Federal Manager Responsibilities

The following are responsibilities of the Federal Manager:

  • Determine whether federal dollars are being used to either fund or approve a project that is located within either a nonattainment1 or maintenance2 area.
  • Determine whether the project is subject to either transportation3 or general4 conformity requirements.
  • Follow the applicable conformity process to determine that the project will not:
  • Cause or create new violations of National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)
  • Increase frequency or severity of existing violations
  • Delay attainment of NAAQS
  • Select a link below to review requirements for:

  • Transportation Conformity
  • General Conformity
  • 1

    Designation for an area that does not meet one or more of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for the criteria pollutants designated in the Clean Air Act. Alaska contains one Nonattainment Area: Fairbanks North Star Borough (PM2.5).


    Area that has been redesignated by the EPA from "nonattainment" to "attainment" that is subject to a maintenance plan. Alaska contains four maintenance areas: Municipality of Anchorage (CO), Fairbanks North Star Borough (CO), Eagle River area (PM10), and Juneau Mendenhall Valley (PM10).


    Transportation Conformity applies to all projects which are developed, funded, or approved by: U.S. DOT, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and other recipients of Title 23 or Title 49 funds.


    General Conformity applies to all other projects not covered by Transportation Conformity.