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Site Report: 3901 Mountain View Drive

Site Name: 3901 Mountain View Drive
Address: 3901 Mountain View Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508
File Number: 2100.57.004
Hazard ID: 4117
Status: Cleanup Complete
Staff: ,
Latitude: 61.224332
Longitude: -149.807854
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Property was a former UNOCAL service station reportedly built in the 1960's, and sold to Brewster's Department Store in 1981. The tanks were reportedly removed as evidenced by patches in asphalt. No assessment was conducted. The property is a primary location for development that could have an impact on the Mountain View redevelopment plans. During cleanup activities in Oct 2008, up to 5 tanks were identified onsite . Lust Facility ID #3543 created. The owner ID (ACLT) is 9638. Also known as Former Color Creek Center.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
8/9/2005 Site Added to Database No Longer Assigned
1/25/2008 Update or Other Action Update database - identified deed of sale from UNOCAL to Brewster's in 1981. Brewster's Department store sold the property in 2005 to ACLT. Chevron-Texaco was notified of their potential liability on January 14, 2008 through conversation and email with Stacie Hartung-Frerichs, Chevron projects manager. John Carnahan
3/6/2008 Update or Other Action Received confirmation that ACLT conducted a limited release investigation, and documented contamination in the subsurface. Confirmed this with the consultant that conducted the actual onsite investigation. On this day, held teleconference with ACLT, consultants, and Cook Inlet Housing Authority on the status of the site. John Carnahan
3/17/2008 Update or Other Action Received confirmation from ChevronTexaco that Chevron is willing to proceed with site assessment activities at the 3901 Mountain View property for the sole purpose of investigating the potential impact from the former Unocal retail service station operations. Chevron will be identified as a PRP for this site. John Carnahan
4/15/2008 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting onsite with ACLT, Chevron, and CIHA to discuss the proposed demolition and cleanup project. Chevron team lead indicated that Chevron has accepted responsibility for environmental requirements at this site. There are discussions planned to determine how best to remove structure such that adequate source removal can be completed. John Carnahan
7/30/2008 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Sent email comments to BGESW and ACLT. They responded that they would incorporate comments into their workplan. Field work to commence this summer/fall. John Carnahan
10/1/2008 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Release Confirmed - Petroleum LUST site created in CSP database for source area Former UNOCAL Station, 75658 John Carnahan
10/2/2008 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Initiated - Petroleum Sent Closure forms to consultant with instructions to coordinate with the UST program. John Carnahan
10/2/2008 Cleanup Level(s) Approved Identified lead levels of 800 mg/kg as target commercial/industrial levels, but recommend that potentially lead contaminated material from within the building footprint be removed at this time. John Carnahan
10/3/2008 Update or Other Action Status report from consultant - tanks found, and contaminated present. John Carnahan
10/3/2008 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed for source area id: 75658 name: Former UNOCAL Station John Carnahan
10/6/2008 Offsite Soil or Groundwater Disposal Approved Provided written (email) approval to transport soil from site for thermal treatment, so long as the appropriate testing verifies that the soil is permissible to be thermally treated at the designated treatment facility, the material is not a hazardous waste, and you have necessary documentation to verify that. John Carnahan
10/30/2008 Update or Other Action Provided clarification to questions posed by consultant on soil management and transportation (email). John Carnahan
11/18/2008 Offsite Soil or Groundwater Disposal Approved Approval to transport soil offiste provided for select stockpiles. John Carnahan
11/20/2008 Offsite Soil or Groundwater Disposal Approved Revision 3 for soil transport provided to ACLT. John Carnahan
12/19/2008 Offsite Soil or Groundwater Disposal Approved Final soil transportation request completed. John Carnahan
6/18/2009 Cleanup Complete Determination Issued DEC issued a cleanup complete determination for the 3901 Mountain View Drive site. Deborah Williams
7/9/2009 Update or Other Action Received call from consultant that odor of petroleum was noticed during excavation around concrete bunker, wehere piping was observed. Small amount of excavated soil was removed (<3 CY) and no observeable contamination was identified using screening. Determined to be deminimis, although soil will be transported to ASR for treatment. If additionl information or screening identifies impacts, samples will be collected and reported to DEC. John Carnahan
8/11/2009 Update or Other Action Received workplan for characterization of newly excavated soil for metals analyses. John Carnahan
6/11/2010 Update or Other Action Reviewed report on Excavation and Disposal of Contaminated Septic Crib Soils. Fuel impacted soil was found associated with a former log septic crib during utility excavation at the site. Approximately 191 cy of impacted soil were excavated and treated at ASR. Confirmation samples collected from the bottom of the excavation approximately 20 feet bgs did not contain contaminants above cleanup levels. Bill O'Connell

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
Lead - Total < Method 2 Most Stringent Soil
DRO Between Method 2 Migration to Groundwater and Human Health/Ingestion/Inhalation Soil DRO was found at 473 ppm under the former gasoline USTs.
Benzene Between Method 2 Migration to Groundwater and Human Health/Ingestion/Inhalation Soil Benzene concentration was found at 0.124 ppm below the former gasoline USTs.
GRO > Human Health/Ingestion/Inhalation Soil GRO was identified at 1,460 ppm at 12.5 feet bgs below the former gasoline USTs but the volume of contaminated soil was determined to be de minimis.
Ethylbenzene Between Method 2 Migration to Groundwater and Human Health/Ingestion/Inhalation Soil Ethylbenzene concentration at 16.8 ppm under the former gasoline USTs.
4-Methyl-2-pentanone Between Method 2 Migration to Groundwater and Human Health/Ingestion/Inhalation Soil MIBK was found at 11.5 ppm below the former gasoline USTs.

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.

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