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Site Report: ADOT&PF Northway Lakeview Maint.

Site Name: ADOT&PF Northway Lakeview Maint.
Address: Alaska Highway, Northway, AK 99764
File Number: 170.38.035
Hazard ID: 578
Status: Active
Staff: Laura Jacobs,
Latitude: 62.958227
Longitude: -141.632498
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


The site is located near Yeager Lake on the Alaska Highway North of Northway Junction. In addition to the ADOT&PF Maintenance Facility, the site is also the location of a former Haines/Fairbanks Pipeline Pump Station. The pipeline was decommissioned in 1960 but three above ground fuel storage tanks with associated piping and a fuel island remain at the facility. ADOT is currently using one of the ASTs and the dispenser island. An undetermined amount of fuel spilled during operation of pipeline contaminated the groundwater supply. Up to 270 ug/L benzene, 430 ug/L toluene and 290 ug/L xylenes in samples from 8/88 to 12/89. Sample obtained in 12/89 showed no detected contamination. Former pump station. Well is 280 feet deep. State land. (rpltr4) June 2006 drinking water sample contained 668 ug/L benzene. Toluene, ethylbenzene, trimethylbenzene and xylenes were detected below the MCL. ADOT has notified employees at the site, and will provide an alternate drinking water source. 7/24/06 EPA confirms that the septic system is considered a Class V injection well due to the presence of benzene in the well water. EPA will work with the SOA to enforce treatment of the water.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
8/31/1987 Interim Removal Action Approved (Old R:Base Action Code = AWS - Alternative Water Supply (General). DOT now hauls water to facility per J. Bauer of DEC. No Longer Assigned
8/31/1988 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = FI - Field Inspection (General)). Analyses of various water samples indicated up to 270 ppb benzene, 430 ppb toluene and 290 ppb xylenes. Sample obtained in 12/89 showed no detected purgeable aromatics. No Longer Assigned
1/16/1991 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Initial ranking. No Longer Assigned
2/23/1993 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = RPL2 - Site Information Request Letter). Sent PRP-CS Database Notification Letter to RP requesting update and more environmental information concerning contaminated site. DOT/Clarke Milne will respond in month or two, but as of this complete date have received no response! Jeff Peterson
1/25/1994 Site Added to Database Fuel spill. No Longer Assigned
9/6/2000 Update or Other Action File number changed from 170.07.038 to 170.38.035. Renee Evans
2/23/2005 GIS Position Updated Update GIS and file name to better reflect location and seperate this file from ADOT&PF's Northway Airport Shop. Kim DeRuyter
7/24/2006 Update or Other Action June 2006 drinking water results received. Benzene was detected at 668 ug/L. Ethylbenzene, trimethylbenzene, xylenes, and toluene were detected below the MCL. Kim DeRuyter
8/23/2006 Update or Other Action PM conducted a site visit to finalize details of the site characterization activities planed for Sept 2006. Site workers had begun the process of converting the water system to a holding tank. The onsite well will be maintaned for a monitoring well as the site sits on fractured bedrock and installation of monitoring wells would be cost prohibitive. Kim DeRuyter
8/28/2006 Update or Other Action Received a 1994 preliminary site characterization report from Rich Jackson (ACOE FUDS). Soil samples were collected from 13 locations all at a depth of 18 inches bgs. Samples were analyzed for DRO, VOCs, metals, ABN extractables, pesticides, PCBs, and metals. 1,1,2,2-Tetrachlorethane was detected above the cleanup level in several of the samples. DRO contamination was noted near the former drum storage rack, transfer pump, and near the north corner of the composite building. PCBs were not detected in any of the samples. Metals were not detected above the cleanup level. The pesticide Disulfoton was found at the concentration of 0.27 ppm. Kim DeRuyter
9/6/2006 Update or Other Action Received information from ADOT indicating that the floor drains at the facility were plumbed to an oil water seperator which discharges to a holding tank which is pumped out by a septic pumping truck from Tok. ADOT installed this system in 1992 prior to which time, the floor drains discharged to the septic system. Kim DeRuyter
12/15/2006 Update or Other Action Met with Mark Lockwood to review the preliminary data from this summers site assessment. Eleven of twelve test borings drilled near potential sources did not detect contamination. One test boring near the North end of the fuel island detected DRO at 2,160 mg/kg. The depth of the test pits was limited by the fractured bedrock soil. The on-site drinking water well which is no longer used as a drinking water source contained 740 ug/L benzene, and 3 mg/L GRO. DRO was not detected above the PQL, which suggests that one of the gasoline tanks or piping to the dispenser island may be the source of contamination in the well. Kim DeRuyter
