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Site Report: Anchorage Roofing & Contractors, Inc.

Site Name: Anchorage Roofing & Contractors, Inc.
Address: 10961 Lake Otis Parkway, Anchorage, AK 99516
File Number: 2100.38.156
Hazard ID: 2387
Status: Active
Staff: Erin Gleason, 9072697556
Latitude: 61.121623
Longitude: -149.833246
Horizontal Datum:NAD83

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Soil & GW contaminated with high levels of diesel and gasoline were found in two excavations in the MOA R.O.W., one of which is immediately adjacent to the Anchorage Roofing property. A 1/96 report includes a description of a petroleum-stained surface area on the Anchorage Roofing property which was in addition to, and not attributable to, the 12/95 diesel spill by Inlet Petroleum. According to owner, the area was remediated and backfilled in 5/96, and inspected by Shannon and Wilson. A galvanized catch basin was constructed and installed at the tank fill/dispense site. A 10'X10'X10" reservoir is to be installed by fall, 1996. With respect to 1994 findings, the former Lake Otis Parkway was accessed continually by Pioneer Sand and Gravel before it was extended to Huffman. Pioneer Sand and Gravel continually sprayed petroleum byproducts on the road to control dust. This was not associated with Anchorage Roofing and Contracting's operations. There was no evidence of any spillage from the USTs that were removed after being temporarily used for residential fuel storage. Lots 2A and 2B Rangerider Subdivision. In 2002, a plan was approved, specifying that contaminated soils would be removed and temporarily stockpiled before being transported for thermal remediation. Excavation occurred in 2002, but as of 12/31/02, no report had yet been submitted to CSP. ETM on hold until RP supplies ADEC with final report for Lot 2B. Update July 2009: See report review in Actions dated 7-7-09. The stockpiled soil remains on Lot 2B. Bernhardt spoke with RP on 22 Mar 13 and will meet onsite to field screen stockpile and determine how, if, and where to spread the stockpile.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
2/1/1994 Update or Other Action Soil Assessment report by Shannon and Wilson prepared for the Municipality of Anchorage related to Lake Otis Parkway Improvement Project. The report identified gasoline and diesel range contamination within (and adjacent to) the roadway. Jim Frechione
3/4/1996 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = RPL2 - Site Information Request Letter). After reviewing the 2/94, "Soil Assessment, Lake Otis Parkway Street Improvement Project, Anchorage, Alaska", and the 1/96 "Diesel Fuel Spill Cleanup, 10961 Lake Otis Parkway, Anchorage, Alaska" Shannon and Wilson reports a certified letter was sent requesting further investigation into an alleged contamination problem. Eileen Olson
6/12/1996 Notice of Violation Unless the department can be assured that reasonable steps are being taken to identify and remediate the contamination determined to exist on your property, this file will be referred to the Attorney General's Office and to assume cleanup actions. Ray Dronenburg
6/12/1996 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = RPL3 - RP Determined and Action Request). Contaminated site information requested has not been submitted yet. Submit a corrective action plan 6/19/1996. Ray Dronenburg
6/19/1996 Update or Other Action Anchorage Roofing responds to NOV with information in letter to ADEC. Jim Frechione
12/9/1996 Site Added to Database High levels of diesel and gasoline in two excavations in the MOA right-of-way. Eileen Olson
7/11/1997 Update or Other Action ADEC informs Anchorage Roofing of the need to investigate their property or else the State may assume the lead. Jim Frechione
8/6/1997 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC met with Anchorage Roofing owner to discuss the need for additional site characterization. They indicated they would be contacting an environmental consultant to prepare a work plan. Jim Frechione
10/20/1997 Update or Other Action ADEC comments on the submittal of a draft work plan for site investigation of the Anchorage Roofing submitted by Oil Spill Consultants. Jim Frechione
4/21/1998 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Ranking action added now because it was not added when the site was originally ranked. Bill Petrik
8/18/1998 Update or Other Action ADEC letters (8/18 and 10/12, 1998) to Anchorage Roofing requesting status of the proposed investigation or else the State may assume the lead role. Jim Frechione
11/5/1998 Update or Other Action Draft Site Assessment work plan submitted by RLN Environmental. Jim Frechione
2/19/1999 Update or Other Action ADEC letter to Anchorage Roofing requesting status of the draft work plan and informing them that the State may assume the lead role after 03/15/99. Jim Frechione
