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Site Report: Alyeska PS 03 Fire Training Area

Site Name: Alyeska PS 03 Fire Training Area
Address: Mile 311.8 Dalton Highway, Deadhorse, AK 99734
File Number: 330.38.121
Hazard ID: 25526
Status: Cleanup Complete
Staff: ,
Latitude: 68.838300
Longitude: -148.832250
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


In July of 2008, Alyeska discovered historic contamination during excavation and removal of a fire training structure at Pump Station 03. During 2008, some excavation and sampling was conducted and additional work is planned in 2010.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
6/21/2010 Site Added to Database A new site has been added to the database Mitzi Read
7/12/2010 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed for source area id: 78915 name: elevated pad underlying fire training structure Keather McLoone
7/13/2010 Report or Workplan Review - Other Pump Station 3 Fire Training Area 2010 Site Remediation Workplan received June 15, 2010. Conditional approval conveyed via email on 6/18/2010 stipulating that highest PID reading or DRO result should also be analyzed for PAH. Followup letter on today's date stating that VOC with TICs should also be added to the analyses of all samples collected as Halon compounds (bromofluorochloromethanes) are possible contaminants of concern with fire extinguishing chemicals as potential sources of contaminants. Keather McLoone
2/17/2011 Report or Workplan Review - Other Date of receipt of Pump Station 3 Fire Training Area 2010 Site Remediation Report. Review included laboratory data review checklist. Excavation of ~ 90 cubic yards of contaminated soil was followed by confirmation samples which were analyzed for GRO, DRO, RRO, BTEX, VOCs, and PAHs. All results below most conservative criteria. Tentatively identified compounds (TICs) not reported, however this should not have a significant impact as normally reported halomethane were not detected. Keather McLoone
3/8/2011 Cleanup Complete Determination Issued Contaminated Sites staff has completed a review of the environmental records associated with Alyeska PS 03 Fire Training Area located Mile 311.8 Dalton Highway. Based on the information provided to date, it has been determined that the contaminant concentrations remaining on site do not pose an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment and no further remedial action will be required Keather McLoone
7/31/2018 Site Visit Visited site on this date with Alyeska and SLR. Grant Lidren
11/16/2018 Site Characterization Report Approved Received the Pump Station 3 Drinking Water PFAS Sampling Summary report submitted by SLR and dated November 16, 2018. The drinking water sample collected from the potable well PW-3 did not contain detectable levels of PFAS. This drinking water well is located 220 feet from the former FTA and this area is underlain by continuous permafrost. Grant Lidren

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
DRO < Method 2 Most Stringent Soil

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.

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