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Site Report: Riverbend / Dimond Park

Site Name: Riverbend / Dimond Park
Address: 2900 Riverside Drive, 1/2 Mile North of Egan Dr, Juneau, AK 99801
File Number: 1513.38.007
Hazard ID: 299
Status: Active
Staff: Danielle Duncan, 9074655207
Latitude: 58.376300
Longitude: -134.592000
Horizontal Datum:NAD83

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Buried drums of asphalt uncovered, soil contamination, sampling was done in summer 1993 by contractor, results to be submitted. 1996- Results and site investigation work from 1993 finally submitted by CBJ. PA submitted by Tryck, Nyman, Hayes in 1987 stated that benzene and toluene were detected in the drinking water well of a nearby restaurant during 1985. No conclusive evidence was found to link the contamination to the Red Samm site. The restaurant hooked up to city water in 1986. 1996-Contamination encountered during foundation construction for elementary school. Work halted, and consultant hired to do assessment. Site name has been changed from Red Samm Construction to current. Rescored. Tract B-1 and B-2, USS 1284. Janes assigned at site closure. 6/26/18: Tar/asphalt has been observed coming to the surface on the baseball field and a consultant is conducting an investigation. As a result, the site has been reopened.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
10/1/1987 Preliminary Assessment Approved Conclusions: Possibility of hazardous wastes deposited in the pit at this site is considered unlikely. Benzene and lead detected at nearby restaurant not attributed to this site. Transformers at the site were not leaking and were removed. Toluene was measured in the water of Pit A at 286 ug/L, but not at on-site drinking water well. Source not known. No Longer Assigned
8/20/1993 Interim Removal Action Approved (Old R:Base Action Code = SC - Site Control (Emergency Response)). ADEC responded to a report of buried drums at the site. Contaminated soil (asphalt) was stockpiled and later removed. 8 drums were removed. Additional excavation was put on hold until negotiations of ownership were resolved between buyer and seller. No Longer Assigned
9/3/1993 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Contaminated soil at the surface was removed for disposal. No Longer Assigned
9/13/1993 Site Added to Database Buried drums of asphalt. Site ownership and responsibility not known and under dispute. No Longer Assigned
10/20/1993 Update or Other Action Site assessment done by Bayliss for the City indicated contamination in the vicinity of the maintenance buildings and greenhouse. This document was not submitted by the city to ADEC until 9/96. Sally Schlichting
12/17/1993 Update or Other Action Supplementary site assessment by Bayliss further defined areas of contamination previously reported in the 10/20/93 report. This report was submitted by the city to ADEC in 9/96. Sally Schlichting
6/25/1996 Interim Removal Action Approved At Kegler's request, visited site with Kegler and Doug Toland following report by city of buried waste encountered during site prep work for the new Riverbend Elementary school. Batteries, asphalt material, container of oil and other debris was found in this old burial mound near the western edge of the proposed school site. ADEC gave verbal instructions/approval to temporarily stockpile material and have the area and soils sampled. Sally Schlichting
8/1/1996 Update or Other Action Formal approval for temporary stockpile (90days). Plan included good liner, berm, fence and cover. Additional soils from other areas of the site were added to this pile, located on the property. Expected total was 1200 cubic yards. Sally Schlichting
9/4/1996 Interim Removal Action Approved Klein and Schlichting met with CBJ's consultant Montgomery Watson and verbal approval was given to proceed immediately with limited site investigation in the foundation area of school, after contamination was encountered in a trench and worker overcome by fumes. Full-fledged workplan for investigation pending. Sally Schlichting
10/2/1996 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = SA2A - Phase II SA Approval / Release Investigation). Workplan defines areas to be investigated, approach. Includes widespread test pits, sampling and analysis, site safety, groundwater monitoring. Sally Schlichting
10/8/1996 Update or Other Action Score updated on database to reflect new information. Sally Schlichting
4/7/1997 Update or Other Action Status letter to CBJ on cleanup. Sally Schlichting
5/22/1997 Cleanup Plan Approved Approval to treat soils in biocell. Sally Schlichting
6/2/1997 Update or Other Action Letter to CBJ contractor approving no further action for TCE contaminated soil. Sally Schlichting
