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Site Report: ADOT&PF Cold Bay Airport

Site Name: ADOT&PF Cold Bay Airport
Address: Cold Bay Airport, Multiple Southern Sites, Cold Bay, AK 99571
File Number: 2538.38.018
Hazard ID: 2461
Status: Active
Staff: Erin Gleason, 9072697556
Latitude: 55.200239
Longitude: -162.716735
Horizontal Datum:NAD83

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Soil and groundwater contamination identified at various sites in and around the Cold Bay Airport. Eleven potential source areas were identified in and around the airport property. The main area investigated was the south ramp of the Cold Bay Airport. The Jet-A fuel distribution line is located beneath the south ramp. The fuel line delivers fuel from the Frosty Fuel Company ASTs to 4 refueling pits on the ramp. The pits are used to fuel airplanes and fuel delivery trucks. There is also contamination concerns throughout the area due to historical use by the military during WWII. ADOT contacted DOWL Engineers who did some soil sampling in an excavation near the airstrip and say that the contamination is very local and not much of it.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
10/11/1989 Update or Other Action Starting in 66 through 95, a series of land transfers between Fenderal Govt (BLM, Air Force, USCG, NPS, etc.) and State of Alaska (ADNR, ADOT&PF, etc.) conveying lands in and around the Cold Bay Airport facility from the federal government to the State of Alaska. The State then conveyed some properties to the Aleutians East Borough. Donald Seagren
5/16/1994 Preliminary Assessment Approved Preliminary Site Assessment conducted for Aleutians East Borough, submitted by S&W. The report did not include a site visit, only file/database searches. The subject property, referred to in the report, consists of 18 parcels of approximately 350 acres total located near the airport runways at Cold Bay, Alaska. Block 2, Lots 3 & 4 are of the highest priority as there are plans to locate a water well and water treatment plant here. Block 2, Lot 1 and Block 4, Lot 4 are of high priority due to ASTs that are owned by ADOT&PF. The major landowners/managers are USFWS, ADOT&PF, ADNR, and King Cove Village Corporation. Contamination in various areas of the airport property due to spill, leaks, piping, USTs, ASTs, a variety of sources. Assessment and cleanup on-going at several sites. Additional assessment and remedial action work recommended at several sites. Donald Seagren
8/2/1995 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = SA1R - Phase I SA Review (CS/LUST)). Approve sampling of contaminated soils. Ray Dronenburg
8/7/1995 Site Added to Database Soil and low level groundwater contamination. Ray Dronenburg
9/14/1995 Update or Other Action FAA granted approval by ADOT&PF for removal of USTs and ASTs at the Cold Bay airport, provided they follow ADEC guidance. There's no documentation in the file if the proposed work was completed. Donald Seagren
3/13/2002 Site Characterization Report Approved Phase II Site Characterization Cold Bay Crosswind Runway and Apron Reconstruction report received. This work was to evaluate enviromental concerns that may impact the reconstructon project, with emphasis on potential petroleum hydrocarbon and/or hazardous substance soures identified during a June 01 Phase I environmental assessment. No VOCs were detected in the project soils. Metals concentrations were within the range of naturally occurring levels. DRO & RRO concentrations south of the proposed runway were below applicable cleanup levels. DRO & RRO impacted soil above clenaup levels was detected from boring on or near the paved terminal apron. Phase III SA work recommended to complete the site assessment. Donald Seagren
5/2/2002 Update or Other Action DCG correspondence received related to questions on the reconstruction of the public boat ramp. Site specific constructions questions were answered. The package also included a work plan from S&W for handling impacted soil encountered during the construction of the public boat ramp. The contamination in this area came from releases at the former Lower Tank Farm. Donald Seagren
1/13/2003 Site Characterization Report Approved The S&W Phase III Site Characterization, Cold Bay Crosswind Runway & Apron Reconstruction report received. The project purpose was to evaluate environmental concerns that may impact the reconstruction project at the south ramp (also known as the south terminal apron) of the Cold Bay Airport, and to evaluate the GW flow characteristics of the runway extension and airplane revetment area. The specific emphasis was to evaluate the presence and extent of petroleum hydrocarbons beneath the south ramp, runway extension, airplane revetment areas, and other pertinent site features. The results of the Phase III site characterization indicated that petroleum hydrocarbon soil contamination exists beneath the south ramp at levels exceeding the ADEC soil cleanup levels. The extent of the contamination has not been fully determined, but appears to be located primarily along the Jet-A fuel distribution system. Impacted GW was also documented in samples from the borings located near the fuel distribution system. Contaminated soil is expected to be encountered during construction activities. The GW table is generally located deeper than the area of scheduled reconstruction and is not expected to be encountered. Donald Seagren
