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Site Report: Sitka Tank Farm

Site Name: Sitka Tank Farm
Address: Katlian Street, Sitka, AK 99835
File Number: 1525.38.010
Hazard ID: 900
Status: Active
Staff: Danielle Duncan, 9074655207
Latitude: 57.052424
Longitude: -135.340417
Horizontal Datum:

We make every effort to ensure the data presented here is accurate based on the best available information currently on file with DEC. It is therefore subject to change as new information becomes available. We recommend contacting the assigned project staff prior to making decisions based on this information.


Sheen and oil discovered in observation wells installed by responsible party (RP). Contaminated soils and leachate from tank farm has some potential for off-site migration to residences in the area. RP presented remediation plan, approved by ADEC. RP reported spill, and has taken immediate measures to recitify the situation. Retained consultant and presented remediation plan 11/1990. Plan was reviewed, site visited by ADEC staff (Rice, Gephard). Plan approved 1/15/1990. Numerous studies have been conducted at the site and at this time (October 2015) a final excavation/cleanup has occurred. The ADEC approved a site-specific cleanup level for DRO of 8,250 mg/kg from the surface to a depth of four feet. All remaining contamination below that depth that exceeds 8,250 mg/kg will be documented and managed with Institutional Controls (ICs).

Action Information

Action Date Action Description DEC Staff
4/1/1991 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = RAPR - Remedial Action Plan Review (CS)). No Longer Assigned
8/26/1993 Site Added to Database No Longer Assigned
5/26/1994 Update or Other Action 5/26/94 report summarizing the first four quarterly monitoring events. Randy Rice
5/26/1994 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = RARR - Remedial Action Report Review (CS)). No Longer Assigned
6/23/1994 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = RPL2 - Site Information Request Letter). No Longer Assigned
11/10/1994 Site Ranked Using the AHRM Initial ranking. No Longer Assigned
2/10/1995 Update or Other Action (Old R:Base Action Code = RAPR - Remedial Action Plan Review (CS)). Jim Clare
3/20/1996 Meeting or Teleconference Held Unocal and GeoEngineers - tank demolition tentatively set for summer 1996. Bill Janes
5/23/1996 Update or Other Action 5/23/96 report with results of 3/96 GW monitoring. Bill Janes
6/21/1996 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting with Sitka Tribe and Unocal. Bill Janes
1/29/1997 Update or Other Action Results of 9/96 GW monitoring. Bill Janes
8/19/1997 Update or Other Action Ground water sampling report. BTEX has dropped significantly since 1st GW monitoring event in 1992. Bill Janes
9/25/1997 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Workplan to further evaluate groundwater conditions along the above ground pipeline corridor and drainage swale; and to take background samples for biogenic carbon. PAH analysis requested. Bill Janes
5/29/1998 Site Characterization Report Approved Petroleum contaminated soil and GW detected along the drainage swale. Elevated DRO in soil along the pipeline corridor and in background samples. Report recommends a risk assessment. Bill Janes
10/28/1998 Meeting or Teleconference Held Teleconference with Eckert and Widness. Detailed notes are in site file. Bill Janes
11/18/1998 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Collect semi-annual gound water samples; re-sample two test pits adjacent to the facility. Bill Janes
12/1/1998 Meeting or Teleconference Held Site visit to meet with GeoEngineers, Unocal, and North Pacific Processors. Bill Janes
3/22/1999 Update or Other Action 12/98 GW and soil sampling report. High DRO and PAH concentrations in the drainage swale adjacent to the site. ND for TPH in two monitoring wells. BTEX not sampled based on results of prior monitoring. Bill Janes
7/16/1999 Update or Other Action Work plan for site investigation to support a risk assessment submitted. Not yet approved. Need to set up meeting. Bill Janes
