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Site Report: Alyeska VMT U Site

Site Name: Alyeska VMT U Site
Address: Valdez Marine Terminal, Dayville Road, Valdez, AK 99686
File Number: 1200.38.014
Hazard ID: 397
Status: Cleanup Complete
Staff: ,
Latitude: 61.085500
Longitude: -146.398500
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


On May 20, 1987, a pipeline leak allowed crude-contaminated ballast water to contaminate soil beneath a faulty joint. Immediately after the release event, vacuum trucks recovered about 54 barrels of crude (2268 gallons), but about 16 barrels (672 gallons) soaked into the soil in an excavated containment area referred to as the "U-Site." Between 100 & 200 yards of contaminated soil was removed. The remaining impacted soil was treated by flushing and recovering crude on groundwater as it migrates into a series of excavations and underflow dams. Leaching to groundwater was enhanced by flushing impacted soil using surface spray, and horizontal migration to intercept points was enhanced by augmenting groundwater with supplemental water injected through injection wells. During a 1992 excavation to inspect a water line (for firefighting), crews uncovered mildly contaminated soils thought to have come from the 1987 spill. About 1,720 cubic yard was excavated.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
3/19/1993 Update or Other Action Date in footer of pages from report indicating that nine confirmation samples were collected at this site which showed BTEX, GRO (VPH), DRO (EPH), and RRO (TRPH) below most conservative Method 2 cleanup levels. March 1993 report entitled Tank Containment Soil Quality Assessment emailed from Alyeska on 02/25/2009, saved to network and printed off in its entirity to be included in the file. No figure of U site location or sample locations included in this report. Keather McLoone
5/14/1993 Site Added to Database Crude oil contamination. No Longer Assigned
6/16/1993 Update or Other Action Date of "U" Site Surface Water Assessment Workplan indicating that samples to be taken monthly during the summer of 1993 from catch basin below the U site fire lines and analyzed for TRPH and BTEX. Keather McLoone
12/29/1993 Update or Other Action Surface and Subdrain Outlet Water Assessment - "U" Site and West Metering Road report prepared by Emcon on this date. Emailed from SLR on 2/20/09, saved to network, and printed out in its entirity to be included in the file. Keather McLoone
1/6/1995 Site Number Identifier Changed Reckey number changed from 1987400114001 due to region number change. Scott Rose
4/21/1998 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Ranking action added now because it was not added when the site was originally ranked. Bill Petrik
12/5/2000 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Changed Population Density Value from 0 to 5. No Longer Assigned
12/27/2007 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Pam Clemens
1/29/2013 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 71376 ballast water system tanks. All pathways are either De Minimis Exposure, Pathway Incomplete, or Pathway Controlled. Richard Bernhardt
2/20/2013 Cleanup Complete Determination Issued All soil and groundwater contaminant concentrations are below historic (1992) and contemporary (2013) cleanup levels. Richard Bernhardt

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
RRO < Table C Groundwater

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.

Missing Location Data

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