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Site Report: AKARNG Bethel OMS

Site Name: AKARNG Bethel OMS
Address: 470 4th Avenue, Bethel, AK 99559
File Number: 2407.38.002
Hazard ID: 3049
Status: Cleanup Complete
Staff: ,
Latitude: 60.795725
Longitude: -161.767226
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Petroleum contamination in soil. DRO reported at 570 and 880 mg/kg near the footprint of an underground storage tank (UST) and former ASTs. Matrix score of 32 (Level B). A private well (non-potable for sanitary uses only) is located at the armory, less than 500' from the Organizational Maintenance Shop. A few excavations have been completed and as of 8/2016, the site meets ADEC cleanup levels.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
1/30/1998 Update or Other Action Received Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation report, prepared by Ogden Environmental and Energy Services Co., Inc. Scott Pexton
4/29/1998 Site Added to Database Site added by staff. Scott Pexton
4/29/1998 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Site ranked by staff based on information provided in a Final Report (January 1998), Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation at the Bethel OMS, prepared for the AK-ARNG by Ogden Environmental and Energy Services Co., Inc. Scott Pexton
10/11/2000 Update or Other Action Letter sent to Norman Straub suggesting the ADEC Voluntary Cleanup Program as a cost-effective cleanup approach for this site. Scott Pexton
3/15/2004 Update or Other Action File number assigned: 2407.38.002. Sarah Cunningham
3/14/2008 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Debra Caillouet
2/3/2010 Meeting or Teleconference Held Staff participated in the Installation Action Plan meeting. Debra Caillouet
5/7/2012 Report or Workplan Review - Other Draft Work Plan, Bethel Armory Facility Maintenance Shop, Site Investigation April 25, 2012 Debra Caillouet
8/20/2012 Report or Workplan Review - Other Draft Bethel Armory Facility Maintenance Shop, Site Investigation Cleanup Determination Report, August 2012 ADEC does not concur with the recommendation to grant the site a cleanup complete determination. There are two major deficiencies in the site characterization. 1. The samples that had the highest PIDF readings were SB01-02 and SB01-3.5. No laboratory analysis was performed for these samples. 2. The Soil Boring Log for SB07 states there was a strong petroleum odor so the boring was stopped. No PID readings were obtained nor was a lab sample submitted for analysis. From the information available in this report, these two locations were probably the areas of the highest contamination remaining. Without laboratory data, conclusions can not be drawn. ADEC does not agree that the soil boring material can be spread on-site. The deficiencies is site characterization do not allow conclusions about the concentrations of contaminants. Debra Caillouet
12/3/2012 Cleanup Level(s) Approved Bethel Armory Facility Maintenance Shop Site Investigation Cleanup Determination Report November 2012 and Record of Decision ADEC concurs that the migration to groundwater pathway at this site is incomplete as there is permafrost at the site and no groundwater has been found to 30’ below ground surface. Contamination in the soil exists to 7.5 feet below ground surface. The most applicable pathways for this site are then the ingestion and inhalation or direct contact pathways. ADEC concurs with the cleanup levels proposed of: Benzene 11 mg/Kg Toluene 220 mg/Kg Ethylbenzene 110 mg/Kg Xylenes 63 mg/Kg Gasoline Range Organics 1400 mg/Kg Diesel Range Organics 10250 mg/Kg Residual Range Organics 10000 mg/Kg 1-Methylnaphthalene 280 mg/Kg 2-Methylnaphthalene 280 mg/Kg Benzo(g,h,i)perylene 1400 mg/Kg Debra Caillouet
9/8/2015 Cleanup Plan Approved Staff approved a remedial action plan this date. The document was titled Final Remedial Action Plan, and was prepared by Brice Environmental Services Corporation, dated Sept. 2, 2015. Anne Marie Palmieri
12/17/2015 Update or Other Action Staff changed to Danielle Duncan and hard file transferred to the Juneau office. Kristin Thompson
2/16/2016 Report or Workplan Review - Other Rec'd the draft Remedial Action Report this date. Danielle Duncan
2/29/2016 Update or Other Action Sent comment table today - nothing major. Once the comments are accepted/reviewed, a final RAR will be issued and the site will be closed. The report does not state how much volume of clean overburden soil there was although 3 analytical samples were collected from it – please add this information. In addition, please add the field screening values for the clean overburden. Table 2 indicates that EPA SW8260 was used but the TestAmerica lab report indicates that 8021B was used – please correct table to reflect. Sample 15-BET-WC was analyzed for lead but the report does not discuss why this was done. Danielle Duncan
8/9/2016 Report or Workplan Review - Other Rec'd the final Remedial Action Report this date. Danielle Duncan
8/18/2016 Site Characterization Report Approved Approved the Final Remedial Action Report this date. Approximately 9 cubic yards of contaminated soil was excavated form the site and stored in Super Sacks prior to disposal at the Columbia Ridge Landfill. The 9 confirmation samples were analyzed for DRO, RRO, GRO, and BTEX. Ten per cent of the samples were also analyzed for PAHs. Analytical results for the confirmation samples collected from the excavation limits indicated all contaminant concentrations are less than ADEC-approved cleanup levels. The ADEC anticipates making a cleanup complete determination for the site in the near future. Danielle Duncan
8/19/2016 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 74024 ASTs. Danielle Duncan
8/24/2016 Cleanup Complete Determination Issued Danielle Duncan

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
DRO < Method 2 Most Stringent Soil The maximum DRO confirmation sample had a concentration of 190 mg/kg.
RRO < Method 2 Most Stringent Soil The maximum RRO concentration in confirmation samples was 300 mg/kg.
GRO < Method 2 Most Stringent Soil The maximum GRO concentration in confirmation samples was 130 mg/kg.
BTEX < Method 2 Most Stringent Soil The maximum BTEX result from confirmation samples was ethylbenzene at 1.3 mg/kg.

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.
Movement or use of contaminated material (including on site) in a manner that results in a violation of the water quality standards is prohibited (18 AAC 70)

Missing Location Data

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