9/27/1999 Update or Other Action Sent email to Kipp Eckertt at Unocal asking him for a progress update. Bill Janes
10/11/1999 Site Characterization Workplan Approved This workplan will collect additional samples to support the RA being done by Oasis. Will conduct scoping meeting with Oasis and Unocal probably in November or December. Bill Janes
1/7/2000 Update or Other Action Review file and additional site characterization workplan; email Eckert and Widness regarding upcoming meeting. Bill Janes
2/11/2000 Meeting or Teleconference Held Risk Assessment scoping meeting in Sitka. Conceptual site model expected in the spring. Bill Janes
4/3/2000 Update or Other Action Teleconference with Eckertt. Sent letter to North Pacific regarding North Pacific's intent to sample under the truck rack and the asphalt across the street. Unocal told NPPI that they needed to be ready to handle all costs and liabilities. Bill Janes
4/3/2000 Update or Other Action Teleconference with Pat Brady - Soils will be stockpiled on a liner at one of their parking areas. Pat Brady will be field screening with a PID and do sheen testing. Bill Janes
4/21/2000 Update or Other Action Cost Recovery Memorandum sent to Kay Rawlings for $1,735 for the period July 1999 thru March 2000. Bill Janes
5/9/2000 Update or Other Action Short teleconference with Widness and Eckert. May 9 site log entry contains details. Bill Janes
5/18/2000 Update or Other Action Met with NPPI, Sitka Tribe and City in Sitka. Pat Brady shared results of NPPI independent investigation. Site characterization will need to be expanded based on his findings. RA needs to be put on hold. Bill Janes
5/25/2000 Update or Other Action Reviewed PAH sediment data. Hits above NOAA ERLs and ERMs. Oasis will need to do a risk evaluation and perhaps take more anthropogenic background samples. Bill Janes
5/25/2000 Update or Other Action Letter drafted to Kipp Eckert at Unocal requesting additional site characterization. Pathway - G:\SPAR\Spar-Contaminated Sites\SITES\Sitka Tank Farm.doc. Bill Janes
6/5/2000 Update or Other Action Teleconference with Kipp about the Brady report. Kipp has been talking to management about how to respond to NPPI and refute NPPIs statements. Scott Widness is in the process of reviewing the Brady report. Bill Janes
7/17/2000 Meeting or Teleconference Held Telcon with Kipp Eckertt and Scott Widness regarding revisions to workplan as a result of Brady report. See site log this date for details. Bill Janes
8/2/2000 Update or Other Action Email to stakeholders stating the revised work plan would be provided to them upon request. Bill Janes
8/31/2000 Update or Other Action Revised GeoEngineers workplan received. Distributed to Tribe, Brady, CBS with comment deadline of 9/22/00. Bill Janes
9/11/2000 Update or Other Action Teleconference with Kristen Holzinger of BIA. Sitka Tribe requesting funds to do additional sampling on some of their property along Katlian and Kogwonton. Tribe is working on a grant application. Jack Lorrigan will do the sampling. Bill Janes
9/28/2000 Update or Other Action Teleconference with Kipp and Scott on draft supplemental work plan. A number of changes made. See site log this date for details. Bill Janes
10/11/2000 Site Characterization Workplan Approved G:\SPAR\Spar-Contaminated Sites\SITES\Sitka Tank Farm 2.doc. Plan to do field work this month. Bill Janes
11/20/2000 Update or Other Action Cost recovery check $319.24 received by Law. Bill Janes
12/5/2000 Update or Other Action Site work conducted. Tank farm proper gridded off on 15 foot centers. Perimeter test pits dug. Relatively heavy oil contamination at northeast corner at approximately 8' below ground surface. Plan on going back mid February to implement rest of work plan. Bill Janes
3/21/2001 Meeting or Teleconference Held Status teleconference with Kipp and Scott. Details in site log this date. Bill Janes
4/15/2001 Update or Other Action Cost recovery packet of $1,375.92 Bill Janes
5/16/2001 Update or Other Action Next round of sampling conducted. GeoProbes and borings installed on hillside above NPPI property. Test pits excavated along Kogwonton and geoprobes installed. Former tank farm site sampling begun last December completed. Sitka Tribe unable to send representative but Pat Brady and Jim Kudwa from NPPI were there. Bill Janes