3/12/1999 Update or Other Action RLN Environmental submits another draft work plan for the site. ADEC submits comments on 03/23/99 to be incorporated into the plan. Jim Frechione
6/11/1999 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Site characterization work plan approved subject to ADEC conditions. Jim Frechione
11/15/1999 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC, Anchorage Roofing and RLN met to discuss the sample results of their investigation. ADEC requested the results be compiled into a report and submitted for review. Jim Frechione
1/3/2001 Update or Other Action On 1/3/01, CSRP provided comments to Anchorage Roofing and Contractors regarding RLN Environmental report titled “Contaminated Site Assessment and an Underground Fuel Storage Tank Closure Report, 10961 Lake Otis Parkway, Anchorage, Alaska” dated October 2000. The report included a site assessment report as well as a closure report for a regulated Underground Storage Tank (UST) that was removed from the ground prior to the RLN investigation (UST Facility 3018). The RLN site assessment report separated the contaminated site into two sites; Site 1 and Site 2. At both sites, petroleum contamination was first identified in a 1994 Shannon and Wilson (S&W) assessment report for the Lake Otis Parkway road expansion project. The northern site, i.e., Site 1, detected free product diesel #2, or heating fuel, seeping in from the eastside of the right-of-way (ROW), over a distance of about 150 feet; and, the southern site, i.e., Site 2, gasoline was detected in the soil and groundwater, over a distance of about 35 feet, that appeared to emanate from Parcel 17. At Site 2, the RLN report identified the presence or past presence of one 500 gallon above ground storage tank (AST) that contained diesel fuel; one 2,000 gallon regulated UST that contained gasoline, which was removed in 1990, and its above ground distribution lines; and one fuel dispenser unit (hereinafter referred to as the dispenser) that housed two pumps one of which evidently was for gasoline and the other for kerosene, and its underground distribution lines. Sampling was focused upon the area of Parcel 17 adjacent to Lake Otis Parkway and around the areas that likely may contain or be the source of contamination. The RLN site assessment report also showed that petroleum hydrocarbon contamination was detected at locations other than those possibly associated with the UST. Several samples were above the 18 AAC 75.341(d) Method 2 cleanup levels for soil and above the 18 AAC 75.345 Table C cleanup levels for groundwater. Lead was detected in soil but below the 400 mg/kg cleanup level for residential land use. Diesel range organic hydrocarbon (DRO) and benzene concentrations were detected in soil above the Method 2 cleanup levels (i.e., 250 mg/kg DRO and 0.02 mg/kg benzene) at the following sample locations: Soil Sample DRO Benzene Comments AR 1-1 9,450 mg/kg 0.144 mg/kg Site 1 AR 1-2 7,740 mg/kg 0.0685 mg/kg Site 1 AR 11-1 520 mg/kg Site 1 AR 16-2 1,510 mg/kg 0.377 mg/kg Site 2, under the dispenser AR 21-1 1.34 mg/kg Site 2, report notes that material washed down the hole and resulted in cross contamination. In addition, DRO and benzene was detected in two groundwater samples above 18 AAC 75.345 Table C cleanup levels (i.e., 1.5 mg/l DRO and 0.005 mg/l benzene) at the following locations: Water Sample DRO Benzene Comments AR 3-1 2.12 mg/l Site 1 AR-4 255.0 0.0365 mg/l Site 1 The letter noted that the groundwater sampling was not approved of by the department prior to sample collection and may not reflect true groundwater conditions. The letter requested a work plan be submitted to further characterize the site for soil and groundwater by February 15, 2001, and that the work plan include a well search, installation for at least three monitoring wells, and a plan for disposition of stockpiled contaminated soil. Rich Sundet
3/5/2001 Meeting or Teleconference Held On 3/5/01, Rich Sundet and Jim Frechione met with the property owner Rick Purchella and his consultant Richard Nadeau, RLN Environmental, to discuss CSRP's 1/3/01 letter requesting a revised work plan and past actions performed at the site. Rich Sundet
3/15/2001 Update or Other Action On 3/15/01, CSRP issued a letter in follow-up to our March 5, 2001 meeting. The letter reiterated that further soil and groundwater characterization and cleanup needed to occur because the report showed soil and groundwater contamination that exceeded cleanup levels at the site. The letter requested that a work plan be submitted by March 30, 2001. Rich Sundet
4/23/2001 Update or Other Action On 4/23/01, Sundet called Rick Purcella to inform him that the State, through the Attorney General's Office, would be sending him a bill for DEC's oversight work for $1,744.40 and that the work plan was about one month overdue. Purcella acknowledged that the plan was overdue and needed to get together with his environmental consultant to determine the problem so that a plan could be submitted. Rich Sundet
