Land Clearing Open Burn Information

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DEC manages open burns to minimize health impacts from smoke and keep Alaska’s air clean. Open burning regulated by DEC includes agricultural / development land clearing fires, land management fires, incinerators that do not meet emission standards in 18 AAC 50.050, and fire fighter training with fuel and structures. This page only pertains to land clearing open burns.

If you plan on burning, or clearing and burning more than 40 acres in a year, you need a Land Clearing Open Burn Approval from DEC. Link to: Land Clearing Open Burn Application (PDF).

You need a black smoke approval permit from DEC if you intend to burn petroleum-based materials, asphalt, rubber products, or other materials in a way that gives off black smoke.

Questions about the DEC application process should be directed as follows:

    1. Northern Alaska: 907-451-5173
    2. Southern / Southeast Alaska: 907-465-5117

If you are planning on burning, or clearing and burning less than 40 acres in a year, including burn piles and/or yard burns, you need a permit from the DNR Division of Forestry:

Before you burn, determine if any burn suspensions or air quality advisories apply to your area.

Open burning is prohibited during Forestry Burn Suspensions and Closures, DEC Air Quality Advisories, and local government burning suspensions.

  • DNR - Division of Forestry Burn Suspensions and Closure Media Releases or
  • DEC Air Quality Advisory:
  • Municipality of Anchorage: 907-267-5020
  • Fairbanks North Star Borough (Nov. 1 through March 31): 907-459-1325
  • City and Borough of Juneau: 907-586-5333
  • Local air quality reports:

  • Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) Air Quality recording: 907-459-1234
  • FNSB Air Quality Conditions Website
  • City and Borough of Juneau: 907-586-5333
  • Municipality of Anchorage Air Quality Hotline: 907-343-4899
  • To report a wildland fire in Alaska call: 1-800-237-3633 or call 911.