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Site Report: ADOT&PF Aniak Runway Apron

Site Name: ADOT&PF Aniak Runway Apron
Address: Airport Spur Road, Aniak, AK 99557
File Number: 2404.38.006
Hazard ID: 2157
Status: Active
Staff: Grant Lidren, 9072698685
Latitude: 61.582026
Longitude: -159.551934
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Previous summary: Contaminated soils discovered on runway apron. During a culvert excavation in 1994, petroleum impacted soil was encountered evident by olfactory senses and hydrocarbon sheening on the excavation pit water. Contamination comes from former large bulk fuel tanks, numerous drum, large GE generators & misc. debris. The site is within the fenced Aniak airport area and has been used as a staging area for equipment for numerous years. Bulk fuel tanks were located on a portion of the site around 1991. Another portion of the site was reportedly used by the Air Force as a disposal pit during operation and dismantling of the former White Alice Communications Facility. Two distinct areas with some contamination have been identified. Petroleum contaminated soil & GW have been found beneath the former bulk fuel storage tanks. The impacts are limited to the area directly beneath and adjacent to the former tanks. An old disposal pit NW of the former fuel tanks is the other area of concern. TCE was found in the GW in one MW. There are numerous drums, generators, a transformer, airplane parts and other metal debris in the disposal pit area. GW is approximately 23' bgs. More recent summary: 1998 sample analyses included GRO/DRO/BTEX/PAH/PCBs as well heterotrophic plate counts, TCLP lead and a few others. Several test pits were advanced in the former AST area in 1998, finding elevated DRO appearing to be limited in extent and mostly shallow in nature. However, TP2 sample from 12 ft bgs contained 4,280 mg/kg DRO. TP8 sample from 8 ft bgs contained 388 mg/kg GRO, 49.1 mg/kg toluene, 15.5 ethylbenzene, and 161 mg/kg xylenes. Also in 1998, three borings were advanced (using track mounted rig) in the disposal pit area which didn't indicate soil contamination but this area may not be fully characterized. 3 monitoring wells were installed in these 3 borings (RA-MW6,RA-MW8, RA-MW9). Groundwater sampling conducted in 2004 and 2008 found TCE in RA-MW 9. MWs RA-MW2 & RA-MW5 were decommissioned in 2004.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
10/15/1994 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = RPL1 - Initiate Dialog with RP). Sent letter to potentially responsible party. Ray Dronenburg
4/17/1995 Site Added to Database Contaminated soils. Ray Dronenburg
6/2/1995 Update or Other Action Project manager claims that this is a 470 funded site. Hahn and Pearson say it is not. Ray Dronenburg
8/20/1995 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = CORR - Correspondence (General)). Request status regarding MOU. Item not on funding list as yet. Ray Dronenburg
9/19/1995 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Initial ranking. Bill Wright
5/22/1996 Update or Other Action Drum site inspected by USCOE & ADEC. Area A, located adjacent to the airport fenceline, found 6 drums full of liquid, on pallets and labeled as lube oil. No spill or leaks were observed. Area B contained 29 drums and 6 pails of asphalt. The contents of the drums did not appear to match the labels and appeared to be mainly used oil. Exceptions were a gasoline drum partially filled with gas/water mix; a drum of used turbine fuel; and one drum of yellow syrup like substance which also appeared to be used. Most drums were upright and on pallets. Stained samples were observed around the drums. High levels of DRO, RRO were detected. No VOCs were detected. Area C contains 14 asphalt pails and 14 scattered drums. The drums did not appear to be leaking and no stained soil was observed. Donald Seagren
8/1/1996 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Site Characterization Workplan Approved this date. Anne Marie Palmieri
10/7/1996 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Site reranked. Changed Site Access Value to 3 from 2, GW Usage Value from 0.4 to 0.8, SW Usage Value from 0.5 to 0.2, GW Exposure Index Value from 0.4 to 0, SW Environments. from 0 to 2, and Observed Environmental. impacts from 3 to 0. Anne Marie Palmieri
2/7/1997 Preliminary Assessment Approved Area-wide. Document includes Runway Apron. Anne Marie Palmieri
7/1/1997 Site Characterization Report Approved Report (entitled Sampling Results Building 301 & Runway Apron, Alaska Department of Transportation, and Aniak, Alaska by DOWL) is filed in ADOT&PF Aniak Bldg 301 (2404.38.003). The soil & GW sampling at the runway apron have established that the soil contamination was most likely diesel related.GW was found at 27 ft. bgs flowing to the northwest away from school. A soil sample and a GW sample collected from the advancement of MW-1, which is located in the center of the source area, (collected at 2 ft. bgs) contained DRO up to 1,700 mg/kg and 1.68 mg/L respectfully. The contaminants at the surface were found in small amounts in the GW. GW flow direction appears to be away from sensitive areas (high school & nearby residential area).It is possible that this contamination is associated with the operation of a former tank farm. Anne Marie Palmieri
