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Site Report: Aleknagik Traditional Council Wash.

Site Name: Aleknagik Traditional Council Wash.
Address: Washeteria Building; Lake and 3rd Streets, Aleknagik, AK 99555
File Number: 2510.38.001
Hazard ID: 2823
Status: Active
Staff: Chelsy Passmore, 9072697522
Latitude: 59.277700
Longitude: -158.624000
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


An historical release of heating oil from an AST 10 to 15 years ago apparently has impacted a community water well drilled to 80 feet below ground surface. The elevation is ~12 meters (~40 feet). The site type is listed as 'non crude terminal' instead of laundry/dry cleaner as the contamination is associated with a release from an aboveground diesel storage tank and not with chlorinated compounds that are frequently associated with dry cleaners.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
12/3/1998 Update or Other Action In a letter from ADEC, the Aleknagik Traditional Council is requested to contact ADEC to provide any information that may be relevant to the investigation and cleanup of the community’s drinking water supply. David Pikul
1/29/1999 Update or Other Action ADEC issued a letter as requested by the RP, providing an outline of the process for the development of a site characterization workplan. David Pikul
3/25/1999 Update or Other Action ADEC provided a letter as a reminder for the need of an environmental site investigation to be conducted in the area of the former fuel oil release near the washeteria building. David Pikul
4/7/1999 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting between ADEC, BBNA, and Bristol Environmental to discuss site conditions. David Pikul
6/10/1999 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC held a meeting with Bristol Environmental to discuss workplan development. David Pikul
8/16/1999 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC conducted a site visit and attended a tribal council meeting to inform the community with regards to the heating oil release and impacts to their well. David Pikul
11/16/1999 Update or Other Action ADEC issued a letter requesting that the RP provide their intentions for addressing investigation of the site. David Pikul
11/29/1999 Site Added to Database Petroleum contamination from the on-site heating oil tank. David Pikul
11/30/1999 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Not previously ranked in the database. David Pikul
8/8/2000 Update or Other Action ADEC issued a letter to the RP again requesting site characterization work plan submittal. A second release from the same AST happened last winter, contaminant concentrations in the drinking water at the site have increased and no action has been taken by the RP. David Pikul
11/7/2000 Update or Other Action Referral of Informal Cost Recovery Memorandum sent to Department of Law. David Pikul
11/7/2000 Update or Other Action ADEC issued a comment letter requesting work plan submittal. David Pikul
4/2/2002 Update or Other Action Preparing Request for Proposal to characterize site. Also, was informed that the Moravian Church next to the Washeteria had a diesel release of unknown quantity. Lynne Bush
4/8/2002 Update or Other Action Returned Cost Recovery invoice for changes - removing Dave Pikul's time at his request. Lynne Bush
3/4/2004 Update or Other Action DEC submitted RFP to contracts for site investigation. David Pikul
4/28/2004 Meeting or Teleconference Held DEC met with Bristol Env. to discuss initial proposal for site characterization. Revised proposal reducing costs and incorporating DEC comments expected in a few days. David Pikul
5/5/2004 Update or Other Action Completed review of final proposal and forward through channels. NTP approval form completed and sent on to Jim. David Pikul
5/27/2004 Update or Other Action Call from Jim (Bristol Environmental) regarding Aleknagik, will be on-site next Tuesday with full day of drilling on Wednesday. David Pikul
6/3/2004 Update or Other Action Call from Jim (Bristol) from the field in Aleknigik. Discussion included well placement. One well near the AST, one each off the west side corners of the building and one near the drinking water well. The boring off the SW corner was dry. No well to be placed and boring grouted to the surface. David Pikul
6/30/2004 Update or Other Action DEC completed review of the report titled: Aleknagik Washateria Investigation Report, Aleknagik, Alaska dated June 2004. The report was approved for final with inclusion of the verbal comments. Site figure appears incorrect and was to be generated from an aerial photo purchased under contract. The washateria building is parallel to the road. Data tables need to be QC'ed because units are incorrect. Also, DEC clean up levels should be added to the tables. Information gathered by Bristol personnel regarding site conditions and surroundings should be added to the report. (Information for the two DW wells and new tank, other personnel interviews with village contacts) A copy of the field notes was requested to be added as an appendix. Groundwater flow direction not included, should be added to site figure. Soil cuttings were shipped to Emerald for treatment/disposal, but no $ was budgeted. Decision made without DEC notification and consideration. David Pikul
2/23/2005 Update or Other Action File number updated, issued 10/10/03. Aggie Blandford
7/22/2005 Site Characterization Report Approved Staff completed review of the document titled: Aleknagik Washeteria Investigation Report dated June 2004, submitted by Bristol Environmental on September 30, 2004. Groundwater in the immediate vicinity of the washeteria well is impacted by both DRO and GRO. Fuel constituents were measured in tap water from the washeteria. The report failed to provide any information on the active washeteria well and the old well across the street. CSP staff met with DEC/DW staff to discuss the contaminated drinking water well. CS will hold for DW review and desicion. David Pikul
12/4/2006 Update or Other Action Spoke with Allen Ilutsik at the Aleknagik Traditional Council and informed him that the drinking water well appeared to be contaminated with fuel. He said that the Washeteria is not currently being used and that the water from the well is used only to flush the toilet and sometimes for washing, but all drinking water is brought in. Bill O'Connell
7/20/2007 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed for source area id: 73799 name: Petroleum impacted soils Bill O'Connell
12/21/2010 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Ranking reviewed. Bill O'Connell
6/27/2011 Site Visit Site visit and monitoring well sampling at ATC Washeteria Bill O'Connell
7/13/2011 Report or Workplan Review - Other Reviewed data report from 2011 groundwater sampling effort. Samples were collected from monitoring wells AW-3, AW-4, and AW-5 and also from drinking water wells at the washeteria and at a downgradient residence. Contaminants were not detected in monitoring well AW-3, DRO was detected at 431 mg/L in AW-4 and at 6.24 mg/L in AW-5. Samples from drinking water wells did not contain detectable concentrations of contaminants, except at the washeteria well, where dichlorodifluoromethane (Freon) was detected at 1.59 ug/L (cleanup level is 7.3 mg/L). This detection is not considered to be related to fuel contamination at the site. Bill O'Connell
3/25/2014 Update or Other Action Checked Drinking Water Program's GIS map to confirm that apparently upgradient or almost a mile away cross gradient are recorded there as drinking water sources rather than the washeteria location. Keather McLoone
6/27/2017 Site Visit ADEC Staff preformed a site visit on June 22,2017. Staff noted that there was stained soil and diesel odor in an excavation near the building where the spill originally occurred, close to the building. Staff collected one VOC sample from the water faucet of the Aleknagik native store samples from monitoring wells, as well as monitoring wells AW-3, AW-4, and AW-5. A slight petroleum odor and a light unmeasureable sheen was noted on AW-4 Chelsy Passmore
10/5/2017 Report or Workplan Review - Other Reviewed laboratory data from June 2017 Sampling event. Monitoring Well AW-4 contained Diesel Range Organics (DRO), and Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) above ADEC Table C Cleanup levels, as well as detectable concentrations of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes (BTEX). Monitoring Wells AW-3 and AW-5 had detectable concentrations of GRO, DRO, BTEX and PAHs below ADEC Table C cleanup levels. Chelsy Passmore
4/6/2018 Potentially Responsible Party/State Interest Letter The ADEC sent a state interest letter explaining the results of the state led sampling in June 2017. The ADEC recommended that the water from the washeteria well not be consumed or used for potable purposes, and requested information regarding the excavation outside the washeteria. Chelsy Passmore

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