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Site Report: Big Mountain RRS SS003

Site Name: Big Mountain RRS SS003
Address: Auto Maint/Flight Op Whse, aka POI-3, Iliamna, AK 99606
File Number: 2518.38.001
Hazard ID: 76
Status: Cleanup Complete
Staff: ,
Latitude: 59.390833
Longitude: -155.225833
Horizontal Datum:

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Station was in operation from September 1957 - April 1979. Hazardous materials/wastes known to exist: diesel fuel, lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries, asbestos, and electrical equipment that contained polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB). Of the two structures at this site: the auto maintenance shop has deteriorated and collapsed, the concrete slab and various wood and metal debris are all that remain of the shop; and the Flight Operations Building is in poor condition. Other former facilities include a concrete slab reported to have been the Fire and Rescue Equipment Building and an areas on the west side of the buildings once used for 55-gallon drum and vehicle storage. The is located near the runway at Lower Camp. The 1998 Remedial Investigation reported that the the total volume of contaminated soil is estimated to be 1,007 cubic yards. Soil contaminants above cleanup levels include arsenic, benzene, DRO, and PCB. Groundwater was encountered during drilling between 16 and 25 feet bgs. A follow-on RI is anticipated for 2003 field season; this study will fill in the data gaps and provide recommendations on potential remedial actions. RCRA EPA ID#AK2570090108. Hazardous waste activity: generator 1. CERCLA AK8570028623 Site encompasses 451 acres in size. In 1968, 1 year after the "AK. Communications Disposal Act", the site along with other WACS was taken over by RCA Alaska Communications (now ALASCOM). Point of contact: Mike Rhoads, Project Manager, 611th CES/CEV 10471 20th Street, Elmendorf AFB, AK 99506-2270; Telephone (907) 552-4490. Last staff assigned was Norberg (907) 269-3077. Former file number 2518.38.005 consolidated with 2518.38.001.

