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About Transder of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership Form (PDF)

Change of Responsible Official Add/Change Form (PDF) (updated 11/25/13)

Confidentiality of Records Application and Certification Form (PDF) (updated 10-13)

Excess Emissions Reporting Form (PDF)

Submit Forms to:

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Air Permits Program
610 University Avenue
Fairbanks, Alaska, 99709

Smoke Monitoring
For information on prescribed burns or wildland fires and meteorological conditions, contact Barbara Trost at 907-269-6249 or

About Stack Sampling or Testing

EPA Technology transfer Network Source Test Plan Preparation (PDF)

Stoichiometric Mass Balance Calculations of Exhaust Gas Sulfur Dioxide Concentrations

For Diesel Fuel Fired Equipment

For Natural Gas Fired Equipment

Here are three sets of sample calculations and formulae that may be used to calculate SO2 concentrations from plants burning liquid fuels, gaseous fuels and coal

Liquid Fuel

Gaseous Fuel