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Site Report: King Salmon AS Rapids Camp Beachdoc

Site Name: King Salmon AS Rapids Camp Beachdoc
Address: Rapids Camp Beach Dock, aka SS05 Beach Dock, King Salmon, AK 99613
File Number: 2569.38.020.01
Hazard ID: 702
Status: Cleanup Complete
Staff: ,
Latitude: 58.727602
Longitude: -157.015936
Horizontal Datum:NAD83

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Rapids Camp was established as a recreational facility for troops stationed at the King Salmon Air Station (AS); waste oils, fuels and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were used and stored at the site. The King Salmon AS has been divided into seven Groundwater Zones for the purpose of site management. Rapids Camp is also referred to as Groundwater Zone 6 (OT032). Rapids Camp Beach Dock (SS005) is a beach area and boat launch within Rapids Camp/Zone 6 (OT032) used by the Air Force between 1952 and 1977. Locals presently use the boat launch area. Drums of gasoline and oil were staged here at one time by the military and fuel contamination was noted in adjacent soils and in the adjacent Naknek River. Remedial excavation occurred and groundwater monitoring wells were installed and monitored. All known contaminated soil above cleanup levels was removed from the site and groundwater monitoring results were below cleanup levels. A ROD for all of Rapids Camp/Zone 6 was signed in June of 2000. No ICs are present at this site. For additional information on Groundwater Zone 6, see the CS Database entry: 2569.38.020 - King Salmon AS OT032 GW Zone 6, Hazard ID (ID): 2633.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
6/15/1985 Preliminary Assessment Approved Installation Restoration Program Preliminary Assessment - Naknek Recreation Camps (dated April 1989). Preliminary Assessment performed to identify past spill or disposal sites that posed potential and actual hazards, or both, to public health or the environment. No Longer Assigned
6/15/1987 Update or Other Action Defense Environmental Restoration Account dated 1987. Field investigation performed to address debris material inventory, POL and hazardous material inventory, and disposal sites. No Longer Assigned
6/13/1988 Update or Other Action Hazardous Materials Technical Center Assessment: recommends that construction rubble, drums and barrels be removed from site#1 landfill. Install monitoring well system and soil sampling should be done with contaminated soil removed. Site#2 removal of all drums is recommended along with previous suggestions for monitoring/sampling. Site#3 soil sampling of stained area is suggested as well as disposal/removal. No Longer Assigned
6/15/1990 Update or Other Action Reconnaissance electromagnetic survey was conducted to search for buried drums, tanks, or other debris potentially buried on site, and to assist in choosing optimal drilling sites for soil borings and soil gas sample locations. The results of the soil gas survey were used to define areas of greatest potential environmental impact. No Longer Assigned
6/15/1991 Update or Other Action Partial site assessment performed to determine the presence or absence of contaminants reportedly released to subsurface at locations identified in the preliminary assessment. Louis Howard
6/15/1995 Site Characterization Report Approved Naknek Recreation Camps Remedial Investigation Report (final dated June 1995). Objective was to further define the extent of contamination in the subsurface. Contamination was identified at the beach dock area. Louis Howard
9/6/1995 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = RDRA - Remedial Design / Remedial Action). RDRA action added 02/12/1997 by Shannon and Wilson, Inc., based on Air Force Relative Risk Evaluation Worksheet dated 9/6/95. No other information available. S&W-Miner
1/10/1996 Update or Other Action Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment Workplan for Naknek Recreation Camps (draft dated June 1995, received January 1996). Louis Howard
11/15/1996 Update or Other Action Aerial Photographic Analysis, King Salmon Airport Study Area. Prepared by EPA Region 10, Research and Development, Characterization, Research Division, TS-PIC-9710003S, dated November 1996. Gretchen Pikul
11/25/1996 Risk Assessment Report Approved Baseline Human Health and Preliminary Ecological Risk Assessment, Naknek Recreation Camps (final dated November 1996). Results indicated some remediation is required due to contaminant concentrations exceeding risk-based standards and the potential harm to wildlife from exposure to DRO, DDT, and heavy metals. Gretchen Pikul
