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Site Report: Gaffney Road Areawide

Site Name: Gaffney Road Areawide
Address: Gaffney Road, Btwn. Noble & Turner Sts., Fairbanks, AK 99701
File Number: 102.38.084
Hazard ID: 2919
Status: Informational
Staff: Jim Fish, 9074512117
Latitude: 64.837738
Longitude: -147.716060
Horizontal Datum:

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Tetrachloroethene (PCE), trichloroethene (TCE), and dichloroethylene (DCE) contaminants. There is area-wide contamination by PCE and its degradation products. Contamination originates from several areas along Gaffney Road and Airport Way. One source was a former dry cleaner located at the corner of Gaffney and Stacia. Additionally there was a release, apparently from the sewer line, at the south side of Airport Way, along Stacia St. Thirdly, there is evidence of a release, potentially from another dry cleaner, on the east side of Cushman Street, north of Airport Way. ADEC is addressing all three releases through an areawide investigation of soil, groundwater, and vapor investigation. The groundwater plumes extend to the northwest toward Kellum Street on the west and 12th Avenue on the eastern side of Gaffney Road. In 2010 the areawide investigation was split into the two plume areas and identified as Gaffney East and Gaffney West. Gaffney East refers to the plume that originates in the vicinity of Coin King laundromat. Gaffney West refers to the plume that originates at the former Royal Masters Launderette (currently the Good News Bible and Bookstore).

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
11/6/1997 Update or Other Action Received Phase I sample analyses. Larry Johnson
11/27/1999 Site Added to Database PCE, TCE, and DCE contaminants. Larry Johnson
11/30/1999 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Monitoring wells have shown widespead groundwater contamination above MCL, but no contamination of municipal water supply. Larry Johnson
12/1/1999 Update or Other Action Phase I in fall, 1997 and Phase II in fall, 1998 showed elevated PCE. No Longer Assigned
11/8/2000 Update or Other Action Received the Final Report Gaffney Road Area-Wide Phase III Groundwater Investigation. Elevated, but stable, PCE levels in both an east and west plume originate near Gaffney Road. Neither plume reaches the GHU wells. Larry Johnson
12/21/2000 Update or Other Action The October 2000 Sampling Report shows largely stable plumes, but PCE concentrations substantiallly increased in one well and substantially decreased in another well near the source area of the west plume. Larry Johnson
10/19/2001 Update or Other Action Contractor completed another groundwater sampling. TW 31 was evidently destroyed by construction. Larry Johnson
3/13/2002 Update or Other Action Indoor air sampling was completed at two businesses located near the source of the western plume. Larry Johnson
7/10/2002 GIS Position Updated Changed the Latitude, Longitude, Method Accuracy, Accuracy and Unit fields. Heather Goldman
10/30/2002 Update or Other Action Contractor completed another groundwater sampling event. Included were several wells from the Lucky Sourdough and Goldpanner Chevron sites to be analyzed for chlorinated solvents. Larry Johnson
6/25/2003 Update or Other Action Final October 2002 Gaffney Road Area-Wide Groundwater Investigation Monitoring Report. Both the east and westgroundwater plumes continue to be stable with only sporadicd fluctuations of contaminant concentrations. Monitored natural attenuation parameters show limited evidence of natural attenuation. Larry Johnson
10/20/2003 Update or Other Action Contractor completed a groundwater monitoring event after installing 4 additional monitoring wells to replace lost or damaged wells. Additional indoor air sampling will also be completed in two businesses. Larry Johnson
12/29/2003 Update or Other Action State letter of interest sent to the Stansberry estate requesting proposed actions to delineate and treat PCE soil contamination at the former Royal Masters Cleaners. Larry Johnson
6/10/2004 Update or Other Action Stansberry Estate sent proposed corrective Action Alternatives report addressing soil contamination to ADEC for consideration. Larry Johnson
6/22/2004 Update or Other Action Final Ocober 2003 Groundwater Sampling Report received. The east plume can now be separated into a PCE and a TCE plume, possibly due to continued attenuation of the original plume. The west plume continues to remain esssentially stable and indoor air sampling was virtually identical to the previous winter sampling, below commercial standards. Larry Johnson
7/15/2004 Update or Other Action Meeting with RP (Stansberry Estate), AG, ADEC,prospective purchaser, and RP consultant to discuss proposed corrective actions and liability. Larry Johnson
8/9/2004 Update or Other Action Meeting with RP, AG, prospective purchaser, and ADEC to discuss settlement agreement and PPA for Stansberry property. Larry Johnson