2/10/2003 Meeting or Teleconference Held DEC attended an Airport reconstruction meeting at DOT. Discussion points included contamination related to the pipeline from Frosty Fuels tank farm to the south apron. DOT's contractors HDR and S&W along with FAA were at the meeting. Site investigation identified soil and low level groundwater contamination. Most of the contamination was localized near the refueling pits. DOT will have S&W prepare a plan to deal with the soil and investigate the piping and refueling pits. Objective is to look at the source area, remove gross contamination localized near piping and pits, complete construction, conduct release investigation, obtain NFRAP with IC's and long-term monitoring. DEC will be involved throughout the process. David Pikul
2/28/2003 Update or Other Action Aleutians East Borough provides confirmation that the heating fuel tank has been removed for Lot 5A, Block 23 at the Cold Bay Airport. This was a non-regulated heating oil tank. No documentation of any contamination issues or if any contamination was discovered and cleaned up. Donald Seagren
5/16/2003 Update or Other Action DRAFT Corrective Action Plan Cold Bay Runway & Apron Reconstruction submitted. The draft CAP needed to be revised based on ADEC review of the document. The study area includes the existing east-west runway, the terminal apron (south ramp), and safety and buffer zones along the runway. Proposed reconstruction activities on the South Ramp include replacing the asphalt surface, modifying the surface grade to direct stormwater runoff away from the building structures and improving stormwater runoff drainage pathways. Eleven potential source areas were identified in and around the airport property. This CAP included a Conceptual Site Model. Donald Seagren
7/23/2003 Update or Other Action CAP Addendum received. The purpose of the addendum is to detail the tasks necessary to identify, assess, treat & dispose of petroleum impacted soil encountered during construction in accordance with applicable ADEC regulations. ADEC supplied review comments for development of final CAP. Donald Seagren
8/15/2003 Update or Other Action Final Corrective Action Plan Cold Bay Runway and Apron Reconstruction, Cold Bay, Alaska submitted. The CAP present the approach to be used for the Cold Bay Crosswind Runway & Apron Reconstruction Project, Cold Bay, Alaska. The document's purpose is to outline the proposed strategy to address petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soil & groundwater identified at the south ramp of the Cold Bay Airport. The CAP consists of a short-term component to address impacted media that may be encountered during the 2003 reconstruction activities, and a broad based remedial strategy that incorporated considerations of the potential long-term impacts to human health and the environment. Donald Seagren
3/5/2004 Update or Other Action Land at the Cold Bay Airport & City Dock are transferred from ADNR/ADOT&PF to Aleutians East Borough. Donald Seagren
3/11/2004 Update or Other Action ADEC completed review of the following documents: “Corrective Action Plan Addendum Impacted Soil treatment Alternatives Cold Bay Runway and Apron Reconstruction Cold Bay, Alaska”, dated July 2003; “Corrective Action Plan Cold Bay Runway and Apron Reconstruction Cold Bay, Alaska”, dated August 2003; “Phase II Site Characterization Crosswind Runway and Apron Reconstruction Cold Bay, Alaska”, dated August 2001; and “Phase III Site Characterization Cold Bay Runway and Apron Reconstruction Cold Bay, Alaska”, dated January 2003. Subsequent to the submittal of these documents, ADOT&PF notified DEC that they will not be implementing the CAP but instead apply an overlay without disturbing the area. ADEC issued no objection to the proposed asphalt overlay of the south apron. David Pikul
6/7/2004 Meeting or Teleconference Held Completed review and comment to the work plan for the area wide review of the Cold Bay Airport and vicinity. Met with S&W to discuss comments. Requested use of an aerial photo as the site figure along with the 1:63,000 topo. and to include rough contaminant plume areas as a layer in the GIS deliverables. David Pikul
6/22/2004 Update or Other Action File number assigned 2538.38.018 Sarah Cunningham
4/15/2005 Update or Other Action S&W submits GIS-Based Area Wide Map of Contamianted Sites At Cold Bay Airport, Cold Bay, Alaska. The revised map was based on review comments provided by ADEC. Donald Seagren
4/14/2008 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Donald Seagren
6/10/2008 Update or Other Action Site transferred from Don Seagren to Ancborage office. Alyce Hughey
9/2/2009 Update or Other Action Misty Ott with ADOT&PF Leasing said that the paving of the Cold Bay Airport, south apron, was completed in 2005. Sent email requesting information to Steven Frey with ADOT&PF Construction, he verified that the south apron had been paved in 2005. I have requested the exact location of the paving and information on the status of the Jet A fuel line, refueling pits, and culvert for run-off all related to the south apron. Pam Clemens
9/3/2009 Update or Other Action Received information from Steve Frey that the fuel lines and fueling pits were left in place and still working to his knowledge. The paving was placed over that area. Pam Clemens
8/31/2010 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 73438 Jet-A fuel distribution system. Pam Clemens
5/4/2011 Update or Other Action Jennifer Hillman, ADOT M&O, will be going out next week and will hopefully have time to get photos of current conditions on site. Pam Clemens
2/26/2014 Update or Other Action DOT will take pictures of this site during a site visit summer of 2014. Joshua Barsis
12/28/2015 Update or Other Action File reviewed on this day. No new information. Joshua Barsis
9/7/2016 Update or Other Action ADOT does not have funding for characterization or cleanup work at this time. Erin Gleason

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