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Site Report: ADOT&PF Tanana Maintenance Shop

Site Name: ADOT&PF Tanana Maintenance Shop
Address: Tanana Airport, Tanana, AK 99777
File Number: 780.38.013
Hazard ID: 4375
Status: Active
Staff: John O'Brien, 9074512181
Latitude: 65.172520
Longitude: -152.097070
Horizontal Datum:NAD83

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Several abandoned drums were identified behind the ADOT&PF maintenance shop at the Tanana Airport by ADEC staff in 2004. Drums likely contain waste oil. Site is also former location of a leaking above ground storage tank that was removed in 2006. No characterization of soil, groundwater, or drum contents was conducted until 2007 assessment. Based on the June 2007 report, ADEC will prepare a proposal to have the 4 drums transported off site (to an approved facility) and address the soil contamination in the area of the leaking drums and the above ground tank

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
4/6/2007 Site Added to Database Site added to the database. Mitzi Read
4/11/2007 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking ETM ranking completed. Shannon Oelkers
4/30/2007 Update or Other Action DEC received work plan from term contractor (Hoefler) that proposed characterize the drums and soil on site; contain drums to prevent further releases; and excavate test pits in former above ground fuel tank area. Jim Frechione
6/25/2007 Update or Other Action Hoefler submit June 2007 site characterization report. 21 drums were on site and 4 test pits were excavated (only 3 feet bgs) and sampled. The drum characterization identified: 9 drums contained product that complied with used oil burning specifications and were provided to a local facility; 1 drum did not meet oil burn specs and was classified as RCRA and 3 drums contained product of questionable content. Soil beneath the drums exceeded DEC cleanup levels for DRO; RRO and arsenic. The above ground tank area had DRO; GRO and BTEX above DEC cleanup levels Jim Frechione
7/27/2007 Update or Other Action Site transferred from Oelkers to Frechione. Shannon Oelkers
10/17/2007 Site Characterization Report Approved DEC reviewed the June 2007 Hoefler report and recognize it only characterized the drum and above ground tank areas. it served the main purpose of containing the leaking drums and characterizing the impacts to soil in the area. There were 21 drums on site and 9 were provided to a local used oil burn facility; 4 are stored on site for off site transport and the remaining 8 (empty) were disposed at the local landfill. The soil at the drum storage area had elevated DRO and RRO above ingestion/inhalation levels and arsenic above migration to GW. the former above ground tank area had DRO; GRO and BTEX above migration to GW levels. the test pits did not extend below 3 feet bgs because of frozen ground preventing an assessment of groundwater. DEC concluded that the 4 drums and impacted soil need to be addressed in future remedial actions Jim Frechione
10/23/2007 Update or Other Action prepared RFP to have 4 drums removed from site and further assess / remediate soil contamination. The Plan is to develop the drum removal and soil characterization proposal this winter and mobilize to the field in May / June 2008 Jim Frechione
8/7/2008 Update or Other Action Conversation with Hoefler inc. Work pan 2008 was completed this summer- NTP for final report signed. Final report to be submitted at the end of summer. Neal Everson
9/29/2008 Report or Workplan Review - Other Entry backdated to correspond with date report submitted. Final 2008 Data Report submitted by Hoefler. Contaminated soil was excavated from the location of drums #4, 14, and 18 and landspread on airport property. Soil sampling for BTEX, GRO, DRO, RRO, and VOCs was collected. DRO did not exceed health-based cleanup levels, although some was present above migration to groundwater cleanup levels. Test pits were also excavated to 4-5 feet below ground surface to complete delineation of contamination associated with the AST. An abandoned 2 inch fuel line was encountered in test pit #2 and test pit #7 (10 feet apart). Fuel odors and soil samples confirmed petroleum spills were present associated with the fuel line. A subcontractor on site suggested the fuel line may be connected to FAA facilities. Four drums recovered in 2007 were shipped to PSC Environmental in Washington State as hazardous waste. Janice Wiegers
4/20/2009 Update or Other Action This site will be evaluated for an area wide Environmental Management Plan project to commence in 2009 for the village of Tanana. The project will be funded by DEC CIP funding. Neal Everson
1/10/2012 Update or Other Action Checked with Megahn Dooley (DEC) regarding planned FAA work at Tanana Airport. Work planned for this summer has been put off at least a year. Janice Wiegers
2/3/2014 Update or Other Action Site transferred from Wiegers to Dieffenbacher. Rebecca Bryan
7/31/2014 Update or Other Action Staff changed from Amy Dieffenbacher to Melody Debenham. Kristin Thompson
8/11/2015 Update or Other Action Site transferred to PM Garroutte. Records indicate the DOT building is in the FAA Tanana housing area. There is comingled subsurface soil between the FAA and DOT buildings. ADEC finalized a decision document with FAA that indicates they will re-characterize this entire area (possibly FY16). Action item includes a letter to DOT recommending that they coordinate characterization efforts with FAA. Fred Vreeman
6/9/2016 Site Visit DEC performed a site visit; no activity has occurred in the area. Monte Garroutte
12/5/2017 Update or Other Action Site transferred from PM Garroutte to PM O'Brien on December 5, 2016. John O'Brien

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