8/24/2004 Update or Other Action Settlement Agreement with Stansberry Estate finalized. Larry Johnson
9/1/2004 Update or Other Action PPA with Jan Taylor finalized for the Stansberry property. Larry Johnson
10/20/2004 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Reviewed and accepted the 2004 Gaffney Road Area-Wide Groundwater Investigation Workplan, including the Former Stansberry Estate soil investigation, with amendments. Larry Johnson
11/4/2004 Update or Other Action Contacted all private property owners with Gaffney monitoring wells to inform them that term contactor personnel would be sampling the wells over the next week. Larry Johnson
11/22/2004 Update or Other Action Received request for assistance from landowner that a sewer line was inoperable near one of the soil drilling locations. Requested the term contractor to investigate and correct the situation, if necessary. Larry Johnson
6/28/2005 Update or Other Action Approved the draft 2004 GW Investigation Report with modifications. Larry Johnson
7/20/2005 Update or Other Action Recieived Final November 2004 Groundwater Sampling Report. Larry Johnson
1/27/2006 Update or Other Action Notice received from EPA of the need to submit a 2005 Hazardous Waste Report. A form (RCRA Subtitle C Identification Form) was sent back to EPA indicating no hazardous waste was generated in 2005. Jim Frechione
3/7/2006 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with Jim Frechione and Darren Mulkey (ADOT&PF) concerning the possible installation of a cooling well at the Fairbanks Regional Office Building. Douglas Bauer
3/8/2006 Update or Other Action Emailed Darren Mulkey comments on Shannon & Wilson's proposal for phased approach for installing cooling well at Fairbanks Regional Office Building. ADEC comments concurred with S&W's conceptual approach. Douglas Bauer
3/10/2006 Update or Other Action Telephone call with Jim Crower, local realtor. He is representing property across Gaffney from the former Carrs Foodland store building in the mall next to Coin King. Referred Jim to CS Site Summary web-page for general information. Douglas Bauer
3/16/2006 Update or Other Action Visited Gaffney Road area to verify the type of buildings in the immediate source area. Douglas Bauer
7/20/2006 Meeting or Teleconference Held A meeting was held with ADEC Drinking Water program and DNR to discuss the proposed Aurora Energy cooling water well. The well will draw about 1100 gallons per minute (equivalent to 1.5 million gallons per day) and will be located approximately 1000 feet downgradient from the distal end of the Gaffney Road PCE/TCE ground water plume. It was agreed to require a pumping test to estimate the radius of influence of the cooling water well and that Aurora Energy will monitor the sentinel wells for the Gaffney Road plume. Douglas Bauer
8/1/2006 Meeting or Teleconference Held Representatives of Golden Heart Utilities, Aurora Energy, ADNR, and ADEC’s Drinking Water and Contaminated Sites programs met to discuss the proposed pump test for the Aurora Energy cooling water well. The purpose of the test is to estimate the influence of cooling well; in particular its potential influence on the western Gaffney Road PCE ground water contaminant plume. Based on the results of the pump test and the production schedule for the cooling water well, a monitoring program and schedule will be developed. The sentential wells for the Gaffney Road Western plume could be monitored on a periodic basis. Douglas Bauer
8/3/2006 Update or Other Action Submitted 2006 RFP for ground water monitoring and trend analysis and vapor intrusion assessment to J. Frechione for funding approval. Douglas Bauer
8/16/2006 Meeting or Teleconference Held Reviewed site status with Peter Beardsly with NORTECH. NORTECH is performing a Phase I Environmental Assessment for a property located within the Gaffney Road area-wide western PCE/TCE ground water plume. Douglas Bauer
8/21/2006 Update or Other Action Reviewed and approved OASIS response to RFP. Forwarded to D. Harwood for funding approval. Douglas Bauer
9/19/2006 Update or Other Action Telephone conversation with Oasis Environmetal. Ground water and vapor intrusion work plans will be submitted the first week of October. Douglas Bauer
9/19/2006 Update or Other Action Letter to Jan Taylor requesting permission to perform vapor intrusion assessment at Good News Bible and Book store. Earlier telephone call to Ms. Taylor at Alaskan Floral & Wedding Shop found out that Ms. Taylor is out of town until September 28. Douglas Bauer
9/25/2006 Update or Other Action Telephone call and email correspondence with Chris Haigh, City of Fairbanks Engineer. City plans to install a new storm water drain system the length of Gaffney Road. Figures showing the estimated area of potential soil and ground water contamination forwarded to the City via email. Douglas Bauer