5/31/2001 Update or Other Action CR check $1,375.92 received from Law. Bill Janes
9/13/2001 Update or Other Action Teleconference with Widness. Doing work to finish up report. Look for report end of this month. Bill Janes
12/18/2001 Update or Other Action Teleconference with Widness and Eckertt regarding risk assessment workplan and next steps with stakeholders. Details in my site log this date. Bill Janes
12/21/2001 Update or Other Action RA schedule determined. See email this date in Outlook Public Folders/SPAR/CSRP/Fbx-Jnu/Sites folder. Bill Janes
1/30/2002 Meeting or Teleconference Held Risk assessment scoping meeting teleconference. Follow-up email sent to stakeholders with schedule of deliverables Bill Janes
2/12/2002 Update or Other Action 350 determination per the Groundwater Use Survey report submitted by GeoEngineers. Bill Janes
3/8/2002 Update or Other Action RA workplan received and in reveiw. Bill Janes
4/3/2002 Update or Other Action Comments on draft risk assessment workplan sent to Oasis Environmental as an email attachment. See G:\SPAR\Spar-Contaminated Sites\SITES\Sitka Tank Farm\RA Workplan Comments.doc. Bill Janes
4/25/2002 Update or Other Action Final RA workplan received this date. Bill Janes
5/2/2002 Update or Other Action Site log sent to CR Unit - Period 3/15/01 through 4/15/02. Bill Janes
6/7/2002 Update or Other Action Draft risk assessment completed. Bill Janes
6/15/2002 Update or Other Action Cost recovery packet of $2331.29. Bill Janes
7/15/2002 Meeting or Teleconference Held Public meeting in Sitka on the draft risk assessment. Bill Janes
8/1/2002 Update or Other Action RA comment period extended from July 31 to Sept 6 - stakeholder request. Bill Janes
8/6/2002 Update or Other Action CR check received by Law - $2331.29. Bill Janes
8/27/2002 Update or Other Action RA comment period extended to September 27 - stakeholder request discussed with Kipp E. from Unocal prior to approval. DEC's comments shared with stakeholders this date. Bill Janes
9/26/2002 Update or Other Action 100 comments received from Sitka Tribe and 7 comments from Brady Environmental. Bill Janes
11/5/2002 Update or Other Action Cost recovery check received by Law - $4,688.89. Bill Janes
1/9/2003 Update or Other Action Response to comments sent to CBS, Brady Environmental and Sitka Tribe electronically. Hard copy and cover letter also sent to Tribe. Letter is at \\jnu-file\groups\SPAR\Spar-Contaminated Sites\_SE FIELD OPS\SOUTHEAST Sites\Sitka Tank Farm\Widmark Letter.doc. Response to comments and other supporting information also in this G drive site folder. Bill Janes
5/20/2003 Update or Other Action Cost recovery packet of $4,365.32 Bill Janes
6/30/2003 Update or Other Action CR check received by Law for $4,365.32 Bill Janes
7/21/2003 Update or Other Action Received Lead Investigation Report from GeoEngineers Bill Janes
8/26/2003 Meeting or Teleconference Held Government to government consultation meeting with Sitka Tribe. Discussed all outstanding risk assessment issues. Bill Janes
8/27/2003 Cleanup Plan Approved Pipeline lead abatement project Bill Janes
9/12/2003 Update or Other Action Letter to Sitka Tribe as a result of the August 26 meeting in Sitka. Letter is in the G drive site file and is named Widmark 3 Bill Janes
10/15/2003 Update or Other Action CR packet for $2,811.88 sent to Unocal. Bill Janes
11/20/2003 Update or Other Action CR check for 2,811.88 received by Law Bill Janes
12/15/2003 Site Ranked Using the AHRM GW exposure index changed from 0.4 to 0.1. GW not used as drinking water source. Bill Janes
12/16/2003 Update or Other Action CR packet for $2,707.78 sent to Unocal Bill Janes
1/12/2004 Update or Other Action Workplan approved for sampling adjacent to the Annie Joseph House and Coho House. The purpose is to see if indoor vapor intrusion may be a problem. Bill Janes
1/27/2004 Update or Other Action Cost recovery packet of $4,688.89. Bill Janes
2/23/2004 GIS Position Updated Updated lat/long data using GPS readings from Bill Janes 2/13/04 field trip. Cliff Walden
