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Approved Contingency Plans

Contingency Plans Under Review

Note: Documents will not be available for all plans listed in the following table. They will be added as they are submitted electronically.

On April 16, 2016, amendments went into effect for selected sections of 18 AAC 75 Articles 4 and 9. The amendments included a change to the submittal requirements, including the requirement for application packages submitted after October 16, 2016 to be submitted electronically so they can be posted on the department’s website. Depending on when an application package is submitted, it may not be posted in this table until October 2021.

Plan ID Plan Holder Plan Title Expiration Documents
2124 Shoreside Petroleum, Inc. Shoreside Petroleum, Inc. Cordova Facility 9/21/2021
3103 Nome Joint Utility System Nome Joint Utility System Bulk Fuel Facility 11/21/2021
3124 Crowley Fuels LLC Crowley Fuels Nome Bulk Fuel Facility 11/15/2021
3138 Crowley Fuels LLC Crowley Fuels Kotzebue Fuel Facility 12/19/2021
5122 Caelus Natural Resources Alaska, LLC Caelus Natural Resources Oooguruk Development Project 10/12/2021
5157 Doyon Doyon Nunivak Prospect #2 Drilling Program 6/23/2019
5236 ExxonMobil Point Thomson Export Pipeline 11/3/2020
5243 ASRC Energy Services Placer Exploration 11/25/2020
1006 Crowley Fuels LLC Crowley Fuels LLC Juneau Bulk Fuel Facility 10/22/2020 View
1009 Petro 49 Inc. Petro 49 Inc. Oil Discharge Prevention & Contingency Plan and Facility Response Plan Skagway Bulk Plant 3/26/2023 View
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