5/17/2001 Update or Other Action CSRP issued a letter to Anchorage Roofing and Contractors noting that the work plan that was to be submitted to ADEC by March 30, 2001 was overdue. The letter noted that the work plan had been previously extended from a February 15, 2001 deadline. The 5/17/01 letter noted that the work plan needed to be submitted by 6/8/01 or ADEC may begin action to take a State lead in this cleanup. Rich Sundet
8/3/2001 Update or Other Action On 8/3/01, ADEC referred cost recovery action to the A.G.'s Office for its expenses incurred (i.e., $253.62) for the time period from 3/15 to 5/31/01. Rich Sundet
8/27/2001 Update or Other Action On 8/27/01, the A.G.'s Office forwarded a copy of a check received from Anchorage Roofing and Contracting for $253.62. The check was dated 8/21/01. Rich Sundet
9/21/2001 Meeting or Teleconference Held Richard Nadeau of RLN Environmental met with Sundet on 9/21/01 to discuss his "Proposed Corrective Action Plan" for the site that was received on 6/5/01 by CSRP. Sundet noted that CSRP had not responded sooner because Anchorage Roofing and Contractors' attorney had noted in May 01 to Sundet that no work would commence until the litigation finished between Anchorage Roofing and the MOA. Nadeau confirmed that no work had been requested by Rick Purcella so he had not contacted ADEC to inquire as to the status of the review. Nadeau noted that the litigation had pretty much finished last friday (i.e., 9/14/01) but it was not yet complete; therefore, Purcella asked him to hold off performing any work until the litigation was completed. Nadeau noted that he wanted to install three monitoring wells at the site, however, this work was not in the subject work plan. Sundet requested that Nadeau submit an amendment to the plan on the specifics on the groundwater monitoring well installations and when it would be received, CSRP would begin its review at that time. Nadeau agreed on that strategy. Rich Sundet
11/1/2001 Update or Other Action On 11/1/01, ADEC issued a memorandum to the A.G.'s office to begin informal cost recovery for expenses due to it between 8/01 and 9/30/01 for $66.67. Rich Sundet
11/7/2001 Update or Other Action On 11/7/01, the A.G.'s Office issued a letter to Anchorage Roofing and Contractors for informal cost recovery for expenses due to the State between 8/01 and 9/30/01 for $66.67. Rich Sundet
11/15/2001 Update or Other Action In a letter dated 11/15/01, the A.G.'s Office informed CSRP that it received a check for $66.67 for DEC's oversight costs incurred between 8/01 and 9/30/01. The check was dated 11/12/01. Rich Sundet
1/4/2002 Update or Other Action In a letter dated 1/4/02, at the request of Rick Purcella, CS extended its earlier deadline to submit an addendum to the assessment plan from 1/11/02. Purcella requested the extension because his contractor Richard Nadeau had recently died. CS extended the deadline that a plan to address groundwater issues until 2/15/02. Rich Sundet
2/22/2002 Update or Other Action In a letter dated 2/22/02, the A.G.'s Office informed CSRP that it received a check for $146.67 for DEC's oversight costs incurred between 12/01/01 and 1/15/02. The check was dated 2/21/02. Rich Sundet
6/14/2002 Cleanup Plan Approved In a letter dated 6/14/02, CSP conditionally approved AlaskChem Engineering's 2/28/02 dated work plan for further characterization work and to perform cleanup. The plan specified that excavation would be performed and the contaminated soil be stockpiled on site. The letter also requested that further information needed to be provided prior to CSP approving that portion of the plan that proposed that the contaminated soil be landspread on site without a liner. The letter also stated that if the RP elected to dispose of the soil at an ADEC approved off site thermal treatment facility that it could do so upon written approval by CSP to transport the contaminated soil. Lastly the letter provided comments regarding that portion of the work plan that proposed installing monitoring wells on site, including requesting that an additional monitoring well(s) needed to be installed to the east of the site(s) or that a different monitoring well array needed to be used because limited groundwater data shows that there is a potential for contaminated groundwater to flow towards the east from Site 2. In subsequent conversation with Ralph Hulbert, excavation was planned to begin around June 20, 2002. Rich Sundet
