UST Facilities Without Proof of Financial Responsibility

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Facility ID Facility Name Owner Name Policy Begins Policy Ends
2530 Camper City Super Service Myron Bearson & Norma A. Wadsworth 6/24/2005 6/24/2006
2754 Aniak Transportation Services Minnie Sue Hill dba Inland Holdings, Inc. 8/19/2013 8/19/2014
2935 Grayling Native Store Grayling Ntive Store
3291 Fishers Bulk Fuel Facility Fisher's Fuel, Inc. 12/31/2015 12/31/2016
3460 Seward Marketplace AK, Inc. 10/31/2015 10/31/2016
3499 FNSB - Barnette Elementary School FNSB School District 1/31/2007 1/31/2008
3575 Shaan-Seet Shaan-Seet Corporation
3593 Marine View Bldg Robbins-Hattrup Partnership

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