Environmental Radiation

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DOE Information Bridge Instructions

Search for reports on Alaska radiation issues, such as Amchitka Island, with the DOE Information Bridge From the main Information Bridge page, select "Easy Search" in the left hand side bar. After choosing the "Search," "Sort By," and "For" options, select "Search" to obtain the results.

screenshot of DOE Bridge

For example, searching for "Amchitka" under "Title" currently returns seven documents. Searching for "Amchitka" under "Full text and Bibliographic Info" currently returns 60 documents that mention "Amchitka" either in the text or bibliography.

Select "Primary ID" characters to view a description / abstract of the document. You may also search pages for specified text or view specific pages with a PDF reader (ie: Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Select the PDF image under "Document" for the full report. It may be quicker to print out the report if you download the document to your computer, then print, instead of printing directly from the website. Note the size of the document - some are quite large.