7/7/2004 Update or Other Action Telecon with Bob Shipley and Mark Bond of Unocal. I told them I would contact the pipeline adjacent property owner's attorney. The property needs to be used to stage equipment for the lead abatement project. Bill Janes
8/27/2004 Update or Other Action Amended workplan approved for sampling Annie Joseph and Coho House and along north drainage feature. Bill Janes
8/30/2004 Meeting or Teleconference Held On-site meeting with Unocal and Sitka Tribe regarding upcoming work at Annie Joseph and Coho House Bill Janes
8/31/2004 Meeting or Teleconference Held Follow-up meeting from yesterday. Bill Janes
9/1/2004 Update or Other Action Soil borings behind Annie Joseph and Coho Houses starting today. Also at north drainage feature along DeArmond. Bill Janes
10/21/2004 Update or Other Action CR billing sent for $978.07 Bill Janes
10/27/2004 Update or Other Action Report received with results from 9/1/04 sampling along the Coho House, Annie Joseph House and north drainage feature. No petroleum contamination found above cleanup levels. Bill Janes
10/28/2004 Update or Other Action Additional DEC risk assessment comments from December 2003 sent to Oasis. These were put on hold pending the additional site characterization work that was done as a result of public comment on the draft risk assessment. Bill Janes
11/16/2004 Update or Other Action Response to DEC comments received from Oasis. All responses accepted. Bill Janes
11/16/2004 Update or Other Action Telecon with Bob Shipley from Unocal. He will be distributing a redline version of the risk assessment for a two week editorial review only. Bill Janes
12/10/2004 Update or Other Action CR check received by Law for $978.07. Bill Janes
12/21/2004 Risk Assessment Report Approved Final risk assessment received. Risks shown to be within acceptable levels. Bill Janes
2/16/2005 Cleanup Level(s) Approved Final cleanup levels established at method 2. Unocal did not request alternative cleanup levels in the risk assessment. Bill Janes
4/27/2005 Update or Other Action Met with contractor and Unocal on-site for pipeline lead abatement project. Soil excavated around pipeline to about 2 feet below ground service. XRF used to determine locations for confirmation sampling and extent of dig. Bill Janes
10/24/2005 Update or Other Action Telecon with Bob Shipley. Unocal was bought by Chevron on August 11. Sites being transferred to the Chevron remedial group. Bill Janes
1/23/2006 Update or Other Action Telecon with Stacie Hartung Ferichs at Chevron. She will be scheduling a meeting in the next couple of months to discuss remaining site issues and close the site. Remaining lead contamination in the pipeline corridor due to be cleaned up in the near future. Bill Janes
10/30/2006 Update or Other Action Inquiry from Michael Wero,Project Manager DoD Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation Program (NALEMP) regarding site status. Bill Janes
11/1/2006 Update or Other Action Final lead abatement, containment demolition, and monitoring well abandonment report received this date. About 24 tons of lead contaminated soil removed and shipped out of state April 2005. Additional 5 cy of lead contaminated soil removed from the former pipeline corridor right of way in 2006. Lab data review checklist completed by consultant and reviewed. The perimeter fence, concrete containment dike, and the oil-water separator were removed from the former site of the above ground tanks. Site leveling occurred following the completion of the construciton work. A slight depression remains. Monitoring wells decommissioned. Bill Janes
12/5/2006 Update or Other Action Meeting with Chevron rep. and consultant to discuss steps that need to be taken to get to conditional site closure. Final site visit and public meeting to be held in SItka next April. Bill Janes
3/14/2007 Update or Other Action Cost recovery check received by Law for $1,024.71. Bill Janes
4/11/2007 Update or Other Action Meeting with Chevron to discuss public meeting in Sitka this August. Bill Janes
2/26/2008 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking Initial ranking with ETM completed. Bill Janes