7/3/1997 Update or Other Action Revised approval of CAP. Sally Schlichting
8/15/1997 Update or Other Action Public information fact sheet distributed to parents and public. Sally Schlichting
1/26/1998 Update or Other Action ADEC request for CAP addressing a number of issues. Sally Schlichting
4/2/1998 Update or Other Action Remediation plan and pilot study to evaluate effectiveness of Enzyme Treatment Technology approved. Sally Schlichting
6/24/1998 Update or Other Action Final cleanup report approved; approximately 30 cubic yards of diesel contaminated soil around buried culvert remains with concentrations less than 600 mg/kg. Institutional control/deed notice may need to be required, but as of 11/30/99 no notice of recorded deed has been provided to ADEC. Sally Schlichting
9/22/1998 Update or Other Action New stockpile location and request to move soils approved with confirmation and sampling at old site. Sally Schlichting
12/18/1998 Update or Other Action Stockpile plan II approval to move and stockpile soil at property near Montana Creek. Sally Schlichting
4/9/1999 Update or Other Action Preliminary soil and GW assessment received. Sally Schlichting
7/7/1999 Update or Other Action Final verification from Coleman Metals disposal facility in Salem Oregon, that all transformers associated with Red Samm, previously stored at the Dimond Park property and later at Anka Street in Lemon Creek were received for final disposition. Sally Schlichting
7/22/1999 Update or Other Action June 99 test pit data; January 99 geophysical survey results received. Sally Schlichting
8/26/1999 Update or Other Action Workplan to sample stockpiled soils formerly from property and now located at Glacier Properties near Montana Creek. Sally Schlichting
10/7/1999 Update or Other Action FOIA request from an Alan Stanhope for file copy was filled. Sally Schlichting
10/15/1999 Update or Other Action Undated draft workplan (September 99) received from Steve Minter. Sally Schlichting
10/20/1999 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting with CBJ, contractors, attorneys, parks and recreation and responsible parties to discuss long-range plans for both site characterization, cleanup and site development. Sally Schlichting
4/13/2000 Update or Other Action Letter requesting changes to November 1, 1999 draft workplan sent to Minter. Sally Schlichting
4/27/2000 Meeting or Teleconference Held Teleconference with Emerald, CBJ, Minter and Baxter regarding comments on draft workplan and Minter's April 24 reply letter. Bill Janes
6/30/2000 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Agency review draft submitted to department on June 5. Letter is at G:\SPAR\Spar-Contaminated Sites\SITES\RivBend Site Char Wrkpln Approval.DOC. Bill Janes
10/4/2000 Update or Other Action Discussed plan with Minter. See details on my site log this date. Bill Janes
11/16/2000 Update or Other Action Test pitting in several potential source areas (borrow pits and equipment storage) based on historic uses and air photos. Field screening did not indicate any problems except in the area of some buried asphalt slabs. Boring and wells to follow. Bill Janes
3/8/2001 Update or Other Action Cost Recovery received for $1439.01 from Red Samm Construction. Mike Jaynes
2/22/2002 Update or Other Action Visited Riverbend school facility to view metal rising out of schoolyard at request of Fred Wilson, maintenance supervisor. None seen due to snow on ground. Told him to call me with updates on situation. Also mentioned to have people call me if they have any concerns. Mike Jaynes
7/24/2002 Update or Other Action CR check received by Law for $399.57. Bill Janes
1/27/2003 Update or Other Action Emailed CBJ Community Development Director for input regarding the need for ICs at the site. Bill Janes
2/3/2003 Update or Other Action Commissioner's Office received anonymous note about construction waste surfacing in the playground. I sent an email to CBJ recommending exploratory excavation work and solid waste cleanup this summer. Bill Janes
2/5/2003 Update or Other Action Final cleanup report received from Steve Minter incorporating requested modifications to the draft. Bill Janes
2/13/2003 Update or Other Action Re-sent above email to Steve Gilbertson at CBJ. Email kicked back due to incorrect address. Bill Janes
2/28/2003 Update or Other Action Called Lands and Resources for correct email address for Gilbertson. Sent the draft NFRAP requesting he look at the proposed ICs. Requested response by mid-March. Bill Janes
5/8/2003 Long Term Monitoring Established Bill Janes
5/8/2003 Conditional Closure Approved Conditional closure decision document on file. Bill Janes
