Fee Evaluation Project Page


The following documents provide a history of the Air Permits Fee Regulations.

The Air Permits Program has made major revisions to the way it charges for permit services. The Fixed Fee Support Document contains an explanation and background on these changes. Basically, the department has established fixed fees for the renewal of Title V Permits, for annual recurring compliance costs for Title V Permits and for certain minor permits and certain permit actions. Certain permits and permit actions, known as Designated Regulatory Services, will be charged for under a fee per hour system at 149% of the hourly rate of the department staff who perform the work. The department also established a method to enter into Negotiated Service Agreements for negotiating and setting the price for complex permits. The Public Comment Period for the proposed regulations ended on October 5, 2004. A draft copy of the response to the public comments received is included below. The regulations became effective on January 29, 2005. Details are explained in the documents below.

  • Fixed Fee Support Paper (PDF)
  • Original Public Notice for Fixed Fee Proposal (Expired) (PDF)
  • Original Proposed Rule for Fixed Fees (Public Notice Draft) (PDF)
  • Comment from Unocal (PDF)
  • Comment from Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (PDF)
  • Comment from Alaska Miners Association, Inc. (PDF)
  • Draft Response to Public Comments (PDF)
  • Adoption Draft of Fixed Fee Regulations (PDF) (Caution: Obsolete Document: This is the draft provided to the Department of Law for Review. This review did result in significant changes to this document.)
  • Plain English Guide to the Fixed Fee Regulations (Revised February 9, 2005) (PDF)
  • Final Adoption Draft Re-Adopted by the Commissioner and Forwarded to the Lieutenant Governor on December 30, 2004 (PDF)