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Site Report: Delta Western Wrangell

Site Name: Delta Western Wrangell
Address: 1417 Peninsula Street, Wrangell, AK 99929
File Number: 1529.38.004
Hazard ID: 2001
Status: Cleanup Complete - Institutional Controls
Staff: IC Unit, 9074655229
Latitude: 56.463800
Longitude: -132.384400
Horizontal Datum:WGS84

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Petroleum contamination has migrated from the fuel farm onto residential property. Both soil and groundwater are impacted; extent unknown. Original Reckey number assigned to correspond with the ledger code issued that was 14639260. Reckey # must reflect date of spill. Site is adjacent to the Wrangell Oil Bulk Fuel Facility site, Reckey 2001120102201.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
5/7/1999 Update or Other Action Site visit prompts request for site characterization. Sally Schlichting
9/24/1999 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Investigation work to be conducted primarily around perimeter of fuel facility to assess off-site migration of petroleum. Sally Schlichting
11/26/1999 Site Added to Database Petroleum contamination has migrated from the fuel farm onto residential property. Both soil and groundwater are impacted. Extent unknown. Sally Schlichting
11/29/1999 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Initial ranking. Sally Schlichting
12/23/1999 Site Characterization Report Approved Petroleum contamination was identified off-site on David Mork's property, both in soil and groundwater. Contamination was also found upgradient, potentially attributable to the former Unocal facility next door (Wrangell Oil). Sally Schlichting
5/1/2000 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with Wrangell Oil, Del West, Chevron, City, and Tosco and conducted site visit. Bill Janes
5/9/2000 Update or Other Action Letter sent to Wrangell Oil requesting screening level investigation. Bill Janes
2/9/2001 Update or Other Action $2,615.46 cost recovery check (#142513) recieved 1/10/01from Western Pioneer. Mike Jaynes
4/20/2001 Update or Other Action Met with off-site owner, Chevron, RRM, Del Western in Wrangell. Chevron directed to proceed with characterizing Mork property. First step per RRM will be to survey property and try to determine what GW is doing. Bill Janes
10/1/2001 Update or Other Action $1,064.14 recovered by Law. Bill Janes
10/9/2001 Update or Other Action Received Additional Site Assessment Workplan for site. Submitted comments to RRM for corrections. Also sent Mr. Mork my comments. Mike Jaynes
7/1/2002 Update or Other Action Additional site characterization report received this date. Contamination confirmed on the Mork property. RRM requesting application of the 10 x rule. Bill Janes
7/9/2002 Update or Other Action Received correspondence from offsite property owner asking for action. Need to set up a follow-up meeting in Wrangell. Bill Janes
11/4/2002 Update or Other Action Follow-up meeting set for November 22. Bill Janes
1/16/2003 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting in Wrangell this date with off-site property owners, Chevron and Delta Western. The one in November was cancelled. Next steps discussed. Del West facility due for upgrading over the next year. Bill Janes
5/22/2003 Meeting or Teleconference Held Telecon with Terry G from RRM. Tank upgrades have started but liner has to wait until RRM completes assessment and cleanup. I suggested they grab some TOC samples and determine a method 3 cleanup level for the tank farm proper. Would like to be in the field in July. Bill Janes
9/10/2003 Meeting or Teleconference Held Telecon with Terry G. from RRM to discuss approaches to setting cleanup levels. Tom Bauhs has been thinking a 10 x soil cleanup level because GW is contaminated. Bill Janes
10/1/2003 Cleanup Plan Approved Additional soil assessment and excavation workplan Bill Janes
10/1/2003 Update or Other Action Terry Gyrion from RRM on site. About 110 cubic yards in the berm area have been excavated and stockpiled. TOC sampling in the tank farm proper to occur tomorrow. Terry confirming with Delta W. if liner will be placed this fall. Weather has been cooperative. Soil will be shipped to Rabanco. Bill Janes
4/29/2004 Update or Other Action Telecon with Trena Halleack, Delta Western Env. Compliance Mgr. Liner and double bottom tanks, expanding truck rack secondary containment. Work occurring at this time. Bill Janes
7/13/2004 Update or Other Action Update from Trena - Liner in process of being installed now. Should be finished end of July. Bill Janes
8/9/2004 Update or Other Action Contractor remobilized to site to finish cleanup. Bill Janes
5/23/2005 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with RP and consultant on site to review status. Two additional monitoring wells to be installed along the south and east perimeters to see if groundwater has been impacted by residual contamination beneath tanks 4 and 5. Wells 1,2,4,5 and 6 will be sampled late summer. Full suite of analytes will be run on MW-6 to determine if there is another possible source of contamination responsible for the spike in petroleum concentrations. Seeps will be sampled if they are not dry. We will then re-evaluate whether going to semi-annual sampling is warranted.Chevron to petition for that in the report. Bill Janes
