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Site Report: Alyeska VMT Crude Tank 15 Containm.

Site Name: Alyeska VMT Crude Tank 15 Containm.
Address: Valdez Marine Terminal, Dayville Road, Valdez, AK 99686
File Number: 1200.38.026
Hazard ID: 1724
Status: Cleanup Complete
Staff: ,
Latitude: 61.082165
Longitude: -146.397580
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Crude oil-contaminated soil was detected over the liner north of Tank 15 on 8 October 1988. The release was estimated to involve 20 gallons of crude oil and is believed to have originated from a "mixer motor" spill. Crude-contaminated soils were only discovered above the liner, and confirmation samples were collected from beneath the liner (results unavailable). Contaminated soils were excavated, spiked with fertilizer, and landfarmed.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
10/8/1988 Update or Other Action An estimated 20 gallons of crude oil is believed to have been released from a "mixer motor" and was discovered on this date. Richard Bernhardt
12/22/1992 Update or Other Action Meeting notes between Alyeska and ADEC indicate PCS was detected on 8 October 1988, north of Tank 15. These soils were excavated and landfarmed. Meeting notes further indicate that confirmation samples were collected from beneath the liner. Notes indicate that lab data were provided to ADEC, but they have not been retained in the project file. Richard Bernhardt
5/14/1993 Site Added to Database Crude oil contamination. No Longer Assigned
1/6/1995 Site Number Identifier Changed Old region = 40. Scott Rose
4/21/1998 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Ranking action added now because it was not added when the site was originally ranked. Bill Petrik
12/5/2000 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Changed Population Density Value from 0 to 5. No Longer Assigned
1/2/2008 GIS Position Updated Verified geographic coordinates. Pam Clemens
1/2/2008 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Pam Clemens
4/24/2013 Meeting or Teleconference Held Asked RP and consultant if results from lab confirmation samples are available (see entry on 12/22/1992). Richard Bernhardt
4/26/2013 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 72702 Crude Tank 15. All exposure routes are either "Pathway Incomplete" or "Exposure Controlled," and a closure review is underway. Richard Bernhardt
5/2/2013 Cleanup Complete Determination Issued Contamination at this site no longer poses an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment. Richard Bernhardt

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
DRO Other Soil Contaminated soil was over-excavated, and any contamination that may have been overlooked has been subjected to 25 years of natural attenuation processes.

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.

Missing Location Data

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