4/2/2008 Update or Other Action Meeting with Chevron and consultant. Chevron to draft conceptual plan for dealing with the contamination in the tank farm foot print proper and then meet with the Sitka Tribe to discuss potential issues. On-site bioremediation is possible. Property boundary survey to occur this spring. Bill Janes
5/13/2008 Update or Other Action On-site meeting with Chuck Whiteneck from Chevron, John Riggi from Consestoga Rovers, Jim Dinley City Administrator. Also met with Jessica Perkins and LIsa Gassman of the Sitka Tribe and Jon Hickman, Sitka Sound Seafoods manager. Chevron may pull the piping from the truck loading rack to where it daylights on Kogwonton. They are also going to re-install a chain link fence; much encroachment on the property has occurred. Bill Janes
9/10/2008 Meeting or Teleconference Held Call from Dan Carrier and John Riggi. Fence not yet installed and all work on hold until next spring. Bill Janes
5/8/2009 Site Characterization Workplan Approved 25 soil borings to be advanced with direct push within and on the perimeter of the former facility to evaluate if previously impacted areas are below method 2 levels and to assess current horizontal and vertical extent of the contamination. Two additional soil samples to be collected from uncharacterized fill material. The fill will be tested for HVOCs, PAHs, and RCRA 8 metals. Bill Janes
5/18/2009 Site Visit Met with Chevron PM and Conestoga Rovers. Fencing has been placed around site. Approximately 30,000 gallons of water pumped into storm drain system last fall. Ponding likely caused by new house next door diverting roof water into the site. City to address. Additional soil borings being collected this week. Chevron wants to sell property without restrictions. Site grading will follow natural slope. City would like pipes removed under their ROW if possible. Sitka Tribe concerned there may still be some graves in the tank footprint area. Bill Janes
11/2/2009 Update or Other Action Receieved 2009 Subsurface Investigation Report from CRA. Bill Janes
11/4/2009 Update or Other Action Telecon with Conestoga Rovers and Chevron regarding closure options. Areas in the footprint of the former facility and just outside the fence exceed method 2 inhalation and ingestion cleanup levels. Bill Janes
7/6/2010 Cleanup Level(s) Approved Email approval to Conestoga Rovers - Revised from method 2 migration to groundwater to ingestion/ direct contact per Chevron's request. Bill Janes
7/6/2010 Site Characterization Workplan Approved Email approval to Conestoga Rovers - The June 2010 Supplemental Site Assessment Workplan for the former Unocal Bulk Plant 0736, known as the Sitka Tank Farm on the Contaminated Sites database, is approved under 18 AAC 75.335 (b) with the following modification. Section 3.3 – Drilling and Sampling – In addition to DRO, analyze for PAH compounds at locations with the highest field screening readings at a minimum of two (2) of the 19 borings (approximately a 10% sampling rate). Bill Janes
9/1/2010 Offsite Soil or Groundwater Disposal Approved After the fact approval - CRA transported and disposed of two drums of waste (one soil and one decontamination water) generated during the 2010 Subsurface Investigation. The waste was transported to Alaska Marine Lines, in coordination with Waste Management (WM), on July 13, 2010. The waste was transported to and disposed of at the Arlington Landfill in Oregon by WM and their contracted transporters. Non-hazardous waste manifests were provided by CRA as documentation. Bill Janes
11/3/2010 Report or Workplan Review - Other October 2010 Subsurface Investigation Report receieved. CRA recommends on-site excavation of DRO-contaminated soil above Direct Contact levels. The horizontal extent of impact on the neighboring residential property will be excavated to the practical limits based on structural limitations. Bill Janes
2/10/2011 Meeting or Teleconference Held Discussed excavation/IC options with Chevron and Conestoga Rovers representatives. Bill Janes
7/14/2011 Meeting or Teleconference Held Teleconference with Conestoga Rovers and Chevron. Cleanup is unlikely to occur this year because of internal discussions regarding future land use and other factors. Chevron's goal is to excavate May or June of 2012. Bill Janes
