Draft Particulate Matter 2.5 SIP Documents

This draft version of the Fairbanks PM2.5 Control Plan was released by the Department of Environmental Conservation on November 14, 2014 for public review. The public comment period is now closed.

Note: The full draft SIP document and its appendices can be downloaded from the links below or individual sections and appendices can be downloaded separately due to the large file sizes.

Draft Amendments to:

State Air Quality Control Plan
Volume II: Analysis of Problems, Control Actions; Section III: Area-wide Pollutant Control Program;
D: Particulate Matter; 5: Fairbanks North Star Borough PM2.5 Control Plan


List of Draft Sections

Section 5.01    Executive Summary

Section 5.02    Background and Overview of PM2.5 Rule

Section 5.03    Non-Attainment Boundary and Design Day Episode Selection

Section 5.04    Ambient Air Quality and Trends

Section 5.05    PM2.5 Network & Monitoring Program

Section 5.06    Emission Inventory Data

Section 5.07    Control Strategies

Section 5.08    Modeling

Section 5.09    Attainment Demonstration

Section 5.10    Contingency Measures

Section 5.11    Emergency Episode Plan

Section 5.12    Assurance of Adequacy

Section 5.13    Conformity and Motor Vehicle Emission Budget

List of Draft Appendices

Appendix III.D.5.01    Executive Summary  (No Appendix)

Appendix III.D.5.02    Background and Overview of PM2.5 Rule

Appendix III.D.5.03    Non-Attainment Area Boundary and Design Day Episode Selection

Appendix III.D.5.04    Ambient Air Quality and Trends

Appendix III.D.5.05    PM2.5 Network and Monitoring Program

Appendix III.D.5.06    Emissions Inventory Data

Appendix III.D.5.07    Control Strategies

Appendix III.D.5.08    Modeling

Appendix III.D.5.09    Attainment Demonstration  (No Appendix)

Appendix III.D.5.10    Contingency Measures

Appendix III.D.5.11    Emergency Episode Plan  (No Appendix)

Appendix III.D.5.12    Assurance of Adequacy

Appendix III.D.5.13    Conformity and Motor Vehicle Emissions Budget  (No Appendix)