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Site Report: FIA - Flint Hills Bulk Fuel Fac.

Site Name: FIA - Flint Hills Bulk Fuel Fac.
Address: West Ramp, Fairbanks Int'l Airport, Fairbanks, AK 99701
File Number: 100.38.167
Hazard ID: 1623
Status: Active
Staff: Megan Roberts, 9074512148
Latitude: 64.811221
Longitude: -147.884786
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Impacted groundwater was identified during a UST removal in 1990. Free product has been present in on-site monitoring wells, and has been characterized as Jet-A or JP-4 with possible low levels of gasoline and tetraethyl lead contamination. A number of on-site surface spills have occurred, and a dry well is present near the shop building. Petroleum contamination also known to exist near the shop and the former railroad headers along Airport Industrial Road. Extent of contamination unknown. Impacted off-site water wells were identified on downgradient private property in 2001. Low levels of solvents found in groundwater in 2003 during investigation of the former injection well. Site tracked in UST database following removal of a 1,000 gallon gasoline UST in 1992. Transferred to contaminated site database in 2002. Site name changed from Williams Airport Facility - FIA in 2004. Lots 1 and 2, Block 10. See also file 100.26.016.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
1/15/2002 Site Added to Database Jet-A or JP-4 release. Site transferred from LUST site (file number 100.26.016). Bruce Wanstall
1/15/2002 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Preliminary ranking. Bruce Wanstall
2/19/2002 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting with RP to discuss workplan for additional on-site and off-site characterization. Work to be completed in 2002 and 2003. Janice Wiegers
6/10/2002 Update or Other Action Soil Sampling and Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation Report submitted. Installed three soil borings (two completed as wells) along rail spur west of facility. PQLs were elevated due to lab problem: no VOCs detected in soil although benzene may be elevated in MW-9. GRO and DRO below soil cleanup levels. PID results indicate highest contamination at 7 to 9 feet in MW-9 and Boring A. Janice Wiegers
7/26/2002 Update or Other Action Temporary Well Point and Groundwater Monitoring Well Sampling Report submitted. Permananent wells surveyed May 2002. Ten wellpoints installed in the Dale Road right-of-way and sampled in May along with permanent monitoring wells. GRO and DRO below cleanup levels in all wellpoints. Benzene exceeded cleanup levels in WP-D (34 ppb) and WP-E (24 ppb). NAPL present in MW-1. Permanent wells contained maximum DRO at MW-9 ( 2.8 ppm) and benzene at MW-3 (15 ppb). Janice Wiegers
8/5/2002 Update or Other Action Water Sampling and Treatment System Maintenance Report submitted. Check filtration system integrity in May 2002, collected water sample in June 2002, and additional treated and untreated water samples to check for lead in July 2002. No COCs detected. Janice Wiegers
9/5/2002 Update or Other Action Groundwater Sampling Report submitted. Groundwater samples collected in August 2002. MW-1 contained NAPL, maximum GRO of 2.1 ppm and DRO of 3.6 ppm (MW-9). Maximum benzene was detected in MW-3 at 41 ppb. Groundwater table was 2 feet higher than in May/June. Janice Wiegers
9/13/2002 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with John Hellen and Paul Farnsworth of Williams, and John Lindstrom and Matt Hemry of Shannon & Wilson. Action items include: monitoring events will be changed to a semi-annual schedule; background lead levels will be investigated; significance of indoor air pathway for residences will be evaluated; and ownership of Block 10 Lot 5A (former Mapco tank farm?) will be researched. Janice Wiegers
11/25/2002 Update or Other Action Autumn Groundwater Sampling and Annual Report submitted. Groundwater samples collected in October. MW-1 contained NAPL. Maximum benzene at MW-2 (52 ppb), GRO (1.6 ppm) and DRO (5.2 ppm) at MW-9. Conceptual site model provided. Janice Wiegers
1/6/2003 Update or Other Action Treatment System Water Sampling Report submitted for drinking water well across Dale Road. Benzene, Toluene, and Xylenes detected in water sample from Reed Miller's drinking water well collected in December 2002. A carbon filtration unit is installed on this well and was replaced last in June 2002. Strong solvent odors were observed in the building during sampling which may have contaminated the sample. ADEC recommends sampling pre- and post-filter during next quarterly event. Janice Wiegers
