database Avgas. Site had been taken off the CS Database for some reason. No Longer Assigned
4/11/2002 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Initial ranking. No Longer Assigned
8/1/2002 Update or Other Action Drinking water program stated that the East well (previously contaminated with benzene in 1987 at 1.5 mg/l) has been abandoned and a 2000 gallon water tank has replaced the well. According to the Drinking Water program, the West well is still in place. Deborah Williams
9/14/2004 Update or Other Action PRP notification letter sent to the RP regarding the requirement to submit a workplan for soil and groundwater contamination delineation. Deborah Williams
10/22/2004 Update or Other Action Received a response to the PRP/Information request letter. Robert Hull sent the letter and stated that he did not know of any additional studies that have occurred on the property. He stated that both wells on-site are in excess of 60 feet deep. The west well supplies water to the maintenance building and the east well is unused and is dormant at this time. Deborah Williams
10/27/2004 Update or Other Action ADEC drafted a response stating that all the drinking water wells need to be sampled and analyzed for GRO, VOCx, EDB and lead. The vertical and horizontal extent of groundwater contamination must still be determined. A workplan will be required for the characterization of the groundwater. ADEC gave them 60 days to respond with what they intend to do. Deborah Williams
12/21/2004 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC had a meeting with Robert Hull and John Cushman (owners of property). The sample results from the on-site well (approximately 50 to 60' bgs) EPA Method 524 showed benzene at 13 ppb. There are two well located on the property, neither are used for drinking. ADEC stated that they needed to sample the other well on the property this Spring/Summer. Also, they will need to characterize the contaminant plum along the northern and western property boundaries to verify that the contamination has not migrated off-site. Also, the consultant should complete a well search around the area to determine if any potential wells could be impacted. They are planning to hire a consultant and meet with ADEC on a plan. Deborah Williams
6/21/2005 Update or Other Action Received a report from NORTECH regarding the initial characterization data that was conducted at the site. Three well points were installed along the northwest perimeter of the property. Groundwater sample results indicated benzene levels at 16.4 ppb benzene in DP-2 which is in the northwest corner of the property. The other two drive points were non-detect. The east drinking water well was 1.7 ppb benzene and the west drinking water well was 1.68 ppb benzene. Test pits dug in the southeast corner of the property around the former airplane fuel island was very contaminated. No sample were collected from the fuel island area. Deborah Williams
10/5/2005 Update or Other Action ADEC received a report from NORTECH regarding additional characterization performed at the Air North site including sampling of the off-site drinking water well. According to the report benzene levels ranged from non-detect to 7.86 mg/L on the property. Benzene levels at the west-northwest edge of the property had benzene levels at 97.3 mg/L. GRO levels ranged up to 26.4 mg/L. EDB was also found to be a COC at the site with levels up to 0.0429 mg/L. The well at the west-northwest property boundary did not have EDB detected. The one drinking water well sampled northwest of the property had 28 ug/L benzene in it. No other volatile contaminant was detected. As a result additional drinking water wells will be collected and analyzed this week. Deborah Williams
6/29/2006 Update or Other Action ADEC received drinking water results from sampling that occurred during May/June 2006 time period. Nortech performed a drinking water well survey of the houses west of Peger Road and to the northwest of the Air North property. All the properties that had drinking water wells were sampled along with the previous impacted drinking water wells. All the wells were non-detect for benzene except the two previous drinking water wells that were over ADEC cleanup levels. Deborah Williams
7/24/2006 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC had a meeting with Robert Hull and Peter Beardsley (Nortech) regarding the status of the site. Peter stated that Nortech is currently installing the off-site characterization monitoring wells and should have the results back in August. Mr. Hull stated that Culligan had gone out to Badger Towing and changed the carbon filter. They are currently evaluating the two impacted drinking water wells to extend the depth of the wells to 60 feet so that the drinking water would no longer be contaminated. According to Mr. Hull the Badger Towing site has a sand point well. Deborah Williams
8/23/2006 Update or Other Action Nortech, Incorporated submitted the sample results (July 2006) for the additional characterization that was completed at the Air North property in South Fairbanks. A total of three monitoring wells were installed off-site to delineate the extent of the groundwater plume. Several attempts were made by Nortech to install monitoring wells to the west and north of the Badger Towing property, but permafrost down to at least 10 feet below ground surface prevented the installation of the wells. One of the wells was installed on Tibor Road on the west side of the property. The benzene level from that well was 181 micrograms per liter (ug/L). The two other monitoring wells were installed along Peger Road to the north and south of GNI-3 well (90 ug/L benzene). Both of the wells had benzene levels below ADEC cleanup levels. The well to the north had 3.83 ug/L. Deborah Williams