10/31/2011 Update or Other Action Communication to Chevron on 9/26 proposal on how to get to site closure with institutional controls. Chevron will excavate to two feet bgs on-and off-site and then apply ICs. Deadline of August 31, 2012 set to complete all work. Bill Janes
1/3/2012 Update or Other Action Email to Dan Carrier at Chevron notifying him of project manager change and reiterating August 31, 2012 project completion date. Bill Janes
4/13/2012 Update or Other Action response to comments received in response to DEC request to clarify minimum sample collection, criteria used to determine additional samples and number of samples for laboratory analysis, and explanation of the proposed sampling grid. Denise Elston
4/13/2012 Update or Other Action Email comments sent to Conestoga Rovers this date requesting clarification on minimal number of samples, criteria used to determine additional samples, number of samples to be sent for laboratory analysis, and an explanation of the sampling grid. Denise Elston
4/17/2012 Cleanup Plan Approved Approved CRA's Assessment and Closure Plan. Email coorespondance to the consultant, tentative plans to visit the site while cleanup work is conducted in May 2012. Denise Elston
6/5/2012 Site Visit CSP staff performed a site visit. Staff observed the site from outside the fenced area of the recent field activities performed by CRA. Denise Elston
7/17/2012 Report or Workplan Review - Other Based on the workplan submitted on July 16, 2012, it is approved as long as two additional samples are taken to laterally assist the delineation of May’s elevated B19 location, which is closest to the Reeder property. The Department clarified the difference to Chevron that a “Cleanup Complete” is very different than a “Cleanup Complete with Institutional Controls”, and requested they make a note of that in the addendum for the onsite property reference in the introductory paragraph. Also, the department informed Chevron that the workplan approval does not obviate the possible excavation of contaminated soils at depth regarding the off-site contamination (Reeder property). DEC, Chevron, and the Reeder’s must have a conversation regarding the path forward with the offsite contamination. Denise Elston
6/5/2013 Meeting or Teleconference Held Meeting with Dan Carrier(Chevron), Jim Schneider(CRA, consultant), and Bruce Wanstall (ADEC) to discuss current status with the site. Denise Elston
10/24/2013 Meeting or Teleconference Held DEC Staff hold teleconference with Chevron's Dan Carrier, and consultant Jim Schnieder on the institutional control potential Chevron would incur if the adjacent proprerty was purchased. Phone call with Jim S. following the meeting to clarify what Chevron was looking at for ICs now that is has been brought to their attention that subsurface soil exceeds human health levels on the neighboring property. Conversations with DEC management discussing the nexts steps forward Denise Elston
10/24/2013 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 78319 Former Bulk Fuel ASTs. Denise Elston
12/10/2013 Meeting or Teleconference Held Sally Schlichting and I met with Chervon representative Dan Carrier and CRA consultant Jim Schneider in Juneau to discuss the DEC cleanup levels for the tank farm site and the alternatives and options available to Chevron when applying institutional controls to the property. Denise Elston
2/13/2014 Conceptual Site Model Submitted Rec'd and reviewed CSM from Conestoga-Rovers Associates (CRA) on behalf of Chevron Environmental Management Company. Chevron plans a limited site excavation in selected areas to mitigate potential health risks; goal is to prepare site for case closure using ICs. CRA will submit excavation work plan. In work plan, I want at least 1/10 post-cleanup soil samples analyzed for PAHs. Danielle Duncan