11/24/2003 Update or Other Action Groundwater monitoring report for July sampling event submitted. Natural attenuation parameters were included. Benzene (maximum of 24 ppb), GRO (maximum of 2.3 ppm) were detected above cleanup levels. VOCs were also analyzed at MW-6, MW-8, MW-9, and MW-10. Janice Wiegers
2/2/2004 Update or Other Action Characterization report for dry well investigation submitted. The former dry well is assumed to be located under a reinforced concrete spill pad and is not easily accessible. A soil boring and well (MW-10) were installed near the suspected location of the dry well. Soil contaminants found above cleanup levels included GRO, DRO, several alkylbenzenes, naphthalene, 2-methylnaphthalende, PCE, and methylene clhoride. Groundwater samples were collected from MW-10 in July and November. Benzene and methylene chloride exceeded cleanup levels in November. Janice Wiegers
2/2/2004 Update or Other Action Annual groundwater monitoring and subsurface investigation report submitted. Four borings were drilled in June to collect soil samples near the former injection well, downgradient of the ASTs, and near heating oil tanks. Two boring were completed as monitoring wells. Petroleum, PCE, and methylene chloride were found above cleanup levels in soil near the injection well, although only benzene and methylene chloride exceeded cleanup levels in the groundwater. Diesel or jet fuel contamination was found in the southeast corner of the property (DRO up to 20,000 mg/kg) – the source is not known at this time. Off-site delineation of contaminant plumes has not been completed yet, but there appears to be three discrete plumes. Janice Wiegers
9/24/2004 Update or Other Action Groundwater monitoring report submitted. Monitoring wells were sampled with results consistent with historical results, except for MW-6 where benzene was observed at its highest concentration in this well (0.03 mg/L). A drinking water sample was collected from Reed’s Snowmachine and Marine and the filter was replaced in August. No VOCs were detected in the drinking water sample. Janice Wiegers
9/30/2004 Update or Other Action A workplan for additional on and off-site characterization was submitted. A much more aggressive approach to contaminant delineation and potential source investigation is proposed. Soil gas probes were installed this week to provide better information on possible source areas. Janice Wiegers
1/3/2005 Update or Other Action Groundwater monitoring and subsurface investigation report submitted. Seven new monitoring wells were installed and soil and groundwater were sampled for VOCs and SVOCs. Sulfolane, which has been found at the North Pole Flint Hills Refinery, was also sampled but not found. MW-17 was installed at two depths to evaluate possible DNAPLs associated with the former injection well. 29 Gore soil gas modules were also installed to evaluate soil vapors. Soil vapors show petroleum hotspots at the south and middle of the railroad spur along Dale Road and in the southeast corner of the property. Some chlorinated compounds were found but at low levels. PCE was found upgradient and may be related to an off-site source. Janice Wiegers
3/7/2005 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with Flint HIlls and Shannon & Wilson to discuss last years work and plans for summer. A removal action is planned for the contamination along the southern railroad spur. Janice Wiegers
8/4/2005 Update or Other Action Reviewed corrective action plan for railraod header area. S&W plans to excavate along 100 feet of the railroad header area and remove any impacted soil that is found. Workplan approved with comments. Janice Wiegers
8/8/2005 GIS Position Updated Moved location from runway to correct location. Used Quickbird imagery and tax parcel maps to acquire new coordinates. Updated metadata fields. Torsten Ernst
9/8/2005 Update or Other Action Free phase product was discovered in MW-18 on the east corner of the property near Airport Industrial Road, the source is currently unknown. Kim DeRuyter