10/10/2006 Update or Other Action Ground water sampling work plan approved. Douglas Bauer
10/19/2006 Update or Other Action Final version of vapor intrusion work plan approved. Douglas Bauer
10/23/2006 Update or Other Action Two site visits to witness installation of new permanent ground water monitoring wells (0.75 diameter PVC wells with filter pack) Douglas Bauer
10/25/2006 Update or Other Action Received verbal permission for vapor intrusion sampling from Ms. Jan Taylor, owner of building. Visited Good News Bible and Book Store and met Ms. Deena McKnight, the store proprietor. Douglas Bauer
10/27/2006 Update or Other Action Visited Good News Bible and Book Store with OASIS to select sampling location and perform survey of store. Douglas Bauer
10/31/2006 Update or Other Action Visited store along with the Fairbanks vapor instrusion work group and witnessed the installation of three sub-slab sampling ports. Douglas Bauer
11/1/2006 Update or Other Action Visited the store and witnessed the collection of three sub-slab samples. Douglas Bauer
11/6/2006 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with Chris Haigh at the City of Fairbanks Engineering office to discuss proposed storm water drain and telephone/communication utilities in Gaffney Road area. The Gaffney Road storm water system will run the length of Gaffney and tie into the Airport Avenue storm water system around Noble Avenue. This system discharges to the Chena River on Ft. Wainwright. It appears that the Gaffeny storm water system will likely not encounter contaminated PCE soil except in the vicinity of Turner and Gaffney (elevated soil gas results). Chris was provided a copy of the utility excavation policy by email. The telephone/communication utilies will run underground from south of Airport Avenue through the Stacia Street right-of-way next to the Good News Bible and Book Store. Chris copied the November 2004 ground water monitoring report which shows the locations of soil borings and PCE soil results in the vicinity of the book store. There is the potential that the City may encounter contaminated PCE soil in this area. Douglas Bauer
11/8/2006 Update or Other Action Provided updated information for pages 1 and 2 of EPA RCRA Subtitle C Site Indentification Form to EPA Region 10 via facsimile. Douglas Bauer
11/17/2006 Update or Other Action Received preliminary vapor intrusion results from OASIS via email Douglas Bauer
11/20/2006 Update or Other Action Received preliminary vapor intrusion results today and 11/17/2006 for Good News Bible and Book Store. Replicate subslab samples in furnance room area: 138SA, TCE 8.9 ppbV, PCE 1400 ppbV; 139SA, TCE 6.7 ppbV, PCE 1200 ppbV. Other subslab samples: 140SA (workbench room), TCE 5.5 ppbV, PCE 350E; 141SA (breakroom office) PCE 12 ppbV; 141SA Duplicate, PCE 13 ppbV. Outdoor air: 137OA, PCE 0.090 ppbV; 137OA Duplicate PCE 0.086 ppbV. Indoor air: TCE 0.12 ppbV, PCE 6.4 ppbV. Residential 10E-05 risk criteria are TCE 0.041 ppbV & PCE 1.2 ppbV. Commercial 10E-05 ciriteria are TCE 0.069 ppbV & PCE 1.93 ppbV. Douglas Bauer
11/27/2006 Update or Other Action Telephone call with Ben at OASIS and discussed vapor intrusion results. Asked OASIS to recommend additional sites for vapor intrusion sampling. Douglas Bauer
11/29/2006 Update or Other Action Site survey of general area to determine locations for possible offsite vapor intrusion sampling. Identified possible locations with basements from public access. See attached map. Douglas Bauer
12/11/2006 Update or Other Action Attempted to drop off October 2006 vapor intrusioin sampling results to Ms. Jan Taylor at Alaskan Floral. Discovered that Jan had sold the business but still owned the building. Jan's new telephone number is 455-9296 or 388-8378. 1992 Hilling Avenue, Fairbanks, 99709. Contacted Jan and she is arranging a meeting with Deena McKnight at the Goodnews Bible and Book Store for later this week. Douglas Bauer
12/13/2006 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with Jan Taylor and Dena McKnight at the Good News Bible and Book store to dicuss the October 2006 sampling results. They were given a copy of the analytical results. Using a commercial exposure scenario (8 hrs. per day, 250 days per year, and 25 years occupancy) the 10E-5 risk criteria are 5.79 ppbV for PCE and 0.207 ppbV for TCE. Compared to the October 2006 sampling results, PCE may be a potential risk due to the limited data and variability of the data. Douglas Bauer
12/14/2006 Update or Other Action Mail letters to Jan Taylor and Dena McKnight transmitting ATSDR ToxFAQs for PCE and TCE and reference to ATSDR web-site for complete toxicological profiles (both are over 300 pages long). Douglas Bauer