7/15/1997 Update or Other Action ADEC informed ADOT&PF of legislative funding approval of $15,000 to go towards addressing contamination issues at this site. ADEC requested ADOT&PF develop a site assessment work plan or a combination assessment/excavation work plan. Donald Seagren
10/1/1997 Update or Other Action Area-wide groundwater study. Anne Marie Palmieri
4/1/1998 Update or Other Action CAP submitted by DOWL, not approved nor implemented. Anne Marie Palmieri
10/6/1998 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Site Characterization Workplan (entitled Site Assessment Work Plan ADOT&PF Sites submitted by Shannon & Wilson) approved this date. Anne Marie Palmieri
9/20/1999 Update or Other Action ADEC received August 1999 GW Sampling at ADOT&PF Sites, Aniak, dated September 20, 1999, submitted by Shannon & Wilson. Monitor wells were sampled at the two source areas: the Aniak Runway Apron; and at the Disposal Pit Area. At the Disposal Pit Area, a GW sample from MW RA-MW9 contained TCE up to 0.0169 mg/L. At the Aniak Runway Apron a GW sample from MW1 contained DRO up to 2.16 mg/L. The MWs from the Aniak Runway Apron were not analyzed for TCE. Donald Seagren
9/30/1999 Site Characterization Report Approved Receipt date for report entitled Site Assessment ADOT&PF Sites, Aniak, Alaska submitted by Shannon & Wilson (binder report filed on shelving and associated with sites 2404.38.003 thru .007). In November 98 & March/April 99 a Phase I & II assessment was conducted at various Aniak Airport sites. The Airport (Runway) Apron site was divided into the AST containment area & Disposal Pit area. At the Apron Area, the soil samples contained DRO up to 14,600 mg/kg, toluene up to 49.1 mg/kg, and xylenes up to 161 mg/kg. Soil contamination was located in the vicinity of the former bermed AST containment area & the ends of the culvert. It was estimated that contaminated soil extended up to 20 ft. bgs on the SW side of the containment area and 5 ft. bgs for the rest of the AST containment area. A water sample from MW1, located in the center of the former AST containment area, contained DRO above cleanup levels, but the rest of the MWs did not contain contaminants above ADEC cleanup levels. GW flow direction was toward the North. At the Disposal Pit area, located NW of the former AST area, impacted soil, exceeding cleanup levels for benzene was encountered in near surface soils at the former material storage area . The lateral extent has not been determined, but did not appear to extend below 5 ft. bgs. GW contamination consisted of an isolated exceedance of TCE up to 0.00968 at RA-MW9 located at the partial buried debris area. GW flow direction was toward the north. It appears that the MWs are not located in downgradient locations, for a variety of logistical reasons. Anne Marie Palmieri
5/30/2000 Update or Other Action GW samples were collected from 4 existing MWs and DW samples from 14 residences, the Aniak High School, & the Aniak Middle School. MW RA-MW9 contained TCE up to 0.0197 mg/L . One drinking water sample collected from a residence located 1600' NE off MW RA-MW9 contained toluene up to 0.00108 mg/L.. Donald Seagren
7/19/2000 Update or Other Action Date drums and debris in the located north, west, and northwest of the disposal pit area were inventoried and sampled. Drum Inventory and Characterization at Aniak Runway Apron report submitted by Shannon & Wilson dated September 12, 2000. Thirty-five 55-gallon drums, various wood & metal debris, an airplane, 3 GE diesel generators, a dehumidifier, a SOLA constant voltage transformer and a Briggs oil filtration unit were observed. Many of the drum and debris was either partially or fully buried. Stained soil was observed in the vicinity of the drums. Soil samples were not collected. It could not be determined if any of the other equipment & debris contained fluids. The drums contained petroleum liquids and mixtures of petroleum liquids and water. None of them exceeded the criteria to classify them as a HW under RCRA. Donald Seagren
8/7/2001 Update or Other Action CS Staff traveled to Aniak to conduct site visit to all ADOT&PF Aniak facility sites. David Pikul
4/14/2004 Update or Other Action ADEC received March 2004 groundwater monitoring at ADOT&PF Sites Aniak, dated April 14, 2004 and submitted by S&W. Well RA-MW2 was damaged, so it was not sampled. At the runway apron, groundwater samples collected from MW1, MW3, MW4, and MW5 did not contain contaminants above ADEC cleanup levels. At the disposal area, a ground water sample from RA-MW9 contained TCE up to 0.00864 mg/kg. Donald Seagren