9/13/2005 Update or Other Action Spring 2005 MW Installation and GW Quality summary Report received. MW-19 was installed near the NE corner of the Fugate Property, and wells MW-2 through MW-19 were sampled. MW-19 did not exceed PQLs for the analytes tested, which further substantiates the theory that at least two separate plumes exist on the property. MW-10 contained PCE below cleanup levels. Kim DeRuyter
10/17/2005 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with RP and Shannon & Wilson to discuss this summers groundwater monitoring and plans for further site characterization. Excavation of soil beneath the Rail Spur is planned for April. Will install 2 or 3 more monitoring wells next summer, and fingerprint NAPL from monitoring well 18 to determine if it could be coming from the heating oil UST. Kim DeRuyter
1/30/2006 Update or Other Action Received call from Jon Lindstrom - discussed the decommissioning of the Fugate well. A sample taken just prior to decomissioning contained 7 ug/L benzene. 1,1 -DCA, and cis-1,2 -DCA as well as several other solvents and DRO, & GRO were detected at levels slightly above the PQL's but far below their respective cleanup levels. The fall monitoring event has been canceled as temperatures have remained too cold. The spring monitoring event typically held in May will be moved up to March. If weather allows the continuous data loggers will be installed prior to the March sampling. Kim DeRuyter
4/24/2006 Update or Other Action April 2006 Groundwater monitoring report received. Two new MW’s were installed to further delineate the extent of contaminant migration. MW-21 down gradient of the Truck rack plume contained 7.95 ug/L benzene. Contamination in this area may be preferentially following Dale Road in a northerly direction. Further investigation in this area will be required to determine the northern extent of the plume, MW-13 across Dale road (NW) remains below cleanup levels for benzene. MW-20, a new MW down gradient of the rail spur plume and west of the former Fugate property contained 1ug/L benzene. The contamination associated with the injection well near MW-10 (DRO, GRO, benzene, and VOC’s) has not impacted MW-19 down gradient across Dale road. The source of benzene contamination in MW-14 (NW corner of Reed’s property) is still unclear. Kim DeRuyter
6/8/2006 Update or Other Action Rail Spur Corrective Action Report received. Shannon & Wilson excavated a 100 X 30 X 11foot section of the old rail spur. 17 analytical samples were taken from the bottom of the excavation. GRO ranged as high as 2,330 mg/kg in one sample, but the average of all 17 samples was only 418 mg/kg. DRO ranged as high as 17,300 mg/kg. Kim DeRuyter
7/20/2006 Update or Other Action Groundwater Quality Summary Report received. Groundwater wells were surveyed in 2005, and groundwater data loggers were installed in 2006. Gradients were measured at 0.002 foot per foot; with flow to the NW. In comparison to historical data, the only anomalies were MW-4 -48.1 ug/L benzene. This well has historically been ND for benzene. MW-4 is down gradient of MW-18 which contained 8.48 mg/L benzene. GRO in MW-18 was 1.61 mg/L exceeding cleanup levels for the first time since 2004. Kim DeRuyter
9/11/2006 Update or Other Action Summer 2006 GW Summary Report Received. One new monitoring well MW-22 was installed North of MW-21 along Dale Road to delineate the northern extent of the contaminant plume. No DRO, GRO or BETX analytes were detected in this well. However, a low concentration (1.02 ug/L) of 1,1-DCA was detected. The results of a NAPL draw-down test on MW-1, and MW-8 indicated that product recovery might be a viable option at the site. NAPL fingerprinting did not conclusively differentiate between samples collected from MW-18, MW-1, and the FIA Fuel Hydrant Line. Kim DeRuyter
11/15/2006 Update or Other Action 2006 Annual Groundwater monitoring and subsurface investigation report submitted. PM reviewed the report and sent a response letter. Draw down tests were run on the product plume associated with MW-1 and MW-18. NAPL thichkness was too variable to warrant product recovery. Reduced monitoring in the heart of the northern plume and in MW 4, and 5 which have been historically non-detect was approved. MW's between the former dry well and the off site contamination at MW-14 continue to have low to non-detect concentrations of benzene, suggesting offsite contamination may be from other sources. Flint Hills continues to maintain the filtration system at Reeds. The report suggests evaluating remedial options for the free product associated with MW-1. Kim DeRuyter
