Construction & Minor Permit Applications

Note: Except for the Project Information form, there are no defined application forms for construction permits. Please see Article 3 of 18 AAC 50 for the current regulatory citations and application requirements. Please send in your permit application on a CD, in addition to one printed copy.

Construction Permits Forms Minor Permit Applications

Minor Permit Application forms were revised 12/15/2016

The Department prefers applicants use the current revised forms rather than the 2004 forms. If you have any questions about the revised forms please contact Aaron Simpson 907-465-5123 or

Below are older revised minor permit forms. The Department will accept these minor permit applications but prefers applicants use the most current revised forms.

Please send the original Title I permit Application to:

Title I Program Permit Intake Clerk
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Air Permits Program
555 Cordova Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99501