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Former Amchitka Underground Test Site

Report: Screening Risk Assessment for Possible Radionuclides in the Amchitka Marine Environment

(US Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Nevada Environmental Restoration Project, Environmental Restoration Division, Revision No: 0, October 2002)
The full report (PDF 6.74M) may be found at: https://www.osti.gov/scitech/biblio/804671
A compressed version of the Amchitka Risk Assessment document (PDF 7.63M) in it's entirety was created from the following 're-distilled' segments.
The following links are smaller PDF segments of the report:
  • Title page, etc. (Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Acronyms and Abbreviations)
  • Executive Summary
  • Chapters 1 - 4 (1-Introduction, 2-Objectives, 3-Setting, 4-Conceptual Model)
  • Chapter 5.1 - 5.8.1 (Steps of the Screening Risk Assessment, Scenario 1)
  • Chapter 5.8.2 - 5.8.9 (Scenario 2 to Scenario 9)
  • Chapters 6 - 8 (6-Data Quality & Uncertainty, 7-Summary, 8-References)
  • Figure 1 (Inset of Amchitka Island and Nearby Islands in Aleutian Islands)
  • Figure 2 (Conceptual Risk Assessment Model)
  • Figure 3 (Vertical Zonation or Exposure Depths for Kelp, Marine Mammals, and Marine Fishes Around Amchitka Island)
  • Figure 4 (Steps and Substeps in the Screening Risk Assessment
  • Figures 5 - 13 (Scenarios 1 - Scenario 9)
  • Appendix A.1 - A.3 (A.1-Introduction, A.2-Radionuclides of Potential Concern, A.3-Locations of Releases)
  • Appendix A.4 - A.5 (A.4-Seabed Substrates, A.5-Transport by Currents)
  • Appendix A.6 (Dilution Including Plume)
  • Appendix A.7 - A.9 (A.7-Human Receptors, A.8-Distribution of Diet, A.9-Bioconcentration Factors)
  • Appendix A.10 (Fraction of Contaminated Diet)
  • Appendix A.11 - A.14 (A.11-Cancer Morbidity Risk Coefficients, A.12-Limits to Cancer Risk, A.13-Calculation of Risks, A.14-Relationships of Site Closure Activities)
  • Appendix A.15 (References)
  • Figure A.1 (Conceptual Risk Assessment Model and Model Elements)
  • Figure A.2 (Locations of Cross-sections for Three Areas of Potential Release)
  • Figure A.3 (Cross-sections of Three Areas of Potential Release)
  • Figure A.4 (Ocean Currents Around Amchitka Island)
  • Figure A.5 (Predicted Plume at Cannikin Using EPA's CORMIX Model)
  • Figure A.6 (Predicted Plume at Long Shot Using EPA's CORMIX Model)
  • Figure A.7 (Predicted Plume at Milrow Using EPA's CORMIX Model)
  • Figure A.8 (Predicted Plume at Milrow with Kelp Using EPA's CORMIX Model)
  • Figure A.9 (Locations of 3-D Volumes for Three Areas of Potential Release)
  • Figure A.10 (3-D Volume Cutaway for Cannikin)
  • Figure A.11 (3-D Volume Cutaway for Long Shot)
  • Figure A.12 (3-D Volume Cutaway for Milrow)
  • Figure A.13 (3-D Volume Cutaway for Milrow with Kelp)
  • Figure A.14 (Geography Around Aleutian Islands and Area of Aleut Culture and Communications as well as the Large Offshore Exposure Volume (Inside Dashed Line))
  • Figure A.15 (Reporting Areas for Commercial Fishes)
  • Distribution