4/25/2007 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking drinking water well on site is impacted by benzene above Table C levels. ADOTPF is aware of the problem and indicated they use water from alternative (off site) sources Jim Frechione
4/25/2007 Site Characterization Report Approved April 2007 Site Investigation Report by Shannon & Wilson indicated 12 test pits were excavated and sampled for petroleum hydrocarbons. The hydrogeology is shallow top soil underlain by fractured bedrock. 27 soil samples were analyzed with DRO being detected in 4 samples above migration to groundwater but below ingestion / inhalation. The groundwater was sampled from the drinking water well (280 feet) and benzene detected at 740 ppb. Additional characterization is needed at the ASTs and dispenser. Also, soil stockpile with DRO may be spread on site Jim Frechione
6/20/2008 Update or Other Action Shannon & Wilson report that described the removal of three above ground fuel tanks and associated piping. The soil conditions consisted of 1 to 2 feet of overburden (sandy silt) underlain by fractured bedrock. Soill samples following soil excavation detected DRO at 4880 mg/kg at 7 feet bgs near the former diesel tanks and GRO at 9220 mg/kg at 7 feet bgs at the 2" pipeline "Y". There was also a pipeline rupture along the 4" pipe with elevated GRO. Benzene was also detected at 17.5 mg/kg at the pipeline "Y". Approximately 420 cubic yards of soil was excavated and stored on site with DRO; GRO and BTEX. The on site water well had 509 ug/L benzene. Jim Frechione
2/25/2009 Update or Other Action Requested information from consultant for feasibility of release investigation/ corrective action. Also, inquired about existing stockpile. Neal Everson
4/20/2009 Update or Other Action State-lead action through CIP funding to include Environmental Management Plan (incl. historical records search), drinking water well sampling, site control plan for contaminated well, pore water sampling of nearby lake. Neal Everson
5/28/2009 Potentially Responsible Party/State Interest Letter PRP letter sent to Gary Larsen wtih the US Army Garrison - Fort Richardson based on a 2007 report by US Fish & Wildlife Service where DOD workers were interviewed. The workers indicated spills occurred and the drinking water well was contaminated during the time the facility operated as a Haines Pipeline pump station. Neal Everson
6/30/2010 Update or Other Action Site Characterization report completed byt S&W. The water well, which is reported to be installed to a depth of 250 feet, remains contaminated with benzene at 672 ug/L. A nearby campground well was also sampled but contaminants were not detected in the well. Four porewater samples were collected next to Yarger Lake and contained benzene at concentrations up to 568 ug/L (in WP-2). GRO, DRO, and 1,2-dichloroethane were also present in the porewater samples. Porewater samples were collected near the USFWS float plane dock, and S&W indicated and AST at the dock could be a source of the observed porewater contamination. S&W also looked for a reported dry well and burn pit. They could not locate the drywell due to buried utilities in the vicinty. The burn pit was not obvious at the ground surface and a backhoe will be needed to look for it. Only 10 cy of a 400 cy stockpile remained at the site, as DOT had used the material in a road project. DRO was present in the remaining soil but at concentraitons below ingestion or inhalation cleanup levels. Janice Wiegers
8/19/2011 Update or Other Action Talked to Ken Andresko in the FUDs program. FUDs will look into the Lakeview Maintenance Station because it is part of the Haines Pipeline. Ken thinks that this review may happen within a couple of years. Janice Wiegers
7/11/2012 Potentially Responsible Party/State Interest Letter Letter sent to DOT regarding contamination at the Lakeview Maintenance Station. Letter requests response by 8/15 if DOT would prefer to complete the characterization. Janice Wiegers
7/11/2012 Potentially Responsible Party/State Interest Letter Letter sent to Tetlin Refuge regarding contaminants found in porewater near Yarger Lake. USFWS maintains an avgas fueling station nearby which may have contributed to the observed porewater contamiantion. DEC will be conducting more investigation in this area and requests access to the USFWS property. Letter requests reponse in 30 days if USFWS would prefer to complete characterization. Janice Wiegers
8/17/2012 Update or Other Action Letter sent to SHPO regarding work planned by ADEC at maintenance station. This workplan was later deferred. Janice Wiegers
8/22/2012 Update or Other Action Ryan Mollnow, Tetlin Refuge Manager, called in response to letter. Letter will be forwarded to Charles Grant in Anchorage. The avgas tank next to Yarger Lake has not been used for a few years and fueling has occurred from a truck. Mr. Mollnow talked to the pilot that fuels at this location, and neither knows of any leaks or spills. The tank was in good condition. Janice Wiegers
11/18/2013 Update or Other Action DEC provided information from the files to Beth Astley with the Corps of Engineers in Anchorage. Ms. Astley is reviewing information in response to DEC's request to FUDS. Janice Wiegers

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