4/23/2014 Update or Other Action Rec'd letter from CRA stating that the new project manager will be Derek Wilken. Spoke with D. Wilken at CRA, they are preparing a design plan to submit to Chevron and present to the Chevron committee meeting June 25th. I expect to receive a work plan shortly after that. They plan on doing some excavating and soil removal off site. Chevron has purchased the 2 adjacent parcels/properties formerly owned by the Readers and now owns all 4 parcels. Danielle Duncan
5/21/2014 Update or Other Action Spoke to CRA and they plan on submitting a work plan (including side wall samples) in June. Danielle Duncan
8/19/2014 Site Visit Met on site with CRA, Chevron, and Reterro and discussed final work plan details. Danielle Duncan
10/31/2014 Update or Other Action Rec'd both hard and electronic copies of CRA's workplan. Danielle Duncan
11/19/2014 Update or Other Action CRA and Chevron are currently working with the City of Sitka on zoning issues for the use of Reterro. We should be granted the permit at the planning commission meeting set for Dec. 2. Danielle Duncan
12/10/2014 Cleanup Plan Approved Approved the CRA work plan titled "Excavation Work Plan EMC Site 306445 Former Union Oil Bulk Plant 0736..." and sent approval letter this date. The work plan describes the excavation of approx. 456 tons of DRO contaminated material from 4 discrete areas. Soils exceeding 8,250 mg/kg DRO at ground surface to 4 ft. below ground surface will be removed and an institutional control will be applied to the property. Chevron will use Reterro to thermally treat the soils after which the soil will be tested by Reterro and CRA prior to being used for backfilling. The excavation will be guided by PID and an expected 29 laboratory confirmation samples will be submitted. Danielle Duncan
12/18/2014 Update or Other Action CRA provided an update and plans to begin work at the site in mid April and the work should take approx. 4-6 weeks to complete. The Sitka public works dept. has approved the use of local roads to transport equipment including Reterro. Danielle Duncan
2/6/2015 Update or Other Action Rec'd email from consultant - still on board for late April work start date. An estimated schedule will be provided to DEC. Danielle Duncan
3/31/2015 Update or Other Action CRA kick off on work start is 4/20 and excavation will begin on 4/27 and take approx. 2 weeks. Will be shipping samples to Test America on a 24 hour hold time. They will wait for results from the lab before back filling or using treated soil. Also any water encountered will be tested prior to discharge. Danielle Duncan
5/4/2015 Site Visit Site visit while CRA conducted their excavation of 4 areas. The operation was going well albeit a little slow because of the lack of space to stockpile untreated and Reterro-treated soil. The Reterro treatment is resulting in DRO concentrations in the range of 400-1500 ppm which is well below the 8250 limit agreed upon. CRA is sending data to the DEC daily and reviewing it prior to backfilling with treated soil. Chevron sent an email to a concerned citizen who contacted DEC regarding possible Site-related contamination on her property. A small amount of derelict piping was found during the excavation. The Rettero treated soils are damp after treatment due to the nearly 50% moisture content. This does not appear to be a problem. Danielle Duncan
5/12/2015 Update or Other Action CRA has been submitting data daily - backfilling occurs only after confirmation data has been checked. All the areas have been excavated and backfilled except for area 2. Confirmation results from this area came out above the 8250 cleanup level approved - more excavation will occur. Water from the excavation and rains early on in the work are being treated using a GAK filter and samples are submitted for lab analysis of DRO and RRO. Once the data gets reviewed and the results are below groundwater cleanup levels, the water is discharged on site per the work plan. Reterro is expected to be finished treating soil by 5/14/15 and demobilization will occur the following week. Danielle Duncan
5/28/2015 Update or Other Action Excavation and soil treatment activities are complete - CRA and Reterro have demobilized and left the site. The site has been backfilled with treated and/or new, clean material and graded. A final report will be provided. Danielle Duncan
