Approved Contingency Plans

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Note: Documents will not be available for all plans listed in the following table. They will be added as they are submitted electronically.

On April 16, 2016, amendments went into effect for selected sections of 18 AAC 75 Articles 4 and 9. The amendments included a change to the submittal requirements, including the requirement for application packages submitted after October 16, 2016 to be submitted electronically so they can be posted on the department’s website. Depending on when an application package is submitted, it may not be posted in this table until October 2021.

Plan ID Plan Holder Plan Title Expiration Date Documents
1165 Island Tug and Barge, Ltd. Island Tug and Barge, Ltd. 7/28/2018 View
2004 CPD Alaska, LLC CPDA Anchorage Bulk Fuel Terminal 10/16/2018 View
2008 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Hilcorp Alaska, LLC Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan for Cook Inlet Production Facilities 8/23/2017 View
2009 Peter Pan Seafoods, Inc. Peter Pan Seafoods Inc., King Cove Shore Plant 12/30/2017 View
2013 Trident Seafoods Corporation Trident Seafoods Corporation, Akutan Shore Plant 6/28/2021 View
2016 Cook Inlet Energy, LLC Cook Inlet Energy Cook Inlet Production Operations 11/1/2017 View
2017 Aleut Enterprise LLC Frosty Fuel-Cold Bay Facility 4/13/2022 View
2018 City of Saint Paul City of Saint Paul Bulk Fuel Storage Facility 1/18/2021 View
2019 Tesoro Logistics LP Tesoro Kenai Refinery Storage Facility 11/30/2017 View
2038 Crowley Fuels LLC Bethel Bulk Fuel Facility 6/2/2021 View

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