6/29/2004 Update or Other Action ADOT&PF Aniak Airport Well Decommissioning and Drinking Water Well Survey by Shannon & Wilson this date. MWs RA-MW2 & RA-MW5 were decommissioned, along with other MWs at other Aniak Airport sites. GW impacted by historic releases from a former tank farm and pipeline. The unconfined aquifer underlying the area has been typically encountered at depths of 20' - 30' bgs. The unconfined aquifer is a DW source in Aniak. The regional GW flow direction is generally to the NW, parallel to the flow of the Kuskokwim River. 6 DW wells were located in the Airport area. Donald Seagren
6/15/2006 Report or Workplan Review - Other ADEC received Drum and Battery Management and Water Sampling ADOT&PF Aniak Airport Sites, dated June 2006, submitted by S & W. Monitoring wells MW1 and RA-MW9 were sampled. A groundwater samples collected from MW-1 did not contain contaminants above ADEC cleanup levels. A groundwater sample collected from RA-MW9 contained TCE up to 0.008999 mg/L. Grant Lidren
4/16/2007 Update or Other Action RFP developed for Aniak Airport Runway Dipsosal area to assess the status of hazardous substances that may be in the drums & other containers in the disposal area. Donald Seagren
7/5/2007 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Approved the work plan to inventory, characterize and consolidate the drums and containers located in the Aniak Airport Runway disposal area. Donald Seagren
4/14/2008 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Donald Seagren
11/12/2008 Update or Other Action Date of receipt of Draft TCE Characterization Former White Alice Communication System by Shannon & Wilson (see file 2404.38.007). This effort included 6/3/2008 sampling of six groundwater wells associated with the Runway Apron area. Five wells were ND for HVOs. TCE concentration in RA-MW9 and its duplicate were 0.0133 and 0.0140 mg/L respectively. This report concludes that the TCE in this well is unlikely "associated with the concentrations measured in the on-site" (WAC/school) wells. This conclusion was due to groundwater flow direction and that closest monitoring well at the Project Site to RA-MW9 was MW3 which did not have detectable TCE. Keather McLoone
2/20/2009 Update or Other Action Receipt of Drum Consolidation and Disposal draft letter report by Shannon & Wilson. Requested replacement figures. Vegetation and terrain prevented direct observations and removal of all the debris. Twenty-three drums were removed (2000 inventory noted thirty-five drums). No samples were collected. Assumption made about nature of drum contents based upon 2000 HazCat results. According to 2/23/09 email communication "Unfortunately, the drums remaining at the site could not be identified because the labeling/markings from the 2000 assessment were not legible and the overgrown vegetation prevented direct observation of the on-site waste. It was not feasible to correctly identify the drums based on approximate location shown in Figure 2, which is based on the inventory and characterization conducted in 2000." Report recommends improving site access in order to remove remaining debris. Assumption is that there is associated soil contamination. Keather McLoone
3/20/2009 Update or Other Action Received more site photos via email from S&W. Keather McLoone
9/29/2011 Site Visit On this date, ADEC traveled to Aniak to accompany S&W during their field effort for the CIP State-owned project ADOT Aniak Area-wide, take photographs, and to network with the DOT. Grant Lidren
3/13/2012 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 73135 Bulk Fuel & equipment storage, drums. Grant Lidren
4/20/2012 Site Characterization Report Approved On this date, ADEC received the Final Excavation and Land Spreading Report ADOT&PF Aniak Area-Wide submitted by S&W dated April 2012. 1,388 cy of soil were excavated to a depth of 3.3 to 4.3 feet bgs. MWs RA-MW4 and MW-1 were decommissioned. Additionally, corrugated steel culverts and other debris were removed as well. Nineteen soil samples were collected; fourteen from the base and five from the sidewalls. Four of the base samples contained DRO above MACs with DRO up to 24,400 mg/kg. Fourteen of the samples contained contamination above cleanup levels with benzene up to 0.408 mg/kg; ethylbenzene up to 19.4 mg/kg; xylenes up to 120 mg/kg; and PAHs: 1-methlnapthalene up to 10 mg/kg, 2-methlnapthalene up to 139 mg/kg, and naphthalene up to 75.1 mg/kg. Grant Lidren
5/25/2012 Site Visit On this date, ADEC traveled to Aniak to document and take photographs of the 2011 soil excavation fieldwork. Bill O'Connell
