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Site Report: ADOT&PF Glenn Highway Maintenance Camp

Site Name: ADOT&PF Glenn Highway Maintenance Camp
Address: Mile 185 Glenn Highway, South of the Highway, Glennallen, AK 99588
File Number: 240.38.010, 240.57.001
Hazard ID: 3347
Status: Active
Staff: John Carnahan, 9074512166
Latitude: 62.106944
Longitude: -145.547389
Horizontal Datum:

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


The former Alaska Department of Transportation(ADOT)Maintenance facility has had known buried and above ground storage tanks located across the properties, and drummed chemical storage is suspect. In 2008, DEC completed underground storage tank removal on the northern property. Tanks are known to exist on the southern property. Limited assessment was completed in 2009 to clarify the potential for groundwater impacts and identify additional fuel management areas, asbestos, lead paint, and evaluate future land use potential for the properties in conjunction with state agency and community input, through the Reuse and Redevelopment (R&R) Program. Final Property Assessment and Cleanup Plan provided recommended actions at both the ADOT&PF area and the Department of Fish and Game area. ADOT&PF applied to DEC for a DEC Brownfield Assessment in 2009. A Property Assessment and Cleanup Plan was completed of this area during the summer of 2009. Additional information can be found in File Number 240.57.001.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
4/22/2002 Site Added to Database No Longer Assigned
11/29/2006 Update or Other Action Staff transferred from PIkul to Jaynes. Aggie Blandford
1/23/2009 Report or Workplan Review - Other Reviewed 2008 work. Five test pits were advanced and three USTs were removed from the ground. GRO, DRO and other petroleum COCs were detected at concentrations above ADEC method 2 cleanup levels. An oily sheen was observed on the groundwater pooled at the base of one excavation. Other potential sources of contamination exist- numerous 55-gallon drums, refuse piles, and two existing ASTs. A release investigation and cleanup plan to address contaminated soil is needed. Also needs a CSM, well search, and UIC search. Neal Everson
2/10/2009 Update or Other Action Changed status from unconfirmed to confirmed. Janice Wiegers
7/22/2009 Update or Other Action Notice to proceed with additional site assessment activities was awarded to S&W through SPAR term contract. Project managed under Reuse and Redevelopment Program. John Carnahan
8/5/2009 Meeting or Teleconference Held DEC held a stakeholder meeting for the ADOT&PF Glenn Highway Maintenance Camp. The participants for the meeting included representatives from the DNR (landowner), Fish and Game (property owners adjacent to the Maintenance Camp), DEC and Shannon & Wilson (consultant for the project). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the objective for the work planned at the site (Property Assessment and Cleanup Plan) and to give the consultants an opportunity to ask any questions pertaining to the field work. Deborah Williams
9/22/2009 Site Visit Site visit conducted by DNR staff (Murrell) and S&W contractor (Turker) over 2-day period. Multiple source areas were investigated and documented. John Carnahan
10/2/2009 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed for source area id: 74322 name: auto-generated pm edit State Highway Maintenance Camp Deborah Williams
4/29/2010 Report or Workplan Review - Other Received final Preliminary Assessment and Cleanup Planning for ADOT&PF Glenn Highway Maintenance Station and ADF&G Glennallen Facility. Several areas were identified as likely having soil contamination, and additional areas where contamination could have been released to the environment at both the DOT and the DF&G facilities. Contamination was confirmed at 6 DOT locations, yet the extent was not determined although groundwater is presumed contaminated in at least one location. Contamination was confirmed at one location on the DF&G property. Recommendations for additional action provided. John Carnahan
6/23/2011 Site Visit DEC staff visited the site during a trip to the Copper River Valley to attend a public meeting. Current site conditions were noted and documented with photographs. Site conditions at the former maintenance station and at the ADF&G properties were discussed with ADF&G Glennallen staff. The community is using two of the structures on the former ADOT&PF site; debris removal and environmental cleanup would help ensure safe continued beneficial use of the property. Sonja Benson
9/26/2012 Cleanup Plan Approved Porovided limited comments and approval for S&W to conduct assessment and targeted cleanup activities at the site. John Carnahan
1/4/2013 Update or Other Action DNR has indicated that the Glennallen Volunteer Fire Department has been lobbying for funding to build a new fire hall and it may be determined during this legislative session. They are still in the beginning stages of planning, but they are trying to identify their first choice for the new site. They are interested in building in the same tract they are currently using, but closer to the hill; probably where the old garage which is just to the north of the current hall is. Preliminary data will be provided to better coordinate. A meeting may be planned with the parties to further discuss the issues. John Carnahan
3/22/2013 Update or Other Action Received summary results and proposed boring location plan for site. Twenty wells/points proposed, with limited boring investigation. One round of groundwater sampling and survey will be completed. John Carnahan
4/12/2013 Report or Workplan Review - Other Reviewed proposed monitoring and boring locations for site, based on preliminary data. John Carnahan
10/14/2013 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Groundwater monitoring and stockpiled soil sampling plan reviewed and approved. John Carnahan
10/28/2013 Update or Other Action Field work completed for groundwater sampling and soil stockpile. Approved submittal for addtional analysis on MW-8 due to 0.01' of measurable product on the interface probe, laboratory recommended flash point, which was approved. Keri DePalma
3/7/2014 Update or Other Action Groundwater Monitoring and Stockpile Sampling Final Report received ADOT&PF and Current ADF&G Facilities, Glennallen, Alaska March 2014 Keri DePalma
4/10/2014 Site Characterization Report Approved The work consisted of evaluation of approximately 420-cy of soil stockpiled, and sampling the 20 existing groundwater monitoring wells, laboratory analyses of soil and groundwater, and investigative derived waste disposal. The stockpiled soil was characterized for contaminant concentrations to evaluate treatment alternatives. DRO was detected in each stockpile soil sample at concentrations that exceeded the cleanup level for migration to groundwater. In addition, the DRO concentration in one of the project soil samples exceeded the cleanup level for direct contact/outdoor inhalation. One project soil sample also contained a benzene concentration (0.0272 mg/kg) that exceeded the cleanup level (0.025 mg/kg). Based on the results of the stockpile soil sampling, the treatment alternatives will focus on methods effective in the reduction of DRO concentrations in soil, such as using land farming techniques. Groundwater monitoring was carried out to evaluate groundwater quality with respect to known and suspected contaminant sources, as well as on a regional basis. Contaminants of concern exceeding cleanup levels were measured in two of the twenty site wells sampled in October 2013 (Wells MW8 and MW12). Keri DePalma
5/28/2014 Update or Other Action Request for modification received. Keri DePalma
7/11/2014 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Additional Site Characterization Work Plan reviewed and approved. Keri DePalma
11/15/2016 Update or Other Action Project oversight changed to Carnahan. John Carnahan
4/13/2018 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 74322 auto-generated pm edit State Highway Maintenance Camp. John Carnahan

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