12/3/1996 Update or Other Action Naknek Recreation Camps (Rapids Camp) Leaching Assessment (draft dated November 1996, received December 1996, no final report issued - report had many issues and Air Force did not produce a final report). Gretchen Pikul
12/6/1996 Update or Other Action Community Relations Plan for King Salmon Airport and Naknek Recreation Camps 1 and 2 (draft dated December 1996, final dated May 1997). Gretchen Pikul
2/12/1997 Site Added to Database Site added by Shannon and Wilson, Inc. Potential petroleum hydrocarbons and solvent contamination. S&W-Miner
4/15/1997 Update or Other Action King Salmon Residential Well Sampling Report November 1996 Sampling Event (dated March 1997, received April 1997). Gretchen Pikul
8/5/1997 Update or Other Action Management Action Plan report (draft dated December 1996, received March 1997, final dated June 1997, received August 1997). Gretchen Pikul
8/12/1997 Update or Other Action King Salmon Residential Well Sampling Report May 1997 Sampling Event (dated July 1997, received August 1997). Gretchen Pikul
2/18/1998 Proposed Plan Rapids Camp Proposed Plan. Gretchen Pikul
3/25/1998 Update or Other Action Rapids Camp and Lake Camp Modeling to Support Remedial Alternatives (draft dated March 5, 1998, no final report received). Gretchen Pikul
3/25/1998 Update or Other Action King Salmon Residential Well Sampling Report November 1997 Sampling Event (dated and received March 1998). Gretchen Pikul
4/27/1998 Update or Other Action King Salmon, Naknek and South Naknek Native Villages Site Assessment Report (draft dated March 1998, received April 1998, no final received). Gretchen Pikul
9/4/1998 Update or Other Action King Salmon Residential Well Sampling, August 1997 Sampling Event, Analytical Results and Data Evaluation (dated March 1998, received September 1998). Gretchen Pikul
10/6/1998 Interim Removal Action Approved Rapids Camp workplan amendments for Interim Remedial Action (dated June 1998). Gretchen Pikul
12/3/1998 Update or Other Action Remedial Action Report, Rapids Camp, Volumes 1&2 (dated September 4, 1998, received December 1998). Gretchen Pikul
5/4/1999 Update or Other Action Feasibility Study, Installation Restoration Program, Naknek Recreation Camps (draft dated October 1995, final revised dated March 1997, draft dated March 1998, final dated April 1999, final insert pages received 1-18-00). Gretchen Pikul
5/26/1999 Update or Other Action Intrinsic Remediation Study, King Salmon Airport, Groundwater Zone 6 (draft dated May 1999; no final produced). Gretchen Pikul
10/14/1999 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Initial ranking. Gretchen Pikul
6/30/2000 Record of Decision Record of Decision for Final Remedial Action, Naknek Recreation Camp 1 (Rapids Camp/Site OT032) dated April 2000, signed by ADEC on April 11, 2000, and Air Force on June 30, 2000. Gretchen Pikul
1/31/2007 Update or Other Action File number issued 2569.38.020.01. Aggie Blandford
1/30/2009 Update or Other Action Well Decommissioning Report received detailing the decommissioning of several wells at the sites in the Rapids Camp area. The Beach Dock area groundwater monitoring wells MW-010 and MW-215 were located and decommissioned because the contaminant levels in the groundwater had reached the applicable Remedial Action Objective. The wells were removed from the ground and the annulus filled with bentonite chips, in addition to other material. Well MW-18 was not located and presumed destroyed during road reconstruction work. There were no comments submitted on this report. Holly Weiss-Racine
5/3/2016 Cleanup Complete Determination Issued A Cleanup Complete Determination for Groundwater Zone 6 and associated sites at King Salmon Divert was issued on May 3, 2016. This includes a Cleanup Complete determination for 2569.38.020.01 - King Salmon AS Rapids Camp Beach Doc (SS005 Beach Dock/Drum Area), Hazard ID: 702. Holly Weiss-Racine
5/5/2016 Institutional Control Record Removed Institutional Controls have been removed. Holly Weiss-Racine

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
DRO < Table C Groundwater

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.
Movement or use of contaminated material (including on site) in a manner that results in a violation of the water quality standards is prohibited (18 AAC 70)

Missing Location Data

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