1/8/2007 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with Mr. James Magoffin at his office to introduce myself and to request permission for a vapor intrusioin assessment at his location. The results of the initial sampling at the Good News Bible and Book store and the scope of the vapor intrustion assesment at his office were explained. Mr. Magoffin requested a letter. At the meeting Mr. Magoffin was uncertain if he would allow the sampling. The office will be opened from Feb. 12 - 24, 2007. Douglas Bauer
1/8/2007 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with a representative of Meyeres Real Estate to schedule an appointment with Audrey Foldoe, owner of the company, who is on vacation. A meeting was tentatively scheduled for 1-25-07 at 10:30am. Douglas Bauer
1/9/2007 Update or Other Action Mr. Jim Magoffin left a voice message approving the vapor intrusion assessment at his law office. Douglas Bauer
1/12/2007 Update or Other Action Approved OASIS' cost estimate for expanded vapor intrusion assessment at Magoffin Law and Meyeres Real Estate. Douglas Bauer
1/25/2007 Update or Other Action Met with Ms. Audrey Foldoe, owner of Meyeres Real Estate, to discuss vapor intrusion assessment at her office building. Ms. Foldoe will respond in several days with her decision. She wanted to talk with Mr. James Magoffin first. The concept of vapor intrusion and the results from the vapor intrusion assessment at the Good News Bible and Book Store (neighboring property) were discussed. Douglas Bauer
1/25/2007 Update or Other Action Received draft of 2006 ground water monitoring report. Douglas Bauer
2/1/2007 Update or Other Action Telephoned Audry Foldoe and she gave her permission for the vapor intrusion assessment. Douglas Bauer
3/23/2007 Update or Other Action Telephone conversation with Ms. Heather Gross with Summit Consulting Services. She represents the owners of the former Foodland Grocery store where a cooling system extraction and injection ground water wells were installed at 60 feet below the ground surface. The wells may be close to or within the eastern TCE ground water plume. Summit is working with EPA Region 10 UIC program with respect to the UIC permit by rule. It was suggested that a ground water sample be collected after purging the well until temperature and conductivity stabilize and analyze per EPA 8260. If the well is clean then operate the well for 12 hours at maximum capacity and then collect another sample. Douglas Bauer
3/29/2007 Update or Other Action Telephone conversation with Chris Bellovary with EPA Region 10 UIC program. Chris agreed with the testing protocol discussed with Summit Consulting regarding cooling wells at the former Carrs Foodland building. Chris sent approval email to Summit. Douglas Bauer
4/11/2007 Update or Other Action Received Ground water Assessment Gaffney Road Area dated April 2007 from OASIS. Douglas Bauer
5/15/2007 Update or Other Action Received hard copy of OASIS Environmental report titled Final Vapor Intrusion Assessment Report; Gaffney Road Area; Fairbanks, Alaska: NTP 18-9028-13-17B dated May 2007. Douglas Bauer
6/21/2007 Meeting or Teleconference Held Ann Farris and Doug Bauer met with Ms. Jan Taylor and Deena McKnight at the Good News Bible and Book store. They were given copies of the 2007 vapor intrusion assessment and the ADEC fact sheet concerning vapor intrusion. The results were discussed and their questions answered. Douglas Bauer
6/26/2007 Meeting or Teleconference Held Ann Farris and Doug Bauer met with Mr. Jim Magoffin at the Magoffin Law office. Mr. Magoffin was given copies of the 2007 vapor intrusion assessment and the ADEC fact sheet concerning vapor intrusion. The results were discussed and Mr. Magoffin's questions were answered. Douglas Bauer
6/27/2007 Meeting or Teleconference Held Ann Farris and Doug Bauer met with Ms. Audrey Foldoe at the Meyeres Real Estate building. Ms. Foldoe was given copies of the 2007 vapor intrusion assessment and the ADEC fact sheet concerning vapor intrusion. The results were discussed and Ms. Foldoe's questions were answered. Douglas Bauer
6/29/2007 Update or Other Action ADEC received a proposal for the FY2008 source characterization and vapor intrusion assessment at Gaffney Road. Ann Farris
7/12/2007 Update or Other Action Notice to Proceed approved for FY08 source characterization and vapor intrusion assessment work. Work will include assessment of the sewer lines along Stacia, Turner, and south of airport and vapor intrusion in the buildings along Gaffney and 11th Avenue. Ann Farris
7/13/2007 Update or Other Action Met with the general manager of Park and Sell to discuss the 2007 proposed field activities and ask for access to the park and sell property. She gave us verbal approval and I will follow up to get written authorization. Ann Farris
