Particulate Matter Study

Characterizing Vehicular Contributions to PM2.5 in Fairbanks


This study collected measurements of PM2.5 emissions from vehicles operating in winter conditions in Fairbanks on a dynamometer and on roads using a "plume-following vehicle". Sierra Research, FNSB, and DEC staff participated in conducting the study. Results indicate that EPA's mobile source emission models over estimate emissions from vehicles operating in Fairbanks in the winter. Information from this study was used when creating the emission inventory for the FNSB Air Quality Plan (SIP).

  • Plume Following Study Summary (PDF)
  • Dynamometer Testing Study Summary (PDF)
  • Study Photos (PDF)
  • Final Report (PDF)
  • Quality Assurance Plan (PDF)
  • Volume 1 - Characterizing PM2.5 Contributions (PDF)
  • Volume 2 - Dyno Pilot Study (2009-10) (PDF)
  • Volume 3 - Vehicle Descriptions (PDF)
  • Volume 4 - Plume Following (PDF)
  • Volume 4 - Appendix A (PDF)
  • Image of vehicle on dynamometer