5/8/2003 Institutional Control Record Established City and Borough of Juneau property development tag placed on CBJ permits database. No drinking water wells allowed due to what appears to be DRO near the west side of the property. Reference NFRAP decision for exact tag language. No deed notice required. Bill Janes
6/11/2003 Update or Other Action Close-out site log sent to CR Unit for period 9/02 through 5/03. Bill Janes
10/23/2003 Update or Other Action GW monitoring results from late September sampling received. DRO above cleanup levels w/o silica gel cleanup but below with silica gel. Next monitoring scheduled late January or early February 04. Bill Janes
2/19/2004 Long Term Monitoring Complete GW monitoring results from 2/10/04 received. DRO still above cleanup levels w/o silica gel cleanup but below with silica gel. Natural biogenic interference indicated. Monitoring program will be terminated and site closed. Bill Janes
3/3/2004 Update or Other Action Email to CBJ telling them that property development tag may be removed at this time. Asked for response on their decision. Bill Janes
12/13/2013 Institutional Control Compliance Review IC review conducted. According to the 2/19/2004 action regarding groundwater sampling, the ICs can be removed. Evonne Reese
12/13/2013 Institutional Control Record Removed The conditions at this site meet the 2009 closure policy, therefore ICs can be removed. The information included in the 2003 conditional closure decision document is still applicable along with the default requirement of no offsite transport of soil or groundwater without prior approval from ADEC. In accordance with 18 AAC 75.380(d)(2), ADEC may require additional site assessment, monitoring, remediation, and/or other necessary actions at this facility should new information become available that indicates contamination at this site may pose a threat to human health or the environment. Evonne Reese
6/21/2018 Site Reopened Report by Parks and Rec that potential asphalt balls have been seeping out of the baseball filed in between fields 3 and 4. The material has been containerized and an investigation will be made as to the extent and a removal will occur if needed Danielle Duncan
6/25/2018 Workplan Requested Site re-opened and a work plan has been requested. Danielle Duncan
6/25/2018 Site Visit Site visit to check that a fence has been put up to prevent public access to the area where the tar was surfacing. Danielle Duncan
7/23/2018 Meeting or Teleconference Held Met with J. Ginter of Nortech to discuss the work plan to excavate tar seep locations. Work planned for this Friday. Danielle Duncan
7/24/2018 Site Characterization Workplan Approved The work plan describes spot excavations using mechanical equipment and/or manually as necessary between ballfields 1 and 4 and at the Riverbend Elementary School playground. The excavations will proceed to the extent practicable taking care not to disrupt utilities and other site features. Laboratory samples will be analyzed for diesel range organics (DRO), gasoline range organics (GRO), residual range organics (RRO), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Danielle Duncan
7/27/2018 Site Visit Visited the site while Nortech excavation was underway. Buried, solid asphalt fill was observed in addition to tacky, tar/chip seal material. Approved the use of solid, asphalt as fill, but required that the tacky material be excavated to a depth of 3 feet to prevent direct contact by the public. Below the asphalt materials, contaminated soil of unknown composition was observed and sampled. The excavation was lined and backfilled. Pending analytical results, the material will likely be excavated and disposed of appropriately. Danielle Duncan
8/8/2018 Update or Other Action The minor excavation on the playground was completed. Approximately 3/4 yards of soil was excavated that had some asphalt but was less extensive than what was observed on the ball field. Danielle Duncan
10/23/2018 Site Characterization Report Approved Approved the Remedial Action & Site Assessment Report this date. Areas of the site where asphalt tack was observed surfacing and subsequently excavated were the ballfield and the Riverbend Elementary School playground. Asphalt tack, batched asphalt, asphaltic concrete fill, and stained soil were excavated from the areas. Continued monitoring for the presence of asphalt tack is warranted and any observed releases must be reported to the ADEC Contaminated Sites Program. Danielle Duncan

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
DRO < Table C Groundwater

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.

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