Particulate Monitoring Instruments


DEC uses filter-based instruments to measure particulate pollution. These instruments draw air at a specified rate through a filter. The amount of particle matter that becomes trapped on the filter is measured in different ways depending on the type of instrument. Some instruments, such as the HiVol and the Partisol, require that filters be weighed in a lab. Others, such as the BAM, eBAM, and TEOM, measure the particulate collected on the filter directly. Below are photos of some of these instruments.


Partisol - Thermo Scientific Instruments

Thermo-Partisol Thermo-Partisol


High Volume Air Sampler - Thermo Scientific Instruments


eBAM - Met One Instruments 
MetOne-eBAM MetOne-eBAM

BAM - Met One Instruments 
MetOne-BAM MetOne-BAM

TEOM - Thermo Scientific Instruments 
Thermo-TEOM Thermo-TEOM