7/2/2002 Update or Other Action In a letter dated 7/2/02, CSP approved Chem Engineering’s (AlaskChem) June 28, 2002 request to transport contaminated soil generated from Anchorage Roofing and Contracting to Alaska Soil Recycling (ASR). Per discussion with Ralph Hulbert, gasoline and diesel soil contaminated soil was excavated from the site within the past two weeks in accordance to his work plan that was conditionally approved by the Contaminated Sites Program (CSP) on June 14, 2002. Previous submittals to CSP by consultant RLN Environmental show that elevated levels of GRO, DRO and BTEX exist at the site. In accordance to 18 AAC 75 325(i), based upon past information provided by RLN Environmental, CSP approves the request to transport the approximately 500 cubic yards of contaminated petroleum contaminated soil to ASR. Rich Sundet
9/26/2002 Update or Other Action In a letter dated 9/26/02, the A.G.'s Office informed CSRP that it received a check for $533.31 for DEC's oversight costs incurred between 2/01/02 and 6/30/02. Rich Sundet
1/6/2003 Update or Other Action In a letter dated 1/6/03, the A.G.'s Office informed CSRP that it received a check for $1,373.58 for DEC's oversight costs incurred between 7/01/02 and 9/15/02. Rich Sundet
6/17/2008 Exposure Tracking Model On Hold ETM on hold awaiting final cleanup report for Lot 2B Rich Sundet
1/9/2009 Update or Other Action Sent letter requesting final report for Lot 2B and sent the original report from AlaskChem on Lot 2A, dated December 2002, to Rick Purcella at Anchorage Roofing & Contracting, Inc. Pam Clemens
1/13/2009 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed for source area id: 73365 name: USTs Pam Clemens
5/29/2009 Report or Workplan Review - Other Reviewing Status Report and Workplan: Anchorage Roofing and Contracting, Inc. for Lot 2B from AlaskChem dated February 2003, that Rick Purcella brought in. The two appendix attachments were not included in the report and Rick Purcella will provide them as soon as possible. The missing documents were the Laboratory Reports and the Assessment Workplan, Spring 2003, Lot 2B Rangerider Sub. Pam Clemens
6/2/2009 Report or Workplan Review - Other Received & reviewed the missing lab data sheets, that were listed as Appendix 1 in AlaskChem report. Did not receive the proposed workplan. Pam Clemens
7/2/2009 Report or Workplan Review - Other Reports from AlaskChem Engineering, for Lots 2A, dated June 2003 (received January 9, 2009); and 2B, dated February 2003 (received May 28, 2009), were reviewed. Soil samples were collected in June and July of 2002. One valid groundwater sample (ARI752-21) was collected from the excavation pit in July 2002 on Lot 2A. All analytes were below the Table C. Groundwater Cleanup Levels. GRO contamination remained up to 207.0 mg/kg (ARI752-20) for Lot 2A and 24.9 mg/kg (ARI6272-13) for Lot 2B; both below the Table B2 Cleanup Levels. Benzene was not detected above cleanup levels on Lot 2A. Lot 2B had benzene up to 0.911 mg/kg (ARI6272-13). Levels of toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes were below soil cleanup levels for both Lot 2A and Lot 2B. DRO contamination on Lot 2A was up to 3,990 mg/kg and on Lot 2B up to 943 mg/kg. The report from AlaskChem states that the areas above cleanup levels were re-excavated but there are no confirmation samples to reflect this. Samples were taken beyond the excavation areas that show non-detects for all constituents. The groundwater results from the sidewall of the excavation, taken on Lot 2B are not valid because they are seep samples that reflect the surface water not the groundwater. The workplan approved in the 6-14-02 action (above) stated that monitoring wells would be installed for sampling the groundwater. No monitoring wells were installed. The stockpiled soil remains on Lot 2B, on top of a liner. Pam Clemens
11/23/2009 Update or Other Action A letter from the A.G.'s office notified CSP that they received a check for $724.52, from Anchorage Roofing & Contractors Inc. for oversight costs from 3/09 to 7/09. Pam Clemens
4/13/2010 Meeting or Teleconference Held Spoke with Gordon Purcella, left message for Rick Purcella, on 4-13-10. ADEC needs to set up a meeting to discuss monitoring wells and stockpile status. Pam Clemens
11/1/2010 Site Visit Conducted a site visit with Bill O'Connell. Met Rick Purcella at the office of Anchorage Roofing. Discussed the options for the remaining 500 cubic yard stockpile and possible groundwater monitoring needed. Pam Clemens
11/3/2010 Update or Other Action Letter went out today to Rick Purcella, recapping the discussion of stockpile and monitoring well options. Pam Clemens
12/30/2010 Update or Other Action This record is used for information on Hazard ID 2387 (this CS site) and Hazard ID 25148 (the LUST site that was set up originally in the CS database). There is more than one source area at this facility and the majority of the contamination was not LUST related, so the decision was made to track them together in the CS file. Pam Clemens
2/16/2011 Update or Other Action Staff changed from Pam Clemens to Linda Nuechterlein. Kristin Thompson
3/15/2013 Update or Other Action Project management changed from Nuechterlein to Bernhardt. Richard Bernhardt
