Dust palliatives

What are Dust Palliatives?

Dust palliatives are substances applied to roads or ground surfaces to reduce airborne dust and its health impacts. Dust palliatives are widely used throughout the nation, and are increasingly used in Alaska.

The links below provide information about kinds of palliatives, how they have been used in Alaska, costs of using palliatives, and how to prepare a road for palliatives.

  • Dust Palliatives Basics (PDF)

  • Dust Palliatives used in Alaska 2005-2010 (PDF)

  • Evaluating Costs of Dust Palliatives for Rural Communities (PDF)

  • Photo Gallery - Applying Palliatives in Alaska (PDF 600K)Dust Control

  • What About Toxicity? (under construction)

  • Preparing Roads for Palliatives (PDF)