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Site Report: AHFC Properties - Eyak Manor

Site Name: AHFC Properties - Eyak Manor
Address: 700 Chase Avenue, Cordova, AK 99574
File Number: 2215.38.010
Hazard ID: 2439
Status: Cleanup Complete
Staff: IC Unit, 9074655229
Latitude: 60.540684
Longitude: -145.748511
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


The Eyak Housing Manor complex is four apartment buildings built in 1970 located on a 10 acre site. There are also single family residences located on the former roundhouse footprint. Two underground storage tanks (650 gallons each) supplied the housing units with heating fuel. Tanks passed a TTT in 1994. Low concentration diesel range organics from the USTs moved minimal distance downgradient. Residual range organic contamination discovered near property boundary. Source of the contamination along the western edge of the property is likely from a former railroad yard (roundhouse) located immediately east of the property from 1908 to 1945. Building structure called the roundhouse destroyed by fire in 1945. Used during WWII by US Army and Civil Aeronautics Administration.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
4/18/1994 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = RPL1 - Initiate Dialog with RP). Correspondence to implicate AHFC as PRP. Mike Krieber
4/19/1995 Site Added to Database HOT DRO and RRO. Mike Krieber
8/21/1995 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Approved plan to investigate contamination associated with two 650 gallon buried fuel heating oil tanks. Eileen Olson
12/27/1995 Update or Other Action ADEC received notice from Alaska Soil Recycling that 79.9 tons of petroleum contaminated soil from this site were thermally treated. Eileen Olson
11/5/1996 Update or Other Action Closure Action by Shannon and Wilson this date rescinded pending further investigation. S&W
5/16/2000 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Initial ranking. Eileen Olson
7/18/2006 Update or Other Action Received an electronic copy of Gilfilian Engineering & Environmental Testing, Inc. Site Assessment Report For Closure of Buried Heating Fuel Tanks at Eyak Manor Housing Complex report from Kimberly Coy, AHFC, Risk Managment. The report is dated September 21, 1995, and is the missing report from ADEC's project file. This report summarizes the last response actions taken at this site in 1995, to the best of our knowledge, and will allow ADEC to make a determination based on the last information collected and reported for this historical heating oil release. Paul Horwath
1/11/2007 Update or Other Action Review of file. Upated database to reflect administrative file. Shannon Oelkers
2/13/2007 Update or Other Action Corrected error found in action entries. Deleted 3/27/1998 and 1/29/1999 update actions as they were entries for ADEC File 2100.38.325 USGS Government Hill. Shannon Oelkers
7/27/2007 Update or Other Action Site transferred from Oelkers to Horwath. Shannon Oelkers
4/3/2008 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Paul Horwath
4/16/2008 Update or Other Action Sent an e-mail message to Kim Coy in AHFC Risk Management section, providing prior e-mail correspondence and requesting that AHFC provide ADEC with any additional reports that they may have in their files in the effort to determine if this site could be closed out. Ms. Coy returned a phone call today and said she found their file and it did not contain any reports other than the Gilfilian Engineering report that ADEC already has. She is checking with another AHFC staff-person in construction to see if they have a file and additional information that could supplement ADEC's file. Ms. Coy stated that she thought she would be able to check this out and contact me again in about one week. Paul Horwath
6/27/2008 Update or Other Action Issued a letter to Kimberly Coy, Risk Management, AHFC, requesting a report covering prior cleanup actions, or if no report is available, an assessment workplan to determine the remaining status of soil and groundwater conditions at this site. Letter sent certified mail - return receipt requested. Paul Horwath
7/18/2008 Update or Other Action Received a report from Kimberly Coy, AHFC, Risk Management. The report was prepared by Gilfilian Engineering & Environmental Testing, dated September 21, 1995, titled Site Assessment Report for Closure of Buried Heating Fuel Tanks at Eyak Manor Housing Complex, and covers the last assessment and cleanup actions completed at this site, to the best of our knowledge. Paul Horwath
8/7/2008 Conditional Closure Approved Upon review of the Gilfilian Engineering and Environmental Tesing, September 21, 1995 report, it was determined that DRO contaminated soil remained W-S-West of the former Tank #1 site at a 5-foot depth at approximately 7000 mg/kg and adjacent to the former Tank 2 site at a 3-foot depth at approximately 2400 mg/kg in August of 1995. These concentrations did not exceed the current ADEC soil cleanup levels for DRO for human ingestion or inhalation, and should not pose an unacceptable risk given any direct human exposure. The residual contamination was detected more than two feet beneath the ground surface so future human exposure is unlikely to occur. The soils exceed ADEC's 'migration to groundwater' cleanup levels which are meant to ensure that groundwater is not contaminated at unsafe levels for human ingestion. On 7/31/08, we talked with John Riley, Water Department employee with the City of Cordova and Mr. Riley stated that this area is served with City water and no drinking water well were present. Eighty tons of DRO contaminated soil was excavated, transported to ASR in Anchorage for thermal treatment and disposal. The residual soil contamination does not warrant additional assessment or cleanup action at this time as the risk to ecological receptors is not considered unacceptable, and the groundwater is not used for human consumption. An informational institutional control will be entered in this data base noting the residual soil contamination and that soil should not be excavated and hauled offsite without prior ADEC approval. Paul Horwath
8/7/2008 Institutional Control Record Established DRO contaminated soil remained W-S-West of the former Tank #1 site at a 5-foot depth at approximately 7000 mg/kg and adjacent to the former Tank 2 site at a 3-foot depth at approximately 2400 mg/kg in August of 1995. Residual soil contamination should not be transported offsite without prior ADEC approval, as disposal in environmentally sensitive areas could pose an unacceptable risk to these areas, or to groundwater quality in another area where groundwater may be used for drinking water. Paul Horwath
11/10/2014 Update or Other Action Staff changed from Paul Horwath to IC Unit. Kristin Thompson
1/8/2016 Institutional Control Compliance Review IC Compliance review conducted. After a discussion with the former project manager it was decided that there is no need for ICs to remain on this site. Evonne Reese
1/8/2016 Institutional Control Record Removed This site meets the updated closure policy requirements therefore ICs can be removed from the database record. The standard conditions still apply to this property. They are 1) any proposal to transport soil or groundwater off-site requires ADEC approval in accordance with 18 AAC 75.325. (A “site” [as defined by 18 AAC 75.990 (115)] means an area that is contaminated, including areas contaminated by the migration of hazardous substances from a source area, regardless of property ownership) and 2) Movement or use of contaminated material in a manner that results in a violation of 18 AAC 70 water quality standards is prohibited. This determination is in accordance with 18 AAC 75.380 and does not preclude ADEC from requiring additional assessment and/or cleanup action if future information indicates that this site may pose an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment. Evonne Reese

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
DRO Between Method 2 Migration to Groundwater and Human Health/Ingestion/Inhalation Soil

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.
Movement or use of contaminated material (including on site) in a manner that results in a violation of the water quality standards is prohibited (18 AAC 70)

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