3/22/2013 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC contacted RP (Rick Purcella) to schedule a meeting to field screen the contaminated soil stockpile that remains onsite. Stockpile is approximately 60' x 40' and will require ~35 field screening samples and 4-6 lab samples to fully screen. Richard Bernhardt
5/9/2013 Site Visit Met with RP (Rick Purcella) onsite to identify resources available to complete stockpile characterization and remediation efforts. Began field screening the stockpile. The top 3' lacked any evidence of contamination (no odor, discoloration, or PID readings above 5ppmv), so PM authorized the top 2.5 ft. of the stockpile to be separated into a new, separate stockpile for more detailed screening (and possible sampling). PM also authorized the remaining soil to be segregated into two separate, lined stockpiles according to depth (and likely contaminant concentrations) from original stockpile. PM will conduct another site visit to screen and sample new stockpiles after existing stockpile has been segregated. Richard Bernhardt
8/2/2013 Site Visit Met onsite with RP. As agreed, the original stockpile had been separated into three total stockpiles (all on 20 mil visqueen liners) according to soil depth and probable remaining contaminant concentrations. Westernmost stockpile contained top 2.5' from original stockpile. Six PID readings from this top section ranged from 0.0 to 0.4 ppmv. No evidence of discoloration or odor from this top section. Easternmost stockpile contained the next deepest 3' from the original stockpile. PID readings from six locations ranged from 0.2 to 3.4 ppmv. Original stockpile remains in its original (center) location. PID readings ranged from 1.2 to 4.3 ppmv. Approximately two cubic yards of discolored odorous soil had been segregated onto a 20 mil liner to aerate. Four PID readings ranged from 5.8 to 6.4 ppmv. Project Manager authorized RP to spread soil from western stockpile onsite and further divide the original stockpile for landfarming. RP is spreading fertilizer, nitrate, & sulfate on remaining soil to enhance REDOX and bioremediation. NOTE: The top 2.5 ft that was previously authorized for spreading in May formed the Westernmost stockpile, referenced above in this entry. It was, again, authorized to be spread on owner's property. Richard Bernhardt
9/27/2013 Site Visit PM (Bernhardt) met with Rick Purcella onsite and collected PID readings of his contaminated soil stockpiles. The eastern stockpile was approximately 6’ deep x 10’ wide x 40’ long (rough estimates), and the western stockpile was approximately 2.5’ deep x 25’ wide x 40’ long (rough estimates). PM collected eight PID readings at 5’ intervals from north to south from the eastern stockpile. Readings at approximately 2.5’ below the stockpile’s surface were 171.8, 38.3, 3.3, 30.5, 44.0, 2.1, 163.5, and 34.8 ppmv. Readings from the western stockpile at approximately 1.5’ below the soil surface, at 8’ intervals from north to south were 278.9, 257.6, 109.8, and 110.8 ppmv. RP was asked to churn the soil in both stockpiles. Richard Bernhardt
10/28/2013 Meeting or Teleconference Held PM spoke with Rick Purcella about winterizing his contaminated soil stockpile. Both stockpiles should be recombined into a single stockpile over the existing 20 mil liner, before covering them for the winter. RP will ensure that the cover overlaps the bottom liner to prevent precipitation from collecting on lower liner and washing contamination through the stockpile. RP will place tires and other weighted material on the stockpile’s cover to prevent it from blowing away. Richard Bernhardt
12/4/2013 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 73365 USTs. Joshua Barsis
9/8/2014 Update or Other Action CSP sent a letter on this day to document two main issues at this site; the onsite soil stockpile and the groundwater contamination. CSP requested that the soil stockpile be sampled before July of 2015. Joshua Barsis
12/10/2015 Update or Other Action File review performed on this day. No new information concerning the site is available. Joshua Barsis
8/23/2016 Update or Other Action Spoke with Mr. Purcella on the phone 8/26 and 8/23 about the current status of his site. He is in the process of selling adjacent parcel and will be able to focus on clean up spring 2017. Erin Gleason
9/19/2016 Update or Other Action Assessed site for closure. Two data gaps remain and prevent site from closure; the onsite stockpile and the lack of groundwater data. Sent letter to RP (Rick Purcella) outlining the data gaps and requested a work plan for remaining work needed. Work plan due 12/19/2016. Erin Gleason
9/23/2016 Update or Other Action Public Records request complete for Montauk Environmental. Erin Gleason
11/2/2016 Update or Other Action Work plan deadline extended to Feb 1, 2017. Erin Gleason

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