11/16/2006 Update or Other Action ADEC received an update from Nortech. Ben Lomond installed a new well at Badger Towing. The drillers hit permafrost at 58' and set the well at that depth. A sample collected from the well after installation had 3 ug/L of benzene which is below the drinking water standard. They have not hooked up the new well yet. Nortech plans to resample the new well to see what the current levels are and decide if the new well will need a filter or not. Deborah Williams
1/29/2007 Update or Other Action ADEC received sample results from the Badger Towing drinking water well and Mr. Dickman's drinking water well. A deeper drinking water well was installed at Badger Towing and the raw water sample results indicated 18.9 ppb benzene. The filter system will remain on Badger Towing's drinking water well. Mr. Dickman's well had levels below ADEC cleanup levels. Deborah Williams
3/7/2007 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking completed. Deborah Williams
9/27/2007 Update or Other Action Staff reviewed a draft site characterization report covering field work from 2005 to 2007. There are high benzene concentrations on the site in both the soil and groundwater and evidence of off-site migration. There are numerous downgradient drinking water wells. The two closest to Air North have been impacted above cleanup levels, although the most recent samples are below the cleanup level. The situation is complicated by dewatering activities to the west of the impacted properties and discontinuous permafrost. Nortech has proposed landfarming for the soil and air stripping for the groundwater because there is an air stripper on site. A better understanding of the hydrology through obtaining well construction details and installing multi-depth wells is needed. Vapor intrusion at adjacent properties must also be addressed. The remedial options appear viable. Pilot-scale testing is appropriate. Ann Farris
12/12/2007 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed. Ann Farris
9/11/2008 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with Robert Hull, the owner, and his consultant, Peter Beardsley at Nortech. We agreed they would submit to ADEC a work plan for 2008-2009 to include groundwater monitoring of existing wells, landfarm pilot project and qty drinking water wells at the 3 wells on property and immediately downgradient. Peter indicated he would submit the work plan by next week. Ann Farris
9/7/2012 Update or Other Action Nortech submitted letter titled 2012 Groundwater Sampling and Other Activites. The letter describes activities taken since 2008 and objectives for 2012. In 2008, 300 cubic yards of contaminated soil was excavated and placed in an on-site landfarm. Samples from the landfarm contained BTEX, GRO, EDB, and arsenic above DEC cleanup levels. An upgradient well was also installed (Well #51) in 2008. Groundwater samples were collected in 2008 and 2010 and tested for BTEX and natural attenuation parameters. BTEX remained above groundwater cleanup levels. Plans for 2008 included groundwater and drinking water sampling, landfarm evaluation, and comprehensive reporting. Janice Wiegers
9/11/2015 Update or Other Action Contacted Nortech regarding status of site; report on recent activities is being completed and will be submitted soon. Janice Wiegers
2/22/2016 Update or Other Action DEC was notified that a new drinking water well had been installed at a property adjacent to the Air North site. Communication with Nortech indicated that monitoring wells were located at that edge of the property that did not contain contamination above cleanup levels. Due to monitoring well results and the observed plume direction, the consultant did not believe the drinking water well would be impacted by hydrocarbons from Air North. Janice Wiegers
6/29/2016 Update or Other Action Contacted Nortech Environmental to ask about status of pending report. Report is under review by the firms senior staff and will be submitted soon. Janice Wiegers
6/30/2016 Update or Other Action DEC sent letter to Nortech requiring reporting for assessment and cleanup activities since 2008 by August 1, 2016. Janice Wiegers
9/8/2016 Update or Other Action Nortech requested deadline extension to October 15th to complete report review with client. Extension approved by DEC. Janice Wiegers
12/23/2016 Update or Other Action Site characterization report submitted by Nortech. Responsible party plans to decommission temporary wells, advance soil borings, install new wells, and sample the landfarm in 2017. Janice Wiegers
6/29/2018 Meeting or Teleconference Held Contacted Nortech for an update on activities in 2017 and for information about when the next report will be submitted. Planned site visit for summer 2018. Janice Wiegers
11/21/2018 Workplan Requested Letter sent to RP requesting a work plan that discusses the decommissioning of temporary wells, additional site characterization, evaluation of the landfarmed contaminated soil, assessment of the dual-phase extraction system, and additional testing of downgradient drinking water wells. Shawn Tisdell

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