8/2/2007 Update or Other Action Staff received consent to access from all the property owners for the 2007 sampling and the state contractor started vapor intrusion sampling this week. Sampling in 2007 includes five new buildings: Park and Sell’s office, Yukon Title, Wells Fargo Bank, the Church of Christ Building on 11th Avenue, and a private residence adjacent to the church. In addition to the new buildings, the three original buildings (Good News Bible and Bookstore, Meyeres Real Estate, and Magoffin Law Office) will be resampled to determine concentrations under summer conditions, when increased volatilization may be occurring, but buildings may be better ventilated. Ann Farris
8/20/2007 Meeting or Teleconference Held I met with Dr. Don Ivers at his medical practice at 506 Gaffney. He is interested in buying the building, but is concerned about the contamination in the area. A former Tesoro site is located directly east of his building and the Coin King Laundromat is on the opposite side of Gaffney Rd to the southwest. The medical building is 4 stories high with a basement. Vapor intrusion would be a concern if contamination was identified near the building. Staff must check into the status of the Tesoro site, but the Gaffney area-wide investigation has not detected chlorinated solvents in the sewer line or groundwater adjacent to this building's vicinity. Staff recommended he complete a Phase I before purchase and potentially complete vapor intrusion sampling if the Tesoro contamination is significant or for his own peace of mind. I indicated the State would not require or complete VI sampling at this location at this time under the Gaffney area-wide. Ann Farris
9/6/2007 Update or Other Action Staff received preliminary results from all 8 of the vapor intrusion assessments completed in August 2007 on Gaffney Road in Fairbanks. The soil gas was elevated compared with previous sampling events, but only one building had indoor air concentrations exceeding the calculated, site-specific reasonable maximum exposure level. Staff subsequently met with Department of Health personnel to discuss the results. They were not alarmed by the concentrations because they were below the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry minimal risk levels and did not feel a need to adjust the building occupancy. They will complete a health consultation in the next few months, which will include any longer-term recommendations to insure protection of human health.. Ann Farris
9/21/2007 Update or Other Action Oasis and GeoTek have begun the direct push drilling and a site visit was conducted. Drilling is beginning in the Park and Sell lot and will continue for approximately 2 weeks. Ann Farris
12/10/2007 Update or Other Action Staff received the draft vapor intrusion assessment report, which summarizes the field activities completed in 2007 and an evaluation of remedial options for the soil at the bookstore. Staff will review and comment on the report. Ann Farris
12/18/2007 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed. Janice Wiegers
1/31/2008 Update or Other Action Staff has received and is in the process of reviewing the Draft Source Characterization Report which details results of soil, groundwater, and soil gas sampling collected near the Gaffney Road, Turner St, Stacia St, and Airport road area. Ann Farris
3/14/2008 Update or Other Action Staff has reviewed and commented on both the draft vapor intrusion and site characterization reports. The final versions are expected by then end of March. The reports indicate vapor intrusion is occurring at only 2 or the 8 buildings in the vicinity of the former Royal Masters Dry Cleaner. Additional chlorinated solvent contamination was encountered in the soil and groundwater on the south side of Airport Road at a sewer line intersection. This area is the intersection of the line originating at the east end of Gaffney Road by the former ADKO cleaners and Coin King and the sewer line running south Stacia Street from the former Royal Masters site. This area will require some additional investigation. Staff will meet with the AGs office next week to discuss the next steps for this project. Ann Farris
3/14/2008 Meeting or Teleconference Held Staff met with the City of Fairbanks to brief them on the latest results. The area of their stormwater system changes is to the east of the known soil contamination so it is unlikely they will run into soil contamination during their project. They expect their work to begin in August 2007. They will also be redoing the sidewalks and the road west of Cushman, but this work should be require excavation beyond the 2 feet so also should encounter any contamination. They were, however, informed of our monitoring wells in the area and told to coordinate with us if their work would disturb these wells. Ann Farris
