Construction & Minor Permit Applications

Note: Except for the Project Information form, there are no defined application forms for construction permits. Please see Article 3 of 18 AAC 50 for the current regulatory citations and application requirements. Please send in your permit application on a CD, in addition to one printed copy.

Construction Permits Forms:

  • Project Information Form (PDF) - Revised 01/13/2014
  • Project Information Form (DOCX) -Revised 01/13/2014
  • Minor Permit Applications:

  • Minor Permit Application Forms (PDF) - (adopted by reference 8/30/2004)
  • Minor Permit Application forms were revised 12/15/2016.

    The Department prefers applicants use the current revised forms rather than the 2004 forms. If you have any questions about the revised forms please contact Aaron Simpson 907-465-5123 or

    The following Minor Permit Application Forms are Word (DOCX) Versions:

  • Minor Permit Stationary Source Identification (12/15/2016)
  • Minor Permit Summary for New Source (12/15/2016)
  • Minor Permit Supplementary form for Special Equipment (12/15/2016)
  • Minor Permit Emission Unit Information (12/15/2016)
  • Minor Permit Emission Summary for Modification (12/15/2016)
  • Below are older revised minor permit forms. The Department will accept these minor permit applications but prefers applicants use the most current revised forms.

    Stationary Source Identification Form (Revised 07/16/2012):

  • (PDF)
  • (DOC)
  • Emissions Summary Form For New Stationary Source (Revised 01/04/2013):

  • (PDF)
  • (DOC)
  • Emissions Summary Form - Modification of an Existing Stationary Source (Revised 01/04/2013):

  • (PDF)
  • (DOC)
  • Minor Permit Application Emission Unit Information Form (Revised 01/04/2006):

  • (PDF)
  • (DOC)
  • Should you apply for a new avoidance limit or for a revision to an old one?

    Link to: How to Decide (PDF)

    Please send the original Title I permit Application to:

    Title I Program Permit Intake Clerk
    Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
    Air Permits Program
    555 Cordova Street
    Anchorage, Alaska 99501