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Site Report: Valley Country Store I

Site Name: Valley Country Store I
Address: Mi. 4 Bogard Rd.; (4891 E. Stoney Hollow Drive), Wasilla, AK 99687
File Number: 2265.26.012
Hazard ID: 23524
Status: Cleanup Complete
Staff: IC Unit, 9074655229
Latitude: 61.611662
Longitude: -149.331824
Horizontal Datum:NAD83

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


In 1994, two 10,000 gallon unleaded gasoline underground storage tanks and a 5, 000 gallon diesel underground storage tank were removed. Contaminated soil and groundwater were left in place.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
6/6/1994 Site Added to Database * Not Assigned
6/6/1994 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Release Confirmed - Petroleum LUST Site created in CSP for source area ID 76311 ADD; * Not Assigned
6/7/1994 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Initiated - Petroleum LCAU; : LCAU date changed DB conversion * Not Assigned
9/28/1994 Underground Storage Tank Site Characterization or Assessment SA1R; ADEC staff concur with assessment conclusions. Report documents remaining contamination beneath tank 2 and the dispenser island. * Not Assigned
9/28/1994 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Corrective Action Underway CAPR; Corrective action plan is conditionally approved. Includes release investigation and a pilot vapor extraction system. * Not Assigned
9/28/1994 Update or Other Action CAPR; release investigation and pilot vapor extraction proposal approved. * Not Assigned
10/17/1994 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Corrective Action Underway CAPR; The treatment of soils within treatment cells with aeration piping is approved. * Not Assigned
6/20/1996 Release Investigation SA2A; Reviewed a phase 2 site assessment report. * Not Assigned
6/20/1996 Update or Other Action Letter to RP: stockpile cleanup complete to below Category A; permission to spread soil 200' (min) from DW wells. Sharon Sadlon
6/20/1996 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Corrective Action Underway CAPA; Reviewed a stockpile sampling report. * Not Assigned
9/10/1996 Update or Other Action UPD; Reviewed a site assessment report. Before an in-situ treatment can be designed, the extent of the soil and GW contaminant plume needs to be defined. As recommended in your report, additional soil borings amd monitor wells are needed. Therefore, a plan is needed depicting the proposed additional site assessment work. This plan needs to be submitted for review and approval by no later that 10/15/96. * Not Assigned
11/20/1997 Update or Other Action ADEC sends Notification of Intent to Cost Recover Letter to Current Owner: DENNIS ILLIES * Not Assigned
11/25/1997 Update or Other Action One gw monitoring well on site; Danny; 232-2482 * Not Assigned
3/8/2001 Release Investigation ACE installed additional MWs to define extent of gw contamination Robert Weimer
8/2/2001 Long Term Monitoring Established Benzene exceeds in MWs 1-3 (increase in MW1 result from previous monitoring event). GRO exceeds in MW 1 & 2. Local GW gradient changed to S-SW. Sharon Sadlon
11/13/2001 Long Term Monitoring Established Block 7 Lot 1 DW well is set at 81 ft bgs, no hard pan layer, GW at 64ft bgs due east of site (AlaskChem Engineering, 3/01). Supersack soil below level A. Benzene concentrations: MW1 0.032mg/L, MW2 0.27mg/L, MWs-3&4 ND. GRO cocentrations: MW1 0.33mg/L, MW2 2.6mg/L, MWs-3&4 ND. Sharon Sadlon
11/23/2001 Update or Other Action * Not Assigned
11/29/2001 Update or Other Action ADEC letter- Extent of soil contamination in hardpan layer (34 ft bgs) must be defined before the site is eligible for a site closure in addition to groundwater contamination issues. Sharon Sadlon
12/19/2001 Update or Other Action site meeting with RP- discussed advantage of active remediation to shorten monitoring time/cost and get site closure sooner. Sharon Sadlon
1/25/2002 Long Term Monitoring Established MW2 0.712 mg/l benzene, others below mcl Sharon Sadlon
2/12/2002 Update or Other Action Corrective action discussion Sharon Sadlon
3/27/2002 Update or Other Action ADEC letter- Explain NFRAP to RP: approve annual sampling for MW3 in fall when GW is higher. Sharon Sadlon
4/17/2002 Long Term Monitoring Established lower gw levels, MW 2 benzene incresed to 0.147 mg/kg, MW1 increased slightly but is still below benzene mcl Sharon Sadlon
4/19/2002 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Corrective Action Underway RP determined that MNA was his preferred remedial option. March 27 and Nov 29 ADEC letter give approval for monitoring and closure sampling. No additional approval letter required. Sharon Sadlon
7/16/2002 Long Term Monitoring Established Gw at lowest recored level; Benzene Results- MW2 0.0505 mg/l and MW1 0.019 mg/l (both exceed mcl) Sharon Sadlon
9/25/2003 Update or Other Action DEC staff changed to Harwood Dennis Harwood
8/24/2004 Update or Other Action Site transferred to Jim Frechione for NFRAP determination. Scott Pexton
10/7/2004 Update or Other Action Site transferred from Frechione to Blessing. Todd Blessing
1/12/2005 Conditional Closure Approved Record of Decision along with cover letter explaining Department's decision to conditional close store were sent to Dennis Illies, Ralph Hulbert, and the present store manager. Todd Blessing
1/12/2005 Institutional Control Record Established ADEC has determined that no further remedial action is required at this site even though low levels of hazardous substances remain in soil above the established cleanup levels. The contaminant levels that remain there will degrade over time through natural attenuation. This determination is based on information presented to date and is subject to the following conditions: 1. any proposal to excavate and/or transport soil from the area requires ADEC approval in accordance with 18 AAC 78.274(b); 2. this site shall be listed in the Department’s database as a conditional closure with applicable restrictions and/or conditions; and 3. if future information indicates contamination is present at levels that may pose a risk, additional assessment and/or cleanup action may be required. Todd Blessing
6/30/2011 Update or Other Action Transferred Project Manager to IC Unit Bianca Reece
11/10/2011 Institutional Control Compliance Review IC review conducted Evonne Reese
11/10/2011 Institutional Control Record Removed Administrative action - this site meets the 2009 closure policy therefore ICs are removed. Evonne Reese
11/10/2011 Long Term Monitoring Complete Administrative action on 5/1/2013. Kristin Thompson

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
Benzene > Table C Groundwater One MW was above Table C in 2005. Due to time frame and decreasing trend of COC levels, the ICs are removed.

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.

Missing Location Data

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