4/29/2008 Meeting or Teleconference Held Staff met with the owner of the Good News Bible and Bookstore to present the final results of the 2007 site investigation and discuss DEC’s plan to determine the appropriate remedial option per the prospective purchaser agreement that was signed in 2004. She agreed with the feasibility study effort, but is concerned about the increase in electrical costs. She also has plans to sell the building over the summer. I indicated we would have a better estimate of the electrical costs once we decide on a remedial option. The results of the feasibility study should give a prospective purchaser a very good understanding of the problem and how long it may take to address it. Ann Farris
4/30/2008 Update or Other Action The Gaffney Road Notice-To-Proceed modification to complete the feasibility study and continue the investigation o f the sewer line release south of Airport Road has been forwarded to the SPAR Director for approval. Given approval, the work will proceed immediately. Drilling will occur the week of May 19th. Ann Farris
5/19/2008 Meeting or Teleconference Held Staff met with Mr. Magoffin to give him the results of the vapor intrusion assessments and information on mitigation systems. He has plans to sell the property, which is currently vacant. He indicated he would provide all of the information to any prospective purchaser. Ann Farris
5/22/2008 Update or Other Action NTP modification was limited to the investigation south of Airport and was approved. The work has been completed by Oasis and results are expected within 3-4 weeks. Fourteen soil and groundwater borings were drilled, two new permanent monitoring wells were installed and 8 soil gas samples were collected (four locations, 2 depths at each). Ann Farris
6/30/2008 Update or Other Action Received the preliminary data report on additional source characterization along Airport Way. Results indicate a release of PCE from the intersection of sewer lines at Stacia and Airport. The groundwater concentration of PCE was 3,800 ppb and the soil was 5,970 ppb. Soil gas near the buildings in that vicinity are also elevated. Concentrations diminish to the west and to the east from that point. Results also indicate a release on the north side of Airport Way and East of Cushman Street near the Coin king Laundry, which is consistent with the groundwater plume that has been monitored in that area since 1999. These data, however, indicate a potential soil source that could indicate a risk for vapor intrusion into the surrounding buildings. Finally this work also identified a small hot spot of soil contamination extending west of Stacia Street from the bookstore. It's unclear if this is from the same release or a different source. Work will be conducted in FY09 to follow up on these results. Ann Farris
8/15/2008 Update or Other Action Received call from Alaska Growth Capital about Park and Sell property. Discussed ADEC plans for Gaffney area with Mr. Bill Phelan. Janice Wiegers
9/8/2008 Update or Other Action Access denied by Mrs. Hagar to complete any investigation on her property, the Coin King Laundromat at 617 Gaffney Road. Oasis will complete a professional survey of that property to be sure no drilling will occur on the property. Ann Farris
9/12/2008 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Approved a work plan from Oasis to do the following: conduct a Phase I of the area west of Stacia for potential source of soil hot spot, investigate the extent of soil contamination and vapor plume on the east side of Cushman Street evaluate vapor intrusion at buildings south of Airport Way perform a treatability study to address the soil contamination at the bookstore. Work will be conducted in the latter part of September and early October. Ann Farris
10/17/2008 Update or Other Action Field work has been completed. The results are expected in November. Field screening results did not suggest any surprises in extent of contamination. Access was denied for vapor intrusion sampling at the Barracuda Bar and Thrifty Liquor so those samples were not collected. Ann Farris
5/7/2009 Update or Other Action Gaffney Road Areawide drilling in Airport Way will occur the week of May 11th from 11pm to 4am. Additionally air sampling will be completed at the Good News Bible and Bookstore in conjunction with UAF’s air and soil parameter sampling on May 11-12th. Ann Farris
5/11/2009 Update or Other Action Drilling to begin in Airport Way tonight 11pm to 4am to complete characterization of soil and groundwater contamination in the area. Ann Farris
6/26/2009 Site Characterization Report Approved Staff received a report from Oasis with the results of the additional drilling south of Coin King Laundromat. There is some soil and groundwater contamination in Airport Way, but it does not extend south of the midline. This plume (Gaffney Road Plume-east) is believed to be fully delineated at this point. The source is still believed to be discharges of PCE from the former dry cleaning operations at Coin King and leaks from the sewer line; however a phase I of the area will be completed in FY10 to determine if there could be other responsible parties. Ann Farris
