PM2.5 Nonattainment Documents for Alaska


The documents provided below detail the history of PM2.5 Nonattainment Area Designations in Alaska. See the "Particulate Matter" link for background information.

  EPA final designations for PM2.5 (PDF)
  EPA approved PM2.5 nonattainment area maps (proposed final as of 23OCT09):
  Fairbanks North Star Borough (PDF)
  Governor's Recommendation for PM2.5 Nonattainment Area Designation:
  Letter to EPA (14DEC07) (PDF)
  Supplemental Information (PDF 1.25M)
  EPA's Intended PM2.5 Nonattainment Area Designations for Alaska:
  Letter to DEC (18AUG08) (PDF)
  Attachments 1 and 2 (PDF 1.19M) Includes data used for designation
  Alaska’s response to EPA PM2.5 Nonattainment (NA) Area Designations:
  Letter to EPA (20OCT08) (PDF)
  Fairbanks nonattainment area boundary comments: (PDF 1.79M)
  Juneau nonattainment area boundary comments (PDF 2.94M)
    Fairbanks' Letters and Resolutions:
    Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) letter to EPA (12SEP08) (PDF)
    Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS) Resolution (17SEP08) (PDF)
    FNSB Pollution Control Commission Resolution (19SEP08) (PDF)
    Fairbanks City Council Resolution (22SEP08) (PDF)
    FNSB Comments to EPA Letter (8OCT08) (PDF 731K)
    FNSB Assembly Resolution (9OCT08) (PDF)
    Eielson Air Force Base Response to Fairbanks NA Area Designation:
    Eielson AFB letter to DEC (8OCT08) (PDF)
    Attachment 1 (XLS) Attachment 5 (EPA letter dated 18AUG08) (PDF)
    Attachment 2 (PDF) Attachment 6 (PDF)
    Attachment 3 (PDF 3.05M) Attachment 7 (PDF 1.57M)
    Attachment 4 (PDF)    
    Ft. Wainwright Response to Fairbanks NA Area Designation:
    Ft. Wainwright letter to DEC (14OCT08) (PDF 1.01M)