8/2/2005 Update or Other Action Telecon with Terry Gyrion regarding options for installing a couple of new monitoring wells in the vicinity of tank # 4 and tank # 5 where contamination is still known to exist beneath the tanks. Bedrock is shallow along Peninsula Street so that is probably not an option. Test pits were dug inside the property at one time and samples were taken from the pits. Direct push through the liner may be an option to re-sampe water in the vicinity of the former test pits. With the impermeable liner installation the hydrology is significantly different and gw contaminant levels may have also changed. Bill Janes
9/19/2005 Update or Other Action Telecon with David Weigner from SECOR, Chevron's new consultant. GW monitoring scheduled for end of September, then we will review all file information and the RRM cleanup report, currently with Chevron in draft, to determine a new monitoring schedule. We will also evaluate low-flow sampling as an option as opposed to traditional bailing. Bill Janes
11/16/2005 Update or Other Action 9/30/05 gw monitoring report received. Using DRO as an indicator, contaminant levels continue to drop at all wells sampled. No semi-volatiles detected at the MRL at MW-6. Bill Janes
12/13/2005 Update or Other Action draft final cleanup report received this date. Bill Janes
1/11/2006 Update or Other Action Comments sent to Chevron via email this date regarding findings of final cleanup report. Bill Janes
1/23/2006 Update or Other Action Telecon with Stacie from Chevron. She will direct RRM to include estimates of remaining volume, concentrations, locations of contamination that remains on the D. Mork property. She will be arranging a meeting in the next couple months to discuss remaining site issues. Bill Janes
4/7/2006 Update or Other Action Meeting with John Riggi and Bruce Eppler of Cambria. Cambria is taking over from Secor as Chevron's consultant. Monitoring to continue semi-annually in May/June and Sept. John will review PAH data to see if it is still needed for MW-4 and MW-5. MW-6 will be sampled for VOCs and SVOCs in addition to petroleum constitutents. Seeps 1 and 2 will be sampled for TAH and TAqH. MW-2 will be discontinued if they cannot locate. MW-1 sampling will be suspended. DRO only will be sampled in MW-4. BTEX and PAHs alone will be evaluated at MW-5. John will look into low flow sampling. We will discuss the possibility of a reduced sampling frequency in the fall. Bill Janes
5/22/2006 Update or Other Action Email from Cambria comfirming that PAHs have been below cleanup levels in MW-4 and MW-5 since the wells were discontinued in 2001. PAH sampling to be discontinued in these wells. Bill Janes
6/20/2006 Update or Other Action Telecon with Andy from Cambria to confirm sampling. Low-flow will be used. They will be in Wrangell next week to sample. Bill Janes
6/21/2006 Update or Other Action Final Soil Remediation and Site Assessment Report received from RRM. The report concludes that off-site soils have been successfully remediated through excavation of approximately 150 tons. GRO and DRO exist above Method 2 cleanup levels in the northern section of the tank farm. DRO is also elevated on the slope separating the Delta Western facility from Wrangell Oil. A second source of gw contamination may be located in the vicinity of MW-6. Additional gw monitoring will be required. Bill Janes
10/6/2006 Update or Other Action Cost recovery check received by Law for $1,325.38 Bill Janes
11/8/2006 Update or Other Action First semi-annual 2006 gw monitoring report received from Cambria for June 26 sampling. All detected GRO, DRO and BTEX concentrations below cleanup levels. TAH/TAqH above water quality standards in MW-6. Seep 1 and seep 2 were clean. Bill Janes
11/8/2006 Update or Other Action Second semi-annual gw monitoring report received for Sept. 25 sampling. No DRO, RRO, SVOC concentrations in any monitoring well above lab detection limits. Detected GRO and BTEX concentrations below cleanup levels. Total TAH and TAqH still elevated above surface water quality standards in MW-6. Seep 1 and Seep 2 also clean. QA summary and lab checklist included and verified against data summary sheets. No case narrative provided but all data appear to be within acceptable parameters. Bill Janes
12/5/2006 Update or Other Action Meeting with Chevron rep. and consultant to discuss steps that need to be taken to get to conditional site closure. Final site visit tentatively scheduled next April. Bill Janes
4/11/2007 Update or Other Action Meeting with Chevron to discuss May site visit. Bill Janes
5/16/2007 Update or Other Action Draft Site Review and Sampling Recommendations for Closure received. Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, the new contractor, proposes method 2 ingestion cleanup levels. Bill Janes
5/22/2007 Cleanup Level(s) Approved Method 2 ingestion for the tank farm proper; method 2 migration to groundwater for the adjacent David Mork property. Bill Janes
5/22/2007 Update or Other Action On-site meeting with Chevron and consultant. Data from adjacent property owner to be reviewed to see if statistical analysis is possible. Cleanup level for the Mork property will be migration to groundwater. Additional sampling and potential cleanup may be required. Cleanup levels for the operating facility will be method 2 Ingestion. GW sampling to be terminated after this last sampling event. Field personnel on-site collecting samples this week. Bill Janes
8/28/2007 Update or Other Action Meeting with John Riggi. All monitoring wells to be decommissoned. New sampling plan to be prepared for the David Mork property. Bill Janes