6/26/2009 Update or Other Action Staff received the draft work plan from Oasis. Proposal for FY10 includes development of GIS to organize 17 years of data for all four source areas plus future data; design and installation of remediation system at good news bible and bookstore, long-term monitoring of the groundwater and vapor plumes, phase I of the Airport Rd area, and alternatives analysis for remediation options of Gaffney Road - East. Staff will incorporate these items into contracts for the next fiscal year starting July 1. Ann Farris
7/30/2009 Meeting or Teleconference Held Staff met with Jan Taylor, owner of the Good News Bible and Bookstore building, to present the results of the 2008-9 wokr and discuss plans for 2009-2010. She is trying to sell the building and is worried the prospective purchasers will be impacted. I told her the remediation system is necessary, but once installed should eliminate vaoprs in the building and be of minimal disturbance to the business operations. I told her I would call once the funding was approved and I know the project schedule, but the current plan is to install the system in October 2009. Proposals were received for the FY10 scope of work and these have been evaluated. The request for funding has been forwarded to management to issue the notice to proceed. Ann Farris
8/27/2009 Update or Other Action The City of Fairbanks is proceeding with the stormwater system upgrade along Gaffney. They will contact DEC if any contamination is encountered. The FY10 contract has been issued and the Final work plan for FY10 has been approved. All vapor intrusion assessments are underway. Oasis and UAF are coordinating on the sampling to test new passive sampling devices that may significantly reduce future sampling costs. Ann Farris
9/16/2009 Update or Other Action Staff reviewed the draft soil vapor extraction design and met with contractor to discuss and revise. Construction of the system will start the week of Sept 28th and be completed within 6 weeks. Ann Farris
8/26/2010 Update or Other Action DEC has issued an NTP to Oasis Environmental for work on the Gaffney Road Area-West for FY11. The objectives of the work include the implementation of a Long Term Monitoring and Remediation System Maintenance Plan and the completion of a pumping well survey within the downtown Fairbanks area. The long term monitoring plan components include: monitoring of chlorinated solvent concentrations in groundwater to ensure that the plume is attenuating; operation and maintainance of a soil vapor extraction system and sub slab depressurization system to reduce concentrations of chlorinated solvents in the vadose zone behind the Good News Bible and Book Store and in front of the former Park and Sell and mitigation of chlorinated solvent vapor migration into Good News Bible Bookstore; and monitoring of vapor intrusion to the buildings located within the chlorinated solvent groundwater plume. Tamara Cardona-Marek
9/21/2010 Update or Other Action DEC mailed to building owners where vapor intrusion assessments will be conducted an updated fact sheet and an updated access agreement. Tamara Cardona-Marek
9/22/2010 Site Visit DEC project manager and QA/QC officer visited site (Good News Bible and Book Store and State Farm insurance) while vapor intrusion assessments were being conducted. Tamara Cardona-Marek
9/22/2010 Site Visit At the request of the project manager, Tamara Cardona-Marek, the CSP quality assurance officer, Brent Porter, was onsite to oversee vapor sampling by Andrew Weller and Cody Black of Oasis Environmental. Indoor air and sub slab samples were collected from the Good News Bible Bookstore and A Perfect Party. Additionally one outdoor air sample was collect at the back of the building near the back door of the Good News Bible Bookstore. Indoor air samples were collected from the breathing zone and within a space that would be typically occupied by occupants. A duplicate indoor air sample was collected from the Good News Bible Bookstore. No duplicate sub slab samples were collected while the quality assurance officer was onsite; however, additional sampling will follow the event on 9/22/10. Brenton Porter
9/29/2010 Report or Workplan Review - Other Oasis submited final workplan for FY11 Long Term Monitoring and Maintenance Work Plan for Gaffney Road West. Tamara Cardona-Marek
9/9/2015 Update or Other Action The Gaffney Road Areawide Database entry has become obsolete due to characterization efforts that have defined two distinct source areas. Since 2011 the sources "Gaffney East and West" have been managed separately. For further information see Gaffney Road East Coin King Hazard ID# 25573 and Gaffney Road West / Royal Master Launderette Hazard ID 4503. This entry will remain as a source of background information, but will no longer be in active status. Kim DeRuyter

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