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
6/13/1988 Update or Other Action Hazardous Materials Technical Center Preliminary Assessment identified small quantities of hazardous materials at site. Several lead-acid batteries were observed ruptured from being frozen, asbestos tiling in various stages of decomposition due to reaction from spilled chemicals were found on building floors. A mound 4' above surrounding landscape may be a landfill site or burial site for construction debris. No organic vapors were detected with PID and no hazardous wastes were reported to have been disposed of in this area. No Longer Assigned
5/4/1989 Preliminary Assessment Approved Preliminary Assessment (dated April 1989) prepared for HQ AAC/DEPV and by Hazardous Materials Technical Center; received by ADEC on May 4, 1989. No Longer Assigned
2/5/1997 Update or Other Action Final Environmental Assessment Big Mountain Radio Relay Station Demolition (dated October 1996) received on February 5, 1997. Gretchen Pikul
10/29/1997 Update or Other Action Final Management Action Plan (dated October 24, 1997). Gretchen Pikul
1/9/1998 Site Added to Database Site added by staff. Gretchen Pikul
6/15/1998 Update or Other Action ADEC participated in a site visit. Gretchen Pikul
7/15/1998 Update or Other Action Community Relations Plan (dated July 1998). Gretchen Pikul
7/20/1998 Meeting or Teleconference Held Preliminary Draft: Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment Work Plan comment resolution meeting and workplans were not approved. Gretchen Pikul
7/24/1998 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study Workplans (draft version dated June 1998, final version dated August 1998 and received on October 4, 1999). Gretchen Pikul
8/6/1998 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC participated in public meetings regarding the RI/FS workplan in Iliamna/New Halen on August 6 and in Kokhanok on August 7. Gretchen Pikul
5/3/1999 Update or Other Action ADEC review and comment on 1st draft version of RI/FS report - report not complete, therefore ADEC review not complete. Gretchen Pikul
5/6/1999 Update or Other Action Site Characterization Technical Memorandum (dated December 1998); received by ADEC on May 6, 1999. Gretchen Pikul
10/1/1999 Update or Other Action ADEC review and calls on 2nd draft RI/FS version. A complete ADEC review and comment letter cannot be produced until necessary information and tables (requested in May 1999) are forwarded. Gretchen Pikul
10/26/1999 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC participtated in a meeting regarding 2nd draft RI/FS version. A complete ADEC review and comment letter cannot be produced until necessary information and tables (requested in May 1999) are forwarded. December 20, 1999 ADEC received some of the requested data from the October meeting. Gretchen Pikul
11/10/1999 Update or Other Action ADEC review and comment on Risk Assessment portions of RI/FS (dated June 1999); please note that ADEC did not approve the risk assessment workplan and the decision during the comment resolution meeting was to set aside the risk assessment until it was determined whether or not one would be necessary, based on the future RI/FS data. These risk assessment portions of the RI/FS were also not approved by ADEC; risk assessment fundamentals were missing in the report. Gretchen Pikul
3/8/2000 Meeting or Teleconference Held Comment resolution meeting for Risk Assessment portions of RI/FS on 3-8-00 - decision to consider report a risk evaluation instead of a risk assessment - Air Force not ready to address ADEC comment letter dated 11-99, but discussed general direction - human health risk evaluation needs extensive reworking. Gretchen Pikul
4/7/2000 Update or Other Action ADEC comment letter on 2nd version of draft RI/FS. Gretchen Pikul
6/7/2000 Update or Other Action ADEC sent out community update letter. Gretchen Pikul
7/20/2000 Update or Other Action Hazardous Substances Investigation at Big Mountain White Alice Communication Systems Site (dated August 1983) prepared for the Village of Levelock and by DOWL Engineers; received by ADEC on July 20, 2000. Gretchen Pikul
7/20/2000 Update or Other Action Draft Preliminary Assessment Report (dated February 12, 1993, no final submitted) prepared for USAF 11 CEOS/DEVR and by Science Applications International Corporation; received by ADEC on July 20, 2000. Gretchen Pikul
7/20/2000 Update or Other Action Proposed Big Mountain Communication Relay Station - Final Environmental Baseline Survey Report (dated September 1995) prepared for Bristol Bay Housing Authority and by DOWL Engineers; received by ADEC on July 20, 2000. Gretchen Pikul
8/28/2000 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC participated in 2 meetings (August 25 and 28) with Air Force, COE and their consultant for update and discussion of project general direction. Gretchen Pikul
8/29/2000 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC participated in public meetings in Iliamna. Gretchen Pikul
4/15/2001 Update or Other Action Final RI/FS report (dated Feburary 2001) received February 21, 2001; ADEC comment letter dated April 15, 2001 - still outstanding issues not addressed in this 3rd version; contract end, this version considered final and ADEC comment letter listing outstanding issues is attached. Gretchen Pikul