9/4/2007 Long Term Monitoring Complete First semi-annual gw monitoring report received on August 21 for sampling conducted 5/22/07. Consultant directed by email to decommission all monitoring wells at this time. Shallow gw in the vicinity of MW-6 behind a private residence continues to show exceedances of Total Aqueous Hydrocarbons. The source appears to be localized rather than from the tank farm situated cross-gradient to the well. DEC lab QA checklist included as appendix to the report. All data within acceptable parameters according to the checklist. No anomalies from previous monitoring events noted. Bill Janes
9/12/2007 Update or Other Action Monitoring wells decommissioned this date. Bill Janes
9/21/2007 Update or Other Action Cost recovery check received by Law for $401.84 Bill Janes
10/5/2007 Update or Other Action Work plan to conduct shallow soil sampling across the adjacent Mork property received this date. Approximately 8 test pits to be excavated with one grab sample collected from each pit. This is targeted sampling near areas that were previously identified as having benzene and DRO concentrations above method 2 levels. An additional test pit will be excavated in the northwest corner of the adjacent property based on anecdotal evidence that petroleum hydrocarbons were present during building foundation construction. Bill Janes
12/28/2007 Update or Other Action Dan Carrier is the new Chevron project manager. Bill Janes
2/26/2008 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Bill Janes
3/17/2008 Update or Other Action Subsurface investigation and well decommissioning report received. Residual benzene is present above method 2 migration to groundwater levels just outside the south tank farm berm at about 4 feet bgs (TP-1 and TP-3) and to the east of the David Mork house (TP-8) Bill Janes
4/2/2008 Update or Other Action Meeting with Chervon project manager and consultant. Final cleanup report and request for site closure expected within the next couple of months. Bill Janes
11/3/2009 Update or Other Action A ADEC Determination Cleanup Complete with Institutional Controls letter was completed and prepared for mailing. Bev Niemann was contacted for comments and she agreed to the terms provided in the letter. It was determined that residual soil contamination above ADEC migration to groundwater levels is present south of the Delta Western facility in the vicinity of the 2003-2004 remedial efforts. The residual contamination is defined by test pits TP-1, TP-3 and TP-8. In particular, benzene levels exceeded migration to groundwater soil cleanup levels by a factor of ten in TP-1, and by a factor of five in TP-8. However, the concentrations were well below risk-based levels for human health. Using ADEC's Exposure Traking Model (ETM) found that all potential exposure pathways are either de-minimis, incomplete, or controlled. The residual remaining contamination poses no adverse or unacceptable risk to humans or wildlife. In conclusion, the investigation and cleanup of the Delta Western Wrangell facility has met the substantive requirements specified in 18 Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) 75, Article 3 - Discharge, Reporting, Cleanup, and Disposal of Oil and Other Hazardous Substances. The cleanup actions employed at the Delta Western facility were effective in removing a majority of the contaminant source material. Bill Janes
11/3/2009 Update or Other Action A 350 Determination was issued for this site. Potable water to the city of Wrangell originates from a surrounding watershed east of the city at approximately 250 feet above sea level. The city processes the water obtained by two associated reservoirs through the city treatment plant prior to local distribution. During the investigation of the Delta Western adjoining property in 2001 an assessment was conducted in order to identify the nature of the groundwater flow path and the potential petroleum hydrocarbon migration over surficial and bedrock interfaces across the surrounding properties. The site does not meet groundwater use criteria in accordance with 18 AAC 75.350 because the groundwater beneath the site is not used, zoned, or within a recharge area for public or private drinking water systems. Bill Janes
11/13/2009 Cleanup Complete Determination Issued Receieved signed CS determination letter Denise Elston
11/13/2009 Cleanup Complete Determination Issued CS Determination received from RP Denise Elston
11/13/2009 Institutional Control Record Established Institutional Controls established and entered into the database. Denise Elston
8/15/2013 Institutional Control Compliance Review IC compliance review conducted and staff changed from Denise Elston to IC Unit. Reminder system set-up to follow-up with the responsible party in 2014. Kristin Thompson
11/7/2014 Institutional Control Update ADEC received the five-year institutional controls report from Delta Western documenting there have been no changes in land use or ownership and no off-site removal/transport of contaminated soil or groundwater. Kristin Thompson

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
Benzene Between Method 2 Migration to Groundwater and Human Health/Ingestion/Inhalation Soil

Control Type

Type Details
Signed CS Determination


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.

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