5/31/2013 Update or Other Action On this date ADEC received the “WORK PLAN ADDENDUM TO CONDUCT ADDITIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AT ADOT&PF ANIAK AREA-WIDE SITES, ANIAK, ALASKA” submitted by S&W dated May 31, 2013. The ADOT&PF will provide equipment, including a grader, dump truck, and front end loader, to conduct the soil land spreading at the Airport. B.C. Excavating LLC (BCX), under subcontract to Shannon & Wilson will provide the personnel to operate the equipment. Sixteen soil samples will be collected after landpreading activities. Discovery drilling will decommission a total of 11 monitoring wells at the DOT Aniak City Shop, the DOT former AST area, the DOT Aniak runway apron, and at the former MarkAir Facility. Work is planned for middle of June. The project will be completed by June 30, 2013. Grant Lidren
7/1/2013 Update or Other Action On this date, ADEC received the Additional Environmental Services at ADOT&PF Aniak Area-Wide Sites submitted by S&W, dated June 28, 2013. At the ADOT&PF Aniak Runway Apron, RA-MW-3 was decommissioned. Grant Lidren
7/1/2013 Site Characterization Report Approved On this date, ADEC received the Additional Environmental Services at ADOT&PF Aniak Area-Wide Sites submitted by S&W, dated June 28, 2013. A total of eighteen soil samples were collected 0.5 feet bgs at land spread areas LS1, LS2, LS3, and LS4. Prior to sampling, LS-1 and LS-2 were leveled in the vicinity of the existing areas to 1 foot thick and liner material and debris were transported to the Aniak landfill. At LS1, eight soil samples collected contained DRO up to 1,840 mg/kg. At LS2, one soil sample collected contained DRO at 890 mg/kg. At LS3, five soil samples collected contained DRO up to 13,200 mg/kg (note: LS3 was generated from the Markair stockpiles). At LS4, eight soil samples collected did not contain petroleum constituents above ADEC cleanup levels. Grant Lidren
6/17/2014 Update or Other Action On this date, ADEC received the Groundwater Study Report ADOT&PF Aniak Airport June 2014 submitted by S&W. Work included performing a site reconnaissance of the land spread areas: LS1, LS2, LS3, and LS4. No erosion or other disturbances were noted at the land spread areas. LS1 and LS2, which were further leveled in 2013, contained slight vegetation. Land spread areas LS3 and LS4 contained significant vegetation, which was hard to discern from surrounding areas. Grant Lidren
10/30/2014 Update or Other Action In 2018 and 2019, the DOT plans to shift the runway 260 feet south. During this time, land spread/land farmed soil could be encapsulated into the runway. Grant Lidren
4/12/2017 Update or Other Action ADEC received the Aniak Airport Runway Shift Project Land Farm Removal Work Plan dated April 12, 2017 (note: the "landfarm removal" refers to the PPR managed Spill: 10279926001 ADOTPF Aniak sand bldg HO overfill). The Aniak Airport runway relocation project will occur during the 2018 and 2019 field season. As part of this project, the runway will encapsulate landspread areas L3 and L4. Landspread areas LS1 and LS2 will remain in place. Grant Lidren
10/23/2018 Site Visit On this date, CSP staff conducted a site inspection of the DOT Aniak Airport contaminated sites with DOT staff. CSP staff was unable to discern the location of the approximately 1 foot thick landspread areas LS1 and LS2. Instead, the LS1 and LS2 area appeared to have been leveled and was being used for staging of equipment and stockpiling of clean fill. After a follow up by CSP and according to an October 29, 2018 correspondence from DOT, it appears the land spread areas LS1 and LS2 had been brushed, cleared, and capped with offsite pit run material, then graded in the Spring of 2018. Grant Lidren
11/7/2018 Enforcement Action On this date, DEC staff issued an Notice of Violation (NOV) to ADOT&PF for for failure to abide by the Site Cleanup Rules (18 AAC 75.325-.395). Specifically, unauthorized construction activities occurred in the vicinity of the contaminated site known as ADOT&PF Aniak Runway Apron. This violation was discovered October 23, 2018 during a department site visit. During the visit, staff was unable to discern the location of two historic contaminated soil landspread areas (LS) known as LS1 and LS2 located adjacent to the airport runway. Instead, LS1 and LS2 appeared to have been leveled and was being used for staging of equipment and stockpiling of clean fill for the 2018-2019 ADOT&PF Aniak runway extension project. After a follow up by department staff and ADOT&PF correspondence, it appears the land spread areas LS1 and LS2 had been brushed, cleared, and capped with offsite pit run material, then graded. ADOT&PF did not coordinate with department prior to these ground disturbance activities at a regulated contaminated site.(CATS Enforcement Tracking No. 2018-R1149) Grant Lidren
11/20/2018 Update or Other Action On this date, ADEC received a letter from DOT in response to the 11/07/2018 Notice of Violation (NOV). The letter states the exiting materials in land spread areas LS1 and LS2 were not removed. The area of LS1 was graded and capped with 150 cubic yards of clean fill. LS2 was not disturbed. Grant Lidren

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