10/10/2001 Update or Other Action Year 2000 Clean Sweep Environmental Survey Report (dated August 20, 2001) received on October 10, 2001. Gretchen Pikul
5/12/2003 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting on draft newsletter and 2003 field work. Gretchen Pikul
6/5/2003 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC participated in public meetings at Iliamna and Kokhanok, and a site visit. Gretchen Pikul
6/12/2003 Update or Other Action The Big Mountain RRS Newsletter (draft received May 26, 2003; ADEC comments on May 27, 2003; final dated May 31, 2003 and received June 12, 2003). Gretchen Pikul
7/2/2003 Meeting or Teleconference Held ADEC participated in meeting for 2003 work plan and 2004 scope of work; draft work plan is due July 15. Gretchen Pikul
9/26/2003 Update or Other Action Work Plan Clean Sweep Demolition - Phase I (draft dated May 19, 2003; final dated August 27 and received September 26, 2003). Gretchen Pikul
11/10/2003 Update or Other Action Interim Report Clean Sweep Demolition - Phase I; draft dated October 31, 2003 and received on November 5; ADEC approval letter dated November 10, 2003. Gretchen Pikul
11/13/2003 Update or Other Action The Big Mountain RRS Newsletter (dated October 13, 2003) received on November 13, 2003. Gretchen Pikul
11/13/2003 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting on 2003 field work and results: RI findings and data gaps; Feasibility Study and cleanup volumes; 2004 sampling to fill data gaps and refine cleanup; and POL remedial options. Remediation projects have been delayed until 2005 due to funding. Gretchen Pikul
6/7/2004 Update or Other Action Clean Sweep Phase 2 work plan; draft dated May 7, 2004 and received on May 10, Air Force requested expedited review; ADEC sent comments via e-mail on May 21, 2004; ADEC received Air Force Comment Response on June 3, and sent approval letter on June 4; final dated June 2 and received on June 7. Gretchen Pikul
6/24/2004 Update or Other Action 2004 Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study and Environmental Monitoring work plan; draft dated and received on June 14, expedited review requested by Air Force; ADEC comment letter dated June 24. Gretchen Pikul
11/10/2005 Update or Other Action Phase 2 Clean Sweep Demolition Report for Big Mountain RRS; draft dated January 2005 submitted December 2, 2004; ADEC approval letter dated March 14, 2005; Final dated March 11 received November 10, 2005. Jeff Norberg
2/14/2006 Update or Other Action Remedial Investigation Report for Sites ST001, SS002, SS003, SS004, SS011, and LF005; draft RI dated April 15, 2005 received June 8; ADEC review on-hold pending submittal of Ecological Risk Assessment for Sites ST001 and LF005; Air Force submitted ERA dated August 12, 2005 received November 7, 2005; meeting with Air Force and contractor to discuss review of draft RI/FS and ERA on January 25, 2006; ADEC comment letter dated January 26; Comment Response on January 31; ADEC approval via email issued February 1; Final RI/FS report dated February 10, 2006 received February 14. Jeff Norberg
12/21/2007 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Jonathan Schick
5/6/2008 Update or Other Action File number changed from CS77.08-1 to 2518.38.005. Nicole Hurt
7/14/2008 Record of Decision Record of Decision signed for unconditional site closure at SS003 as no action is necessary under State of Alaska regulations. Jonathan Schick
7/14/2008 Cleanup Complete Determination Issued Cleanup Complete Determination Action Entered. Jonathan Schick
7/15/2008 Site Visit ADEC staff conducted a site visit at the Big Mountain RRS and inspected all of the sites that have been documented at the Radio Relay Station(RRS). USAF staff and their contractores accompanied ADEC staff on the site visit. Community meetings were organized to talk to citizens in the surrounding communities about the environmntal restoration work that is on-going at the Big Mountain RRS. Jonathan Schick
9/16/2010 Site Visit Contaminated Sites staff travelled to Big Mountain Radio Repeater Site via Navajo on Thursday Septermber 16 to look at the various contaminated sites and to perform a fieldwork oversight inspection. The contractors on-site demonstrated an understanding of the workplan and of the tasks that were being conducted at the site during the visit. These activities included collection of a Multi-Incrimental sample from a treatment stockpile at lower camp, completion of a newly installed groundwater monitoring well at LF005 and collection of step-out samples to delineate the extent of PCB impacts on the mountain top at SS010. The landfill caps appear to be in good condition with no observed cracking or carsting. However, the runway at lower camp is being used for unauthorized purposes (i.e. hunter staging area) and access controls should be revisited for this site. Jonathan Schick
3/28/2017 Update or Other Action Former file number 2518.38.005 consolidated with 2518.38.001. Mitzi Read

Contaminant Information

Name Level Description Media Comments
For more information about this site, contact DEC at (907) 465-5390.

Control Type

Type Details
No ICs Required


Description Details
Advance approval required to transport soil or groundwater off-site.

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