12/14/2006 Update or Other Action The neighboring property owner closed a Class V injection well and collected groundwater samples from 3 monitoring wells and the water supply well. MW-1 on that property is located NW of MW-14. No analytes were detected in groundwater samples collected in MW-1, MW-3, or the water supply well. MW-2 located NW of the former septic system did detect 3.44 ug/l benzene(below clean up levels). Kim DeRuyter
5/15/2007 Update or Other Action ADEC received the Spring 2007 Groundwater Quality Summary Report for the Flint Hills Resources site. According to the report, benzene was the only VOC analyte that exceeded its groundwater cleanup level in the samples from the spring event (MW-6, MW-11, MW-14, MW-16 and MW-21) DRO was detected above ADEC groundwater cleanup levels in MW-16. NAPL was not detected in any of the wells during this sampling event. However, the two wells where NAPL has commonly been observed (MW_1 and MW-18) were not sampled during the spring effort. Deborah Williams
1/2/2008 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Neal Everson
4/21/2008 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting w/ Shannon & Wilson and Flint Hills representatives. They proposed a conditional closure based on Mann-Kendall analysis indicating some monitoring wells have stable and/or decreasing contaminant trends. Need to resolve off-site migration off lease property including Reed Snowmachine well MW-14. ADEC agreed to reduce sampling frequency to annually and decommission several wells. Neal Everson
5/29/2008 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting with Mr. Reed Miller. He is willing to allow access to his property to decommission MW-13 and MW-12 and install temporary well points for the purpose of groundwater sampling. Neal Everson
6/5/2008 Site Characterization Workplan Approved According to the work plan, Shannon & Wilson, Inc. propose to install four temporary monitoring wells along the eastern edge of Mr. Miller’s property. The temporary wells will be sampled and the three existing monitoring wells (MW-12, MW-13, and MW-14) will also be sampled. Two of the existing monitoring wells on the site (MW-12 and MW-13) will be decommissioned in accordance with state regulations. One existing monitoring well (MW-14) will not be decommissioned. Each temporary well will be sampled at two depths: the first sample will be collected at the water table; the second sample will be collected at a depth of approximately 20 feet below ground surface. All water samples will be analyzed for GRO, DRO and VOCs. Neal Everson
8/17/2009 Update or Other Action DEC sends letter in response to 2008 Annual Fuel Terminal Report submitted by Shannon & Wilson. Janice Wiegers
9/10/2009 Update or Other Action Received letter from Flint Hills Resources in response to letter sent by DEC. Groundwater monitoring will continue at MW-15, MW-16, MW-20, MW-25, and MW-21 on an annual basis in late summer. Flint Hills will investigation passive product recovery techniques for MW-1 and MW-18; investigate PCE found in soil at MW-24; and evaluate the possibility of installing a series of well clusters on the west side of Dale Road between WP-3 and MW-19 in spring 2010. Janice Wiegers
10/6/2010 Report or Workplan Review - Other Report submitted by Shannon & Wilson in response to ADEC request to sample for sulfolane from an on-site monitoring well. MW-2 was sampled on June 10. Sulfolane was not detected in the groundwater above the quantitation limit of 10.0 ug/L. This well contained 56.4 ug/L of benzene and 0.156 mg/L of GRO during the last sampling event on September 16, 2009. Janice Wiegers
9/7/2011 Report or Workplan Review - Other S&W submitted a report to DEC for 2010 groundwater sampling event. S&W concluded that water quality may be improving in downgradient wells (MW-15, MW-16, and MW-25) as a result of the contaminated soil removal in 2006. Benzene remained above the groundwater cleanup level in MW-3, MW-6, and MW-11. No analytes were detected in MW-17B, the well that is sampled to monitor impacts of the former drywell. Janice Wiegers
