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Underground Storage Tanks Without Current Inspection Tags

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Total records: 113 on 10/18/2018
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These tanks are not allowed to receive or dispense fuel as of 10/18/2018.

Facility ID Facility Name Facility City Owner Name Tank ID Tag Expires Status
1666 Clearwater Store Delta Junction Robie L Gilman for Robert N. Hall 1 11/1/2003 Temporarily Out of Use
2354 Butte Quick Stop Palmer Chia Ling Properties 1 8/3/2017 Temporarily Out of Use
2648 GCI Bald Mountain Remote Telecomm Palmer General Communications, Inc. 1 2/1/2018 Currently in Use
2935 Grayling Native Store Grayling Grayling Native Store 1 Currently in Use
2980 Big Lake Super Store Wasilla AK, Inc. 1 10/18/2018 Currently in Use
2999 Longmere Lake Liquor Soldotna Vitus Energy, LLC 1 8/3/2014 Temporarily Out of Use
3049 Cantwell Food Mart Cantwell Valley Marketers 1 9/30/2018 Currently in Use
3307 Tri-Valley Gas Healy Longitude 149 West, LLC 1 9/6/2018 Currently in Use
3309 Crowley Fuels - Nome Service Station Nome Crowley Fuels, LLC 1 10/8/2018 Currently in Use
3455 Safeway Fuel Station #1820 Juneau Safeway, Inc. 1 10/31/2021 Currently in Use
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