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1999 Alaska Air Toxics Emission Inventory Background

You can access the Final 1999 Alaska Air Toxics Emission Inventory Report in total:
1999 Air Toxics Emission Inventory Final Report for Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau (4.4 MB)
Or you can access the report by chapter for easier downloading:

Chapters one through three - Inventory Summary and Explanation

Appendix A - Inventory Preparation Plan

Appendix B - On-Road Mobile Sources (e.g. cars, trucks)

Appendix C - Off-Road Sources (e.g snowmachines, construction equipment)

Appendix D - Area Sources (e.g. home heating, consumer goods, fires, painting)

Appendix E - Point Sources (e.g. incinerators)

Appendix F - Bush Alaska Emission Factors