9/7/2011 Update or Other Action As an appendix in the 2010 groundwater sampling report, S&W also addressed comments in DEC's 8/2009 letter. Passive product recovery with Keck Canisters was attempted in MW-1 and MW-18 from September through October 2010 with less than 1 gallon recovered. S&W indicated wells may be too shallow and suggested new well installation in these areas. S&W planned to install nested wells west of Dale Road between MW-19 and WP-3, but was unable to obtain permission from the property owner. Flint Hills indicated that they believed additional characterization regarding benzene concentrations observed downgradient of the facility (i.e., MW-14)should be the responsibility of the property owner. Janice Wiegers
3/28/2012 Report or Workplan Review - Other S&W submitted Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report for 2011 to DEC. Benzene was present in groundwater above cleanup levels at MW-2 and MW-3. MW-24 contained product for the first time, although the source is not known. Groundwater quality downgradient of the 2006 soil cleanup continues to improve. Janice Wiegers
9/8/2015 Update or Other Action DEC received notice that a request for closure of the former shallow injection well had been sent to EPA. Janice Wiegers
12/18/2015 Update or Other Action 2015 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report submitted. BTEX, GRO, and DRO were not detected in off-site wells above groundwater cleanup levels. Product or sheen was observed in on-site wells at MW-1R, MW-24, MW-18R, and MW-6R. Product was first seen in MW-6R, along Dale Road west of the fuel terminal building, in 2014. Subsequent product recovery testing and product sampling indicated that the product in MW-6R is associated with older releases that were already identified in this area. Janice Wiegers
6/9/2016 Update or Other Action Received copy of letter from EPA to Flint Hills Resources Alaska. The letter refers to the Class V injection well and indicates additional actions are required, including endpoint sampling, plugging and backfill, and soil removal if needed. EPA requested a closure plan. Janice Wiegers
10/3/2016 Site Characterization Workplan Approved DEC reviewed and approved a workplan for groundwater well sampling. The report was submitted by Trihydro Corporation on behalf of Tesoro Alaska Company, who has acquired the property. Robert Burgess
12/12/2016 Report or Workplan Review - Other DEC received the 2016 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report, which describes the results of groundwater sampling activities conducted in October 2016. Robert Burgess
7/27/2017 Report or Workplan Review - Other DEC received the 2017 Dry Well Investigation Workplan for investigation of the presence and location of a former injection well. The plan takes a phased approach, beginning with a geophysical investigation to locate the well, followed by soil sampling at the bottom of the injection well, and finally using the investigation findings to either develop a closure plan and removal action if possible, or submit a closure request. Robert Burgess
8/12/2017 Report or Workplan Review - Other DEC approved the Work Plan for 2017 Long Term Monitoring documenting plans to sample groundwater during the 2017 field season. Robert Burgess
9/5/2017 Report or Workplan Review - Other DEC received a letter report documenting a geophysical survey investigating the presence and location of the former injection well and subsurface utilities, followed by a figure documenting the assumed location of the former injection well and proposed boring locations to sample soils at the presumed point of injection. Robert Burgess
12/4/2017 Report or Workplan Review - Other DEC received the 2017 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report, which describes the results of groundwater sampling activities conducted in September 2017. Robert Burgess
6/1/2018 Report or Workplan Review - Other DEC received the 2018 Dry Well Closure Report, which documents the completion of activities described in the 2017 Dry Well Investigation Work Plan and requests closure of the injection well from the EPA Underground Injection Control (UIC) program. Robert Burgess
10/10/2018 Update or Other Action Changed the latitude/longitude of the site to the correct location on the ArcGIS map based on site reports. Megan Roberts
11/26/2018 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 72601 Historical releases and spills. Megan Roberts

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