8/6/2015 Update or Other Action Per CRA, the final report for the completed work is almost done. Danielle Duncan
9/10/2015 Update or Other Action Rec'd CRA's proposed ICs this date. Danielle Duncan
9/15/2015 Update or Other Action Rejected CRA's proposed IC for the excavation restriction at 7 feet for 311 Tlingit Way. The original agreement (work plan approval and work plan language copied in email corespondence) states that an excavation restriction at 4 feet will be placed on the entire site. Danielle Duncan
9/21/2015 Meeting or Teleconference Held Attended a teleconference with Chevron and CRA to discuss proposed ICs. After discussion, the ADEC concurred with the original proposed ICs as follows: "restrict excavation at depths of 4 feet and greater across the Chevron-owned properties, except for 311 Tlingit Way (the house property. At 311 Tlingit Way, we propose restricting excavation at a depth of 7 feet and greater” Data support these conclusions and will be provided in the final report. Danielle Duncan
10/12/2015 Report or Workplan Review - Other Rec'd CRA/GHD's Remedial Action Report this date. Danielle Duncan
11/9/2015 Update or Other Action Requested that the figures to be attached to the NEC be edited to depict the remaining DRO contamination concentrations. GHD will send me the edited figures and I will be approving the final remedial report. Danielle Duncan
12/15/2015 Final Cleanup Report Reviewed Sent report approval letter for final cleanup work - CRA/GHD Remedial Action Report Chevron Site 306445 Former Union Oil Bulk Plant. The cleanup has been completed according to the approved cleanup level of 8,250 mg/kg DRO at a depth of 4 ft. below ground surface. The site is ready for closure with institutional controls and a deed notice. GHD provided a nice map indicating the locations and concentrations where DRO contamination exists and this map will be provided in the deed notices. Danielle Duncan
1/7/2016 Exposure Tracking Model Ranking A new updated ranking with ETM has been completed for source area 78319 Former Bulk Fuel ASTs. Danielle Duncan
7/13/2016 Update or Other Action Sent a request for a work plan to address data gaps in preparation for site closure. Danielle Duncan
12/8/2016 Update or Other Action Discussed the site status with the RP and I should have a response to my letter by the end of January. Danielle Duncan
2/13/2017 Update or Other Action GHD is working on a document - should receive in the next couple of weeks. Danielle Duncan
10/13/2017 Update or Other Action The responsible party is preparing a work plan for monitoring well installation. Danielle Duncan
2/27/2018 Meeting or Teleconference Held Teleconference with Chevron and GHD to discuss the groundwater monitoring work plan. Danielle Duncan
2/28/2018 Report or Workplan Review - Other Approved a work plan to install 4 groundwater monitoring wells this date. Danielle Duncan
7/23/2018 Update or Other Action The responsible party will be moving forward with the well installation at the Former Sitka Tank Farm beginning next Monday on July 30, 2018. Oliver Yan will be the field contact out at the site. His phone number is 907 244 8968. Danielle Duncan
7/31/2018 Update or Other Action There was a miscommunication regarding drill type. As a result, approved the use of a 1/4 inch prepack filter groundwater monitoring well. The work has been delayed due to an eagle's nest in the vicinity of work. A permit may be required or the work may have to wait until nesting season is over. Some of the wells are very shallow ~2ft. due to shallow bedrock which has been documented previously. Danielle Duncan
10/1/2018 Update or Other Action GHD is heading out to finish installing the remaining 2 wells this date. Danielle Duncan
12/3/2018 Update or Other Action Three groundwater monitoring wells were installed - the others were not installed due to the presence of buried debris/junkyard, metal, carpet, etc. found at 4 ft. belowground The city is aware of the issue. There will be no further work on site until next